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Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Adventure - [Jude M., Milla M.] [Alvin, Leia Apparently, the epilogue of Tales of Xillia 2 takes place 10 years after the 2's epilogue, and so, it no longer fit that she was in the job market again. . is supposed to be more of a drama/romance than an action/adventure story. From Alter. Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell are the lead characters of Tales of Xillia. You choose one or the other at the beginning of the game to be your lead. Tales of Xillia is a Japanese role-playing game released exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It follows Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell who elude government officials after sabotaging a weapon of mass In response, the spirit Maxwell gathered humans, who share a symbiotic relationship with spirits, onto an isolated land.

Was shoved aside into sidequests. But they still ended up together and married and all those shenanigans. Namco heard some complaints about their romance being non-existent to out-of-nowhere in the post-credits scene.

When the F Arc was created, we suddenly had Asbel stuttering and stammering around Cheria, blush at everything about her and lots and lots and lots of the party shipping the two.

It was too much, too heavily put on and they made it seem even more like a poor excuse to put the two together as a couple and call it a done romance. Those who thought that Asbel-Cheria was perfectly subtle in the main arc and was overblown for the 'idiots' who 'didn't get it' in F Arc and those who thought Asbel-Cheria was a sudden last minute hook-up in the main arc and consequently shoved down their throats in the F Arc. That's what Xillia and Xillia 2, respectively felt like to me.

Xillia has no proper romance in it, Milla and Jude have no chemistry together, I do not believe any romance there, nor that anything would come from it. Xillia 2, in turn, suddenly upped the shipping moments in Jude's Episodes and they were so overblown, it felt very, very awkward to watch - I felt like I was watching a very common scene from a very bad harem anime.

It once again did not make me believe there was actual romance there. Too awkward, too forced and is ultimately doomed, anyway. I have nothing against doomed romances, but in Jude-Milla's case, it's not heartwrenching or even made much of.

They know Milla has to return to the spirit world and, while it's nice that they accept it, it almost feels like they don't care. Oh, here only for a specific amount of time? Considering how Milla even mentions that her creating a physical form takes a ton of mana, I highly doubt she could keep doing this. In fact, given that she's a spirit, I was thinking that maybe they would put some mention about how she'll outlive Jude and how she might deal with that. Look at Harvest Moon Animal Parade.

One of the bachelors is the Harvest God and he's initially against dating the female character, cause he knows that he'll outlive her and doesn't know if he would be okay with that, grieving for her after her death.

But he has scenes where he mentions that, when she dies, he'll love the nature she loved and similar. As said above, neither of them seems to give a crap that Milla will ultimately have to leave.

Honestly, Namco needs to learn how to write better romances.

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Out of all the romances in the Tales games I've played, not a single one was there, that I believed. Well, there was one: Asch and Natalia from Abyss. And we know how that ended, right? Asbel probably didn't even think of these things, but his mother was urging him to get married and Cheria tended to be the girl he thought of.

Nonetheless, that's what 'suddenly' made him self-conscious about it. That being said, and straying back on topic, I never felt any romance between Jude and Milla either.

In the first game, I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt.

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In the second game, it moreso felt like comrades with a unified goal more than anything. Naturally, that tied in to spirits and humans having a symbolic understanding of one another, and I certainly felt that as forced and contrived as it was sometimesbut nothing I would consider 'romance'. People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia, but I really felt that the chemistry they had in X1 felt more romantic than anything X1 or X2 shoved in my face their relationship in X2, of course, amounted to just being friends or what-have-you, but I blame that on forced party shenanigans.

As such, I chose to rewrite the chapters I had rewritten so far to accommodate the story of the Tales of Xillia 2. So what's changed exactly? After playing Tales of Xillia 2, I then researched some supplemental material for the game to get an idea of a timeline. Apparently, the epilogue of Tales of Xillia 2 takes place 10 years after the game, and so, I had to push the events of the story to take place during that time after all, with a title like End of Era, it wouldn't make sense for the story to take place six years after the game's events and then have Tales of Xillia 2's epilogue take place.

As such, the story now takes place 10 years after Tales of Xillia 2 as opposed to six years. Other changes include the current lives of a few characters, namely Leia and Elize. Leia was a Chief Editor for her newspaper according to Tales of Xillia 2's epilogue, and so, it no longer fit that she was in the job market again. Moreover, I made another change to her personal life that will be shown in the rewritten versions of Chapters 2 and 3.

Elize's life is also slightly different; after reading some timeline material, it seemed like Elize would be considered "too old" to be attending a university if ten years have past heck, Jude had already become a Spyrite researcher at 16! Otherwise, the rest of the changes can be found within the rewritten chapters themselves.

However, I have to admit, the prologue has stayed the same as it is a flashback. Anyway, if you've already read the prologue before, please feel free to skip it and move on to the next chapters, but if you're reading this chapter for the first time, please enjoy!

Prologue Remarkable, it was the only word the doctor could use to describe his latest discovery. What he had just learned, what he just discovered, it was bigger than anything Exodus had ever hoped to work on; this was bigger than the Lance of Kresnik, so much so that it would render the Otherworld Reactor Plan obsolete.

Good," the doctor tapped on the glass of his outdated camera. For those of you who do not know, my name is Dr. Jarvis Albright and I've discovered what may be a permanent solution to Elympios' mana shortage.

This discovery was made five months ago using the Horn of Kresnik. Though originally built to try and communicate with Elympios through the schism of Rieze Maxia using as little mana as possible, I have come across something more valuable in solving our mana problem back home.

Here, take a look at this monitor. However, for a few seconds, a figure of what seemed to be a woman revealed itself, though the image itself was black and white in color.

If so, please state your name so that our members of Exodus may hear. For now, can you show us how your world is different than our own? Soon after, the shutters then began to roll upward, the monitor going blind with white for a moment. The camera on the other side began to move soon after, pulling towards the light, causing it to grow dimmer.

In seconds, a new landscape the doctor had never seen before revealed itself. It was what seemed to be desolate city and wasteland, filled with craters and broken down metal structures. Life itself was completely desolate from this land; there was no water, no plants, and not even a bug.

It was almost like Elympios' landscape, but much worse.

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This was a land that was obviously torn apart by war, the woman that he was speaking to possibly this world's last survivor. To think that there may be other worlds like our own out there. Perhaps it may be bold to also say that this may be another place in our timeline or even another dimension altogether that we are interacting with?

Whatever the case may be, if we can somehow modify the Lance of Kresnik to open a gateway into other worlds such as this one, then this may solve-" Without warning, the entire facility began to glow a bright red. A loud horn began blaring through Dr. Albright's facility, the voice of one of the base's soldiers echoing throughout.

However, the cries of men then overtook this noise. The sounds of burning fires, violent maelstroms, crackling ice, and rumbling earth echoed soon after, the symphony of the elements even heard without the aid of the speakers from where Dr.