Work and mechanical energy relationship healing

Energy Medicine: How to Work With Subtle Energy Fields

work and mechanical energy relationship healing

The work done that we consider here is the work done by external force (or by us) . So if the potential energy at a point is high then it means that. There is energy from chemical reactions called chemical energy, energy from thermal processes called heat energy, and energy from charged. The general study of the relationships between motion, forces, and energy is called mechanics. A system possesses energy if it has the ability to do work. .. this field include weight gain, weight loss, growth, healing, and thermoregulation.

Questions you may have include: What is the equation for work? How is work the change in kinetic energy? When is work the change in potential energy? This lesson will answer those questions. Units Conversion Equation for work The definition of mechanical work as opposed to thermodynamic work is that it equals a force against some resistance times the distance traveled while that force is being applied.

Unfortunately, many Physics textbooks carelessly omit the idea that there is the resistive force force of inertia, as well as other possible resistances. The equation for work is: Work as change in kinetic energy When you accelerate an object, you are changing its velocity.

work and mechanical energy relationship healing

When you accelerate an object, you are doing work against inertia plus any resistive forces—such as gravity or friction—over the distance that the object is accelerated. Living as we do in a multi-dimensional universe, human beings are similarly multi-dimensional energy systems.

Disturbance on any level causes ripples. Homeostasis or stability at the physical level requires balance at the subtle levels.

work and mechanical energy relationship healing

Without this any prolonged imbalance will, eventually, materialize as disease in one form or another. The Mechanics of Energy Medicine: Awareness consciousness that I have lost my house keys affects the mind field that generates anxious thoughts that in turn affect the nervous system with a resulting tension in the body form.

This sequence of cause and effect that underlies energetic medicine and energy healing calls for a brief exploration of consciousnessenergy and matter.

Consciousness is all there is. It is the one Truth.

Relationship between Work and Mechanical Energy

When we strip away the body matter and the mind energywhat do we have left? Since all forms of vibrational energetic medicine hold Consciousness as the source of all that manifests—either as energy, or matter—here is the first hurdle. Consciousness cannot be seen, handled or tested in a laboratory.

The general view from allopathic medicine is that subtle energy medicine is not only woolly and unscientific, but it attributes relationships between action and outcome that cannot be justified either by reason, observation, or clinical proof.

Yet those of us who work in, or receive any kind of healing energy generally experience positive results for which there is no apparent rational explanation. How can we see presence in a test tube? Where is the machine that can measure or calibrate compassion? Which chemical, when swallowed, transforms rejection into acceptance? The field of energy medicine is constantly faced with the fact that the mind cannot be plucked and placed under a microscope.

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Fortunately, the imbalance between the scientific-medical and spiritual-energy models continues to be addressed by an ever-increasing number of distinguished cellular biologists, physicists, neuroscientists and physicians who agree that only when alternative subtle energy healing methods are subjected to rigorous scientific investigation, will energy medicine reach a level of acceptance where it can sit alongside its mainstream cousin.

One such physicist is Stanford University professor Dr. But first, what is this vital force called energy? Broadly speaking, science describes energy as information that vibrates.

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Some patterns we can see and experience through our five senses: Other patterns are too subtle for our senses to pick up. We cannot physically see a thought, taste a feeling, smell intuition, or touch an atmosphere, yet these subtle energies have an enormous influence on the state of our health.

Conversion—Transforming Energy Energy carries information that tells an atom what to do, whether to join forces with other atoms to form the molecules of an apple, your thumb, or a raincloud.

The miraculous power of energy is that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or converted into different forms—a facet that vibrational energy medicine incorporates.

The chemical energy in petrol can be converted into both thermal energy to heat the engine, and mechanical energy to move the car. Gravity, stored as potential energy in a precious vase you place on a high shelf, will convert to kinetic energy as the vase falls onto the floor.

Electrical energy can be converted to heat for the oven, mechanical for the vacuum cleaner, or sound waves from the radio.

