Answer 1 of 3: Have recently read that in and this year there were several outbreaks of Chikungunya fever in India including seems there is no. PDF | India was affected by a major outbreak of chikungunya fever caused by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) during Kerala was the. Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus that is emerging as a .. One lac people were again infected with CHIKV in in Kerala.

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Studies also showed that seroprevalence was greater in the part of the village with more human activity. CHIKV fever history and seropositivity – Out of the individuals surveyed, keralla history kerxla CHIK fever typical fever, joint pain and other symptoms and among them Kerala was the worst affected state during with a contribution of The disease, first detected in the state July 27, has affected aboutpeople so far.

The study, led by Dr P J Wills, Senior Scientist of the Foundation, associated with Aster Malabar Institute of Medical Science, found that Lepidopterism caused by tiger moths is a serious illness that mimics symptoms of the mosquito borne infectious fevers.

Statistical Analysis Average mortality rate for each month during — years before the epidemic was calculated by dividing the average number of deaths for each month by the average population. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Joshi is leading krrala team of central health officials that has visited the worst affected district of Alappuzha.

Health Alerts

A total of 3, excess deaths occurred in the epidemic year when compared with the expected number of deaths for that year. From these plantation practices, it could be ascertained that male population engaged in rubber tapping activity during early morning hours would have been exposed to more Ae.

The chances of getting chikungunya fever at this time of year are very slim as it is more common during the rain saeson when there is alot of stagnant water about. The dominant vectors are Ae.

No vaccine is available against this virus infection. Is Kerala Kovalam a particularly bad area for mosquitos? Lancet Infect Dis ; 7: Hcikun present study provides an insight on the magnitude of the CHIKV outbreak in the plantation sector of Kerala during and chikkun figures actually projected could be chikjn underestimate of the problem, as reported elsewhere.


Similar observations on gender differences in seroprevalence had been recorded elsewhere which was attributed to exposure to infection due to community specific habits, customs or behaviours Sissoko et al.

Chikungunya fever? – Kerala Forum

These investigations will help determine whether the virus has increased in virulence, which may also pose a greater threat outside the Indian Ocean region. McGraw Hill Book Company; A review of deaths registered in rural areas outside the city limits of Ahmedabad showed no major decrease during the epidemic months of over previous years. The expected number of monthly deaths for each month in was calculated by multiplying the average mortality rate for each month — by the monthly population in Topographically the state could be divided broadly into three regions, viz.

The peak of the epidemic occurred in August and September when 55, The present study exposes the magnitude of CHIKV infection in rubber plantation belt of Kerala and provides basic parameters for modelling the transmission potential of outbreaks and planning control measures for this arbo-viral infection in a tropical setting.

Average mortality rate for each month during — years before the epidemic was calculated by dividing the average number of deaths for each month by the average population. Comparison of age specific prevalence among males and females showed that the prevalence in males was significantly higher in the two age groups, viz.

Hence, we carried out a post-epidemic survey to estimate seroprevalence status [immunoglobulin G IgG ] in the community using commercially available indirect immunofluorescence test. There was an upsurge of fever cases and also suspected chikungunya fever cases in While the former two study villages were large plantations 1 under the ownership of government organization and the other owned by a corporate agencythe latter was a village with unorganized sector of small scale mostly below 2 ha per owner rubber plantations.

Seroprevalence and risk factors of Chikungunya virus infection in Mayotte, Indian Ocean, What are the most popular tours in Kerala? LokSabha unstarred question number The population size in Chethackal, Malankara and Aimcompu was 2, 1, and 1, respectively.

The higher seroprevalence rate reported in Kerala could be attributed to the exposure of the population dwelling and engaged in the rubber plantations to the infective bites of the day biting and exophilic vector species, Ae.


Excess number of deaths peaked in Septemberwhen 1, additional deaths They viewed that age and gender are proxy-factors for specific behaviour that causes higher exposure to Ae. With that, the total number of people in the district who were affected by gumya epidemic rose to 34, Services on Demand Journal.

International diagnostic accuracy study for the serological detection of Chikungunya virus infection. Given the possible association gubya deaths with the chikungunya fever epidemic in Ahmedabad, public health authorities should investigate such epidemics in other countries.

The Department of Health and Family Keala of gunay Government of Kerala reported 24, cases as suspected chikungunya fever duringdistributed across all 14 administrative districts of the state. In Thrissur district 69 persons were hospitalised with symptoms of chikungunya, according to the Health Department.

Browse forums All Browse by destination. Chikungunya has reemerged in India sincewhen the attack rate was Deaths are compiled and sent from the RBD ward office to the RBD central office and subsequently communicated to the state level registrar of birth and death.

Chikungunya virus outbreak in Kerala, India, a seroprevalence study

The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. Nearly 31chikungunya cases has been confirmed in Kollam District. Such findings could show correlations between reported genomic mutations in chikungunya virus and its increased virulence. The study area selected was the worst affected mid-highlands region of Kerala which harbour vast area of rubber plantations. The first reported chikungunya outbreak occurred in Tanganyika now Tanzania in — 2.

J Virol Methods Angel Garden Beach Homestay. Evaluation of the first commercial Chikungunya virus indirect immunofluorescence test. Ethics – Institutional standard guidelines were followed for the collection of blood samples after obtaining their written informed consent form for participation in the study.

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