Terrier is book one in the Rebekah Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce. It centers around The book is about Beka’s first weeks as a puppy, or trainee, in. Satisfying fantasy crime drama for tweens. Read Common Sense Media’s Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Pierce returns to the Tortall Realms for a new series, a kind of prequel to those of her popular “sheroes” Alanna, Kel and Aly. Her latest heroine.

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Assigned to two of the best Dogs veteran officers in the Jane Street kennel, Beka quickly distinguishes herself, assisted by winged informants pigeons who carry the ghosts of cooped children and whisper only to Beka and her aide-de-camp, Pounce, the purple-eyed cat who will be familiar to Alanna devotees.

The pair are known to nearly everyone in the slums, and, at first, are somewhat put out at getting beks Puppy, feeling that any Puppy would be a liability in their hazardous job. What do you think of the way bribery is handled?

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Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1

Bloodhound Beka Cooper Tamora Pierce. Random House Publication date: The world is so detailed, so real, there is so much life and death going on in the Lower City that if a bwka plot thread were to be eliminated to cram the story into a movie, it would be a shame. Beka first meets the three in a bar, when Rosto stops the barman from harassing Beka. Views Read Edit View history.

Beka begins her training assigned as a Puppy, or a Dog in his or her first year of training, to two revered senior Dogs in the Lower City: Nov 07, Brittany bekq it really liked it.

In fact, one of the many fascinating characters known coopsr Beka is a Lady Knight named Sabine. Terrier is just another example of how great an author Tamora Pierce is. She soon discovers that it is Crookshank who has been hiring the diggers to be murdered, and the Shadow Snake is demanding a large number of fire opals.


The Best Books of So she is busy all coopsr before going and training and then walking her rounds then somehow she has enough time to write out a billion pages in her diary and sleep? I can’t believe how bad the ‘villians’ in this story were. Gathered around a common enemy you see a highly unlikely group working together to catch a killer and ultimately it stirs up the entire Lower City. Beka, now 16, begins her story with her first night on the job, told through journal entries.

Crookshank later dies in a riot, and Rosto, Beka’s rusher friend, becomes Rogue, making Kora and Aniki District Chiefs acting Rogues for each district. Obviously, I’ve read a lot of books in 54 years! Book three, Mastiffhad an original release date for but has been pushed back to Fall of It just does not really read like a diary so the whole that is what it is annoyed me since I didn’t buy it. I love stories about the Tortall Realm.

From these sources she learns of two grave threats to the Lower City.

The reader is Susan Denaker and the audiobook is about 15 hours long. I really do not understand the appeal to this book. When is physical force required? May 23, Anna ‘Bookbuyer’ call me bekz.

Stick a needle in my eye You know, I never knew the reason why kids on our country say these things when they want to convince people they’re telling the truth. Satisfying fantasy crime drama for tweens. Her story takes place cpoper years before Alanna: Beka’s magical listening talent is the only way for the Provost’s Dogs to find out the identity of this brutal new underlord, for the dead are beyond fear.

We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. I am glad this book did not center around romance, but I think it is hilarious he keeps trying to woo her and she is trying to hard to say no, even though she likes him.


I think I’ll be rereading Protector of the Small instead of bothering with the rest of the Provost’s Dog trilogy. A simple so and so came to visit, we chatted for a while and at the rolls she brought whatever is fine.

Even the big “twist” at the end was telegraphed way in advance. And it’s Beka who must use her street smarts and her own brand of eerie magic to chase down a killer. Column 4 Our coper report: The publication of the trade paperback edition followed a year later, on October 23, [2]. I was hoping Beka would be a closer relative of George, maybe heka grandmother or great-grandmother or something rather than what she is 6x great I think?

I was all aflail and I got SO into it that I was even yelling at the book last night! Her latest heroine is not a lady knight but a “Puppy,” a police trainee whose talents lift her from the slums to the manor of Lord Gershom. They do their jobs and that gives them plenty of work, looking out for them that fill the Happy Bags.

Terrier (novel) – Wikipedia

I’m always surprised at how different the police work from that ‘time period’ is and today’s cops. As a rookie–known as a Puppy–she’s assigned to the realm’s toughest district: The imagination of Copoer proves to be limitles as she decribes Tortall. Not only that, but here are the epistolary layers: Her stories still lead the vanguard today. Get killed on your own time.

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