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It is the time for an "extreme big bang-makeover" in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7. The Episode 20, titled "The Relationship Diremption" will feature the. Watch The Big Bang Theory: The Spoiler Alert Segmentation from Season 6 at Jody Miller, a young student from Texas, comes to CalTech to find out what field she finally [Spoilers for The Relationship Diremption] "She wanted him to .

She gets the whole gang involved. Sheldon doesnt react quite like they expected, but at the end of the day, she won't complain. I've been thinking about how'd Sheldon react if Amy had a lab assistant, a male, hot, smart lab assistant. Penny finally proposed to Leonard and this has a strange effect on Sheldon and his relationship with Amy.

Camida reviews Sheldon felt like his relationship and growing intimacy with Amy was akin to a torrid roller coaster; the more they progressed, the more he felt like he was tilting off the rails and heading down the steepest of declines.

He was falling, falling, falling. Rated M for sexual content. Inspired by the second promo for episode 7. NO spoilers Rated M for a reason, so keep that in mind. Wolowitz's, Penny deals with a raging headache, witnesses a new side of Shamy she wasn't aware of and has an epiphany on herself and her own relationship with Leonard.

Wolowitz home on Thanksgiving night? Except, he notices some things aren't quite the way he left them. His roommate's relationship with Amy, for example. Shamy-centered, but Lenny seem to constantly sneak their way into this story, the little suckers! But when he arrives home and find Amy in his bed, it might be the beginning of a new stage in their relationship. What if the man of her dreams and fantasies was in fact the man in front of her all along? Camida reviews In the midst of the growing momentum in their busy lives, Pasadena's Power Couple share a moment in their favorite coffee shop.

Sheldon and Amy learn that sometimes even homeostasis requires some adjustment. Includes mostly Sheldon, Amy and Penny characters.

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Heavy on Shamy romance. Amy will be very pleased to discover otherwise. It wasn't even their first time. In summary, this is merely an excuse to document the Shamy's amorous life. Amy is made aware of Sheldon's conversation with Kripke about their sex life and the couple is thrown into circumstances that force them to navigate life, love, jealousy and lust in the most sinful city on earth.

Rated "M" for later chapters.

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Sheldon frets and suddenly God comes into it. I just have had to accept that this is now AU. And smut to come. What happens if there is no break down in communication and they work as a team? Rating may go up. My part for this year's Shamy Fanfic Exchange. Someone wins the Nobel Prize. This event occurs once in 20 years.

The guys are excited except Sheldon. Amy suddenly becomes ill and Sheldon takes care of her. Regina talks to Henry about his time in New York, when Robin Hood arrives and the three leave together. Emma confronts Hook about what Zelena says, and he reveals the secret about his cursed lips, Emma, Snow and Charming say they can't trust him because he said that they sent him the note, but they now remembering say he didn't.

It certainly makes a change to see Regina being the love-struck school-girl, kissing Robin in the corridors, and having a chance at true love, like before - of course, this could turn out terribly tragic, like before. It seems only fitting that Regina was the one to break the curse this time, thus stabilising the relationship between parents and their adopted children, which was satisfying to see.

As per usual, Regina got the justice she deserved through the snappy lines she always possesses, and Parrilla always looks to be in her element playing her character, though it was nice to see her get a little bit more emotional when she realised she was the one who broke the curse, through her love for Henry.

Snow and Charming Goodwin and Dallas were back pulling at the heartstrings as Goodwin put in a convincing performance, whilst crushing her husbands heart. Hook's cursed lips - Seriously, how could Zelena think that would even work in the first place? It's not like they are even dating, not to mention, it's a little creepy.

Two halves hearts of a coin - Sooooo, that's a thing? They can just live with half a heart? How does that even work anatomy wise? Do they have more valves or something? Seriously, someone do the science. Henry's back - Finally!

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Now we can put Operation Cobra back in full motion and take down the Green Witch! She seemed to be getting pretty burnt from the UV rays Emma was laying down, so here's hoping she burns alive or something.

Or will Zelena get to enact her re-do after all? How is this going to work sibling relationship wise? And what effects is that potion that Zelena gave snow a while back, going to have on the baby? Robin - Will he die? Are they just, like, dead?

Because that must suck for the people who they were. Meanwhile, Howard's romantic gesture to Bernadette causes Penny to step up her game with Leonard. October 23, Not available 7. November 6, Not available 8. The Itchy Brain Simulation Sheldon punishes Leonard for a past mistake by making him "walk a mile in his shoes.

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November 13, Not available 9. Wolowitz's house for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard must deal with a mistake from her past. November 20, Not available The Discovery Dissipation Sheldon faces a crisis after Leonard disproves his accidental scientific discovery.

December 4, Not available The Cooper Extraction While Sheldon is away in Texas, everyone gathers to decorate the apartment Christmas tree, and they each realize how much he has changed their lives. December 11, Not available January 1, Not available The Occupation Recalibration After Penny quits her job and Sheldon is forced to take another vacation, the two spend a lot of time together. January 8, Not available