Motion – The Physics Hypertextbook

Given that atoms vibrate and everything is made up of atoms, vibration is the fundamental characteristic of energy. So how has it come about that conventional Western medicine and subtle energy medicine view healing so differently? There are two kinds of energy fields hat occupy different planes: Turning once again to one of the leading theorists in the subtle energetic spectrum, Dr.

William Tiller defines these two co-existing fields as follows. Physical Energy Fields We can see physical or veritable energy. Subtle Energy Fields Putative or subtle energy cannot be measured.

There are four primary fields out of thousands more, which flow into and out of the human body, making us truly a part of the indivisible whole, or cosmos. These energy fields are connected to the physical body through super highways meridians and centres chakras that convert incoming high-speed energy currents to appropriate levels and then distribute this life-sustaining energy to our cells.

Therapists who use energy medicine to work with this vital energy for energy healing can sense it with their hands, or bodies, and a few can see it in the form of colour.

In line with the core principles of energy medicine, Life Alignment employs this subtle energy and works from the fundamental premise that all physical objects bodies and psychological processes thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are expressions of energy and infused with this subtle form. As we have seen in the preceding stories and case histories, when the flow of vital energy, or life force, is blocked for too long in any field, the bodymind becomes dis-eased.

work and mechanical energy relationship healing

This is where vibrational medicine and energy healing play an important role. At 56, the likelihood of her surviving for more than two years was slim. Refusing both surgery and chemotherapy, Janice agreed to a course of radiation therapy; she also chose to re-engage with Life Alignment a form of energetic medicinewhich she had first encountered some years earlier. For six punishing weeks her lung was radiated daily, until both her chest and back were scarlet in colour, as if scorched by fire.

During treatment and convalescence, Janice continued receiving Life Alignment balances. As a psychotherapist, she felt attuned to this medical model due to its focus on the emotional processing of patterns in our life story that can cause cellular chaos.

Mainstream medicine had dealt with her symptom form ; but the subtle energy medicine that underpins the Life Alignment technique focused on her mental and emotional bodies energyand incorporated her spiritual body consciousness.

Each balance took Janice into deeper levels of her core issue: In Chinese Medicine, which is a form of energetic medicine, the lung is associated with grief, sadness and detachment. As master of the life force, or qilungs are in charge of the airflow coming in and going out.

Janice gives out, but resists taking in. When her daughter had wanted to accompany her to the hospital, Janice had refused. She worried that it was too much for this busy young mother. Her daughter, as a result, had felt rejected. As a result of here energy medicine sessions, when Janice recognized that her refusal to accept kindness and help caused others to feel unwanted and hurt, she became more mindful about accepting care.

The Science of Energy Medicine: How to Work With Subtle Energy for Better Health

The bond with her daughter deepened, and as her heart opened, Janice moved into a peaceful acceptance of the fact that it will be her soul that chooses whether to stay or leave. A six-month scan revealed nothing but a faint, milky white scar on her lung.

And as her physical body continues to recover from the onslaught of the disease and orthodox treatment, which vibrational energetic medicine also helps ease, Janice now lives in peace in body and spirit, and with greater ease in her relationships. When the physical body is in pain we need to attend to it lovingly before we can go more deeply into our spiritual journey.

For change in the body to be swift and deep, energy medicine treatment must be focused in the subtle realms of thought, belief, attitude and feeling. Living as we do in a material world of objects that appear solid such as our bodywe assist the energy healing process when we remember how energy manifests as form, or matter. Energetic Medicine How is it possible that something solid like your hand, a dog or a brick is virtually Imagine that a single atom is the size of a full-scale football field, but the nucleus, or mass, of that atom is smaller than a single grain of sand.

Everything in the universe—material and non-material—is composed of atoms, those invisible packets of energy quanta that are constantly spinning and vibrating.

This is a key tenant of vibrational energy medicine and healing.