Virgo and leo in a relationship

Leo and Virgo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

virgo and leo in a relationship

Flamboyant Leo and quiet, studious Virgo seem like an odd couple – what do they see in one another, outsiders wonder. Leo and Virgo compatibility can. The Leo and Virgo match does well in terms of love compatibility, as different as these two zodiac signs are. Here we have the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo matching. In a relationship they remain a constant mystery to each other – at least neither is going to get bored. Leo brings flash, splash and panache whilst Virgo supplies.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility: The Royal and the Healer

Compatibility Score Leo and Virgo: In a relationship they remain a constant mystery to each other — at least neither is going to get bored. Leo brings flash, splash and panache whilst Virgo supplies the relationship with detail, order and grace. Enduring fascination and a willingness to compromise might just keep them together — fingers and toes crossed.

virgo and leo in a relationship

They may be part of a shared friendship circle or work in different departments of the same company — think Virgo in accounting or compliance and Leo in sales or marketing. Leo discovers a razor-sharp mind and Virgo realizes the Lion is not a total ego maniac.

virgo and leo in a relationship

Friendship is based on their individual strengths — Leo goes to Virgo for practical advice on health, relationships and finances. Virgo seeks confidence and assertiveness training from the Lion.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

This of course drives Leo into a frenzy of heightened passion — they pull out their A game and deliver super-hot maneuvers. The funny thing is that such scenarios are usually Virgo-devised and orchestrated. If played correctly Leo becomes a love-sick pussy cat showering gifts and attention on Virgo who only thaws when the deal is signed, sealed and delivered with a promise of commitment. The Leo and Virgo in relationships… Leo is a fire element sign and in such a tricky relationship the flames burn furiously — whether it be in moments of passion or during blazing rows.

Virgos pedantic nature — and their need to always be right drives Leo to distraction. An unpredictable couple who can turn on a dime — kissing one minute and throwing vitriol bombs the next.

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Leo also fears growing up and when paired with mature Virgo tends to act like a spoiled brat — throwing temper tantrums and deliberately trying to sabotage the relationship. Virgo is an earth element sign — solid and centered. A much older Leo and younger Virgo are probably more suited. Where they may encounter turbulence… When you combine hypochondria with self-absorption codependency occurs.

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Virgo man and woman individuals believe in planning and sticking to their plans, while they tend to rely on logic and pragmatism to make big decisions. They abhor complacency in any form and strive to be perfectionists in anything and everything they take up. They are methodical and tenacious, kind and caring. The Lion is the ruler of the zodiac chart. Leo male and Leo female are natural leaders and are amongst the most strong, ambitious, and powerful sun signs.

virgo and leo in a relationship

Their fiery personalities, coupled with their surprising generosity of spirit, makes their personalities extremely intriguing and unique. These are extremely proud individuals who thrive on the idea of inspiring others. They believe in the power of their dreams and are not afraid to go out into the world and do what they have to in order to turn them to reality.

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The spontaneity of the Lion might be construed as recklessness by the Virgin, whereas, the practicality of the latter might be boring for the former. However, there are a few things that attract these two signs to one another. Virgo's intelligence and ambition is admired by the Lion, while Leo's charm and confidence does not go unnoticed by the Virgo.

virgo and leo in a relationship

They might be able to build something with each other if and when they know how to turn their mutual differences into the positives points of their relationship. Pros and Cons of Virgo and Leo Compatibility: Pros of the Virgo Leo relationship: Virgo's methodical and tenacious approach to life can help give direction to Leo's wayward dreams. The Lion can receive impeccable guidance and encouragement from their partner on both personal and professional terms.