Brihaspati Vrat Katha, Thursday Fast and Vrat Katha – Observance of this fast brings fulfillment of all wishes and Brihaspati God becomes happy. should women keep fast of brihaspati vrat during periods. By Riya Roy on 17/08/ regarding brihaspati vrat. Follow | 1. Answer(s) | of married life. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. While observing fast, the rules of Vrat should be followed strictly. On the day of.

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The king when he learnt that the prince had stopped take in food and water, brihaspqti and enquired from him the reason behind it, the prince told him everything and also gave him address of the girl.

Hearing this kings eyes welled up with tears he offered his situations to the saint and narrated his plight. The woodcutter did get 4 paise lying at door of the prison on Thursday he arranged to get materials for the worship with that money and narrated the story of Brihaspati God to those present there. The maid became very happy to get the food; she came and told everything to the queen.

The queen and her maid both decided that they would brihaspagi offer their worships to Brihaspati God, so vrar seven days they observed fast.

Thursday Fast

While offering prayers yellow colour items, flowers of yellow colour and yellow rice should be used. But her mother remains unchanged. And, in the evening, yellow colored clothes should be donated.

Planet Jupiter Yellow Gemstone Benefits. It includes yellow grams like yellow split Moong Daal without skin, or yellow Chanaa Daal without skin. Once there was a very poor Brahmin during ancient times he had no issue frat used to worship God everyday but his wife neither took bath in the morning nor did she ever worship any deity owing to this reason the Brahmin used to remain very sad.


BrihaspativarVrat should be observed with pure dedication and sincerity wearing yellow clothes and eating yellow foods only once a day. To appease Lord Brihaspati, people consider vrxt yellow topaz or yellow sapphire in gold.

Benefits of Brihaspati (Guruvar) Vrat

Astrology Remedies for Jupiter. The fast of Thursday is also observed for strengthening the financial condition of a person and increase his health.

Usually devotees observe this Vrat for 7, 11, 21, 40, 48, 51, or days or for life time. Salt should not be taken, wear yellow clothes, eat yellow fruit, and offer your worships with yellow sandalwood paste. Add to Spiritual Diary. On the other side the king, in a foreign land, was leading a very sad life; he would bring firewood from the forest every day and manage his living with great difficulty by selling it in the market of the town. It is a story of ancient times — There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer worships.

The Black Lotus App. While observing this fast one should worship Banana tress only, while listening to stories related to Brihaspati God and while offering your worships, you should keep your heart, deeds and words pure and clean and pray for fulfillment of your wishes.

IT Haat Devotional: Bhraspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Katha, Katha Vrat, Vidhi, Aarti

What is good for Gujarat is not necessarily good for India. The king continued his journey and around evening time he saw a farmer sloughing his field the king offered to tell him the story of Brihaspati God but the farmer declined his offer. Chana dal skinless or yellow split skinless moong dal should be included in the food. It is believed that by observing the Brihaspati Vrat Katha one can gain peace, prosperity and happiness.

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This fast is observed continuously for 16 Thursdays, regularly for a period of 3 years.

Benefits of Brihaspati(Guruvar)Vrat – Thursday Fast Benefits

Now the king used to have Gram pulses tied in the corner of this scarf all the time and used to tell stories related to Brihaspati God three times in a day.

Astrology Remedies for Jupiter. Brihaspait king narrated this sad story to the queen and went inside and lied down. What is it that worries you?

On the rvat of fast, the person should get up early in the morning and worship Jupiter Brihaspati. They became very sad, but since they had observed the fast, Brihaspati God was pleased with them he came in the guise of a very ordinary person with two platters full of meals made of yellow materials, in his hands.

Shri Brihaspati Vrat Katha in English. There are people who are not able to control hunger or because of work reasons, they can have simple food without salt twice a day. Why Goddess Lakshmi does not like Gambling.

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