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Board members may be from the two Services involved. Obtain directives that pertain to the operation that resulted in the accident. In the case of Class 35-65 aviation accidents, when more than one individual is on the board, the president will be anArmy zr, senior warrant officer chief warrant officer 3 and abovean DA Civilian in the grade of GS—11 orhigher that directly manages an aviation safety program, or a full-time ARNG or USAR technician.

Commanders may initiate a legal accident investigation formerly knownas a collateral investigation to obtain and preserve all available evidence for use in subsequent administrative or legalactions. Progress in implementing the plan should be reviewed at least quarterly.

Death or injury resulting solely from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances. A complete SF 91 is required even if the damage to the motor vehicle is not noticeable. Strategic planningshould be conducted in time to identify the organizational 385-6 to be achieved over the coming fiscal year, resourcesneeded to achieve those goals, and funding required. Explanation of abbreviations and termsAbbreviations 35-65 special terms used in this publication are explained in the glossary.


DA PAM 385–65

Note that a line of duty investigation will satisfy this requirement for off-dutyfatalities. The RSO may not serve as thechair. They are the standard DA pamphlet and the informational DA pamphlet.

Civilian, or contract personnel.

In no case will a non-Army agency have safety investigation jurisdiction. If the evidence is based upon witness summaries obtained on a promise that the information would be used withinDOD only for accident prevention purposes, the board president will provide a list of personnel ra and copiesof all common source materials. Specific Army Safety Program responsibilities a.

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The DUSA—TE will— 1 Ensure that Army policy on weapon system test and evaluation in support of acquisition adheres to environmen-tal regulations, policy, range safety, and occupational health standards and promotes sustainable ranges in coordinationwith ASA ALT. Reports prepared by the U. Secure the accident scene and take action as required by this regulation.

The Provost Marshal General. Possess strong organization skills with the ability to coordinate and prioritize projects.

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The safety investigation convening authority willnotify aar responsible military criminal investigative organization according to AR —30 and AR —2 when he orshe determines there is evidence of criminal activity. Before publishing, each best practice is reviewed and approved by a group of subject matter experts. In cases where equipment involved is unique to one organization or activity at alocation, technical personnel from the organization incurring the accident may be used in an advisory status at thediscretion of the board president.


Read the Text Version. Army Corps of Engineers and the grade of colonel or the civilian equiv- voir, VA — 3885-65 will include SSRA, health hazard assessment, andsurface danger zones.

Individuals from the accountableorganization may be designated as advisers nonvoting to enhance the 3856-5 and reporting of the accident. The loss is recorded as amishap to the DA account.

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General use safety accident investigation reports. Each safety organization will support efforts to develop military and DA Civilian safety expertise through trainingprograms, effective career development, and management procedures.

The senior commander or managementofficial of the installation or activity will certify and sign the OSHA Form annually. Limited use safety accident investigation reports. Drivers will carry proof of required training orexperience. The council gives selected Army Headquarters a voice informulating Army explosives safety policy.

Army Material Systems Analysis Activity, and soforth document the status of the equipment and facility prior to the decision to operate. A copy of the evaluation, along with the plan for resolution, should beprovided to the senior commander. The Army sr marshal office will support investigations, to include liaison with local law enforcement asrequired.

Accident investigation boards a.

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