Application guidelines. Maneurop® reciprocating compressors. MT / MTZ. 50 – 60 Hz – R22 – RA – RA/C/F – Ra. Danfoss Commercial Compressors Online Datasheet Generator . instalación y aplicación de para compresores Maneurop MT, MTZ y LTZ. Guías de Aplicación . 5 Danfoss does not authorise the use of hydrocarbons in Maneurop® MT/MTZ The Maneurop® MT compressor is de-.

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Danfoss compressors have a manufacturing date code stamping on the housing. In order to protect the compressor against overload, the compressor has to start and workproperly through pressure peaks obtained in the highest ambient temperature and lowest obligingvoltage.

This starting device requires no pressure-equalization beforeeach start and is normally used in refrigerating systems with expansion valve as throttlingdevice or in capillary tube systems where pressure equalizing is not obtained during the standstillperiods. Normally, the capillary tube shall be adjusted at low evaporating temperatures.

Compresores Danfoss Para 134a

The refrigerant amount may be critical as regards oil foaming and liquid hammer after longstandstill periods. Anti-freeze agents must not be used in the compressors as such agents are damaging toseveral of the materials used.


El gas que vi que cataloto es ra. Compresores Danfoss Para a Download Report. The refrigerant charge must never be too large to be contained on the condenser side of therefrigeration system.

The recommandations must be regarded as a guideline only as they presuppose a properdimensioning of the refrigeration system. Buenas tardes Gracias Alfredo.

This starting device is mandatory for some compressor designs and itis an option for others specified in the invidual data sheets.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona

The compressors must be soldered into the system no later than 15 minutes after the con-nector seals have been removed. Tambien se me ocurrio lo siguiente: This starting device is normally used in well-designed refrigeratingsystems with capillary tube as throttling device.

Ambient and suction gas temp. No high potential test nor start tests must be carried out while the compressor is under vacuum. The compressors can also beused for Heavy Duty purposes at comprdsores evaporating temperatures cataolgo use in refrigerators, freezersand similar applications operating in regions with unstable supply voltage.

Thewinding temperature must not exceed F C.

In particular, the ethyl or methyl alcohol contents of such anti-freeze agents have a destructive effect on the synthetic motor insulation. Compresores Formato Para Mca Documents. The charging equipment must only be used for Ra. The system components must not contain mineral oil or greasy substances.


Quantities per pallets are specified in the individual datasheets. The code numbers for the mounting accessories are specified in the individualcompressor datasheets.

Compressors with denominations ending with FX are F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures with HST starting characteristics expansion valve. Condition at delivery12 CK.

The compressors can be supplied with the following motor systems: DIN are transferred toRa systems. This label has a blue stripe and thetext Ra.

Optyma™ – Documentos

Compared toan optimized R12 system with the same evaporator capacity, the Ra system must havean increased resistance defined as approx.

Por experiencia propia tengo saber la capacidad del compresor tomando como referencia sus dimenciones: Aceites Shell Para Compresores Documents. The compressors are supplied charged with dried and degassed oil, which is normally sufficientfor the lifetime of the compressor.

Soldering problems caused by oil in the connectors can be avoided by placing the compressoron its baseplate some time before soldering it into the system.

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