Clasificación de las fracturas. Fracturas pediátricas. Las fracturas de los niños difieren de las de los adultos debido a que los huesos en. según la clasificación salter harris. Fractura en Niños. según la clasificación salter harris. by. janer algarin. on 1 November Comments (0). Please log in . También son posibles como mecanismos de producción la compresión y estiramiento. Clasificación Aunque existen varias clasificaciones, la de Salter – Harris.

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Classification and treatment of physeal fractures

The Growth Plate and Its Disorders. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. It will eventually remodel with time.

Thank you for submitting report will send us email through our customer support system. Delay in presentation Vague or inconsistent explanation harros mechanism described that with injury developmental stage child.

Classification and treatment of physeal fractures

There are two anatomic considerations for pediatric bone. Early reduction is crucial to long term outcomes and orthopedics should be consulted in the for all displaced fractures. In SalterHarris fractures we are concerned about involving the bone just surround to and including physis.


Microsurgery Pediatric vascular microsurgery: Can Med Assoc J [ Usually, Kirshner wires or screws are used. Fractures in children generally heal relatively fast, but may take several weeks to heal. Often from a low energy mechanism in children with partial growth plate fusion clasificqcion.

Page generation time [ Sensitivity of a clinical examination to predict need for radiography children with ankle injuries prospective study. Added in by Mercer Rang [ This mnemonic requires the reader to imagine bones as long with epiphyