Assault on the Liberty: The True Story of the Attack by Israel For shipment anywhere else in the world, please email [email protected] for details. You may also. : ASSAULT ON THE LIBERTY: pp Illus “The true story of the Israeli attack on an American intelligence ship.” Presentation copy signed by “a. This fifth edition of Assault on the Liberty should be read by all James M. Ennes , Jr. .. deck, to the room I now shared with Jim O’Connor.

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The Mirages left after expending their ammunition, and were replaced by two Dassault Mysteres armed with napalm bombs, flown by Captain Yossi Zuk and his wingman, Yaakov Hamermish.

As ofthe NSA has yet to declassify “boxes and boxes” of Liberty documents. Vietnam War era —, citation for Captain William L. Mar 16, Kevin Keating rated it really liked it. Brandon rated it it was amazing Feb 13, A sad commentary on jealousies and over-precautions on the part of countries” Intelligence cultures. Archived from the original PDF on jamed June Terry Burgess rated it it was amazing Jan 23, The Israeli government said that three crucial errors were made: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Killed 34 men and almost sank tue ship.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. According to Michael Limor, an Israeli naval reservist serving on one of the torpedo boats, they attempted to contact the ship by heliograph and radio, but received no response.

This book reads like a novel. The Mysteres released their payloads over asssault ship and strafed it with their cannons. James Bamforda former ABC News producer, in his book Body of Secrets[84] says Israel deliberately attacked Liberty to prevent the discovery of what he described as war crimes, including the killing of Egyptian prisoners of war by the IDF that he alleges was taking place around the same time in the nearby town of El-Arish.


Lucas around the port side assaulf the bridge, around to the skylights, to see if he could tell [Seaman] Quintero, whom [he] believed to be the gunner on Machine gun 53, to hold fire”.

Assault On The Liberty

Many of these quotes directly contradict the NSA’s position that it never intercepted the communications of the attacking Israeli pilots, saying that not only did transcripts of those communications exist, but also that it showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel. Archived from the original on 31 October Moorerformer Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a critic of the official United States Government version of events, chaired a non-governmental investigation into the attack on the Liberty in Ernest Carl Castlethat Israel would defend its coast with every azsault at its disposal.

Especially for the time. In the historical report, it was acknowledged that IDF naval headquarters knew at least three hours before the attack that the ship was “an electromagnetic audio-surveillance ship of the U.

Yet eyewitness reports persist.

Assault on the Liberty by James Ennes

As the torpedo boats rapidly approached, Captain McGonagle ordered a sailor to proceed to machine gun Mount 51 and open fire. Navy, senior counsel for the Court of Inquiry, said that the Court of Inquiry’s findings were intended to cover up what was a deliberate attack by Israel on a ship that the Israelis knew to be American. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Not to call ths on the sad event that left many American sailors dead!

USS Liberty incident – Wikipedia

The Anti-Defamation League supports Cristol’s opinion:. Written by a survivor, it contradicts the account issued by our government at the time, and this probably led to the Liberfy and Mayaguez incidents in the ensuing decade. Later, Israel provided a helicopter to fly U.


I was never satisfied with the Israeli explanation. Navy EC aircraft that flew near the attacks from 2: Jun 05, Faris rated it it was amazing. Unidentified vessels would be sunk, Rabin advised; the United States should either acknowledge its ships in the area or remove them.

The fact that the ship had Latin alphabet markings led Chief of Staff Rabin to fear that the ship was Soviet.

The National Archives in College Park, Maryland includes in its files on casualties from the Liberty copies of the original telegrams the Navy sent aszault to family members. Date 8 June ghe The journalist who transcribed the tapes for that article, Arieh O’Sullivanlater confirmed that “the Israeli Air Force tapes he listened to contained blank spaces.

The order to cease fire was given at 2: The helicopters left the ship at about 3: And yes this was hushed up. A very interesting tale from the 60’s that makes you scratch your head in wonder. After being cleared to attack, the Mirages dove on the ship and attacked with mm cannons and rockets.

Rostow that if war breaks out, “we would have no telephone number to call, no code for plane recognition, and no way to get in touch with the U. Navy Court of Inquiry, or investigations unrelated to assajlt that involved issues such as communications.

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