AudioControl DQXSWith 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in . With 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in, allowing advanced. Shop Lowest Price on: AudioControl DQXS – Crossovers | 6-Channel Digital Crossover/Equalizer with Memory | General Features Six Channel 3-Way Crossover.

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Internal signal summing available when used with factory systems with crossovers. It’s low pass filter makes sure your subwoofers only get the bass that they are craving.

Great prices on popular products Compare at audioclntrol is the price for the same product offered in the online market. These highly versatile Digital Signal processors are equipped with key features, such as active speaker level inputs, line-level and digital audio inputs, providing up to 10 channels of output.

The front channel however actually has 2 outputs, one pair is high pass, and the 2 nd pair is low pass or band pass. Speaker level or line level inputs. This style allows the crossover frequencies to be selected and adjusted to the needs at the time.

Fit and finish was very good.

  BS 6920-1 PDF

AudioControl DQXS

This means you have separate EQ control of the front channels, rear channels, and subwoofer. Guaranteed Audiovontrol see all. Unique bass restoration circuit. The electronic crossover is only part of the story. AccuBASS circuitry for improved bass response.

Posted by Jeff Roy at 3: I did say it was a 6 channel EQ. There are three different ways that the crossover can divide the frequencies: Sat around in garage for awhile until I decided that I wanted to sell it.

Gold-plated RCA jacks, gray chassis. As it was not included with the review unit, I managed without it. For the crossover section, it features six channels in and eight channels out. A crossover is used in your car audio system to divide eqxs audio signals into a variety of different frequencies. Asus Xonar DG 5. Because of that, you can actually have separate EQ curves for the front right, front left, rear right, and rear left channels!!

Stereowise Plus: AudioControl DQXS Six Channel Digital Crossover and Equalizer With Memory

The guys at AudioControl in the rainy state of Washington know their stuff when it comes to audio processors. Why waste power on nasty subsonic information when your Programmable Frequency Match PFM filter can help you clean things up?.

It’s key features include: The subwoofer cha nnel is also not forgotten. Not only will it block the high frequencies that are above what the midrange can handle, it can also block out the lower frequencies that are too low for it to handle. What types of crossovers are available?


Trunk Mount Stereo Equalization with Crossover. You May Also Like.

I was very pleased, as I was able to listen to my music until Audiocotrol got the replacement driver. Just to give you a better idea of the level of control the AudioControl will give you, the subwoofer actually has 15 bands of EQ control!

And the sound that I got from making the plethora of allowable sound adjustments was nothing short of delicious!

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Modified Item see all. Show only see all. Low pass, high-pass, and full range Six ch. It is in actuality a 6 channel EQ. Made In the USA. This information will help you find compatible filters for your vehicle. Graphic Equalizer 5 Band. Programmable Frequency Match pfm filter.

White steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks. The net result is more bass…louder.

But it does not stop there. So the bit of comedy found in the manual did make reading it a fun experience. Two input channels and two, four, or six channels of output. Bass Maximizing light display.

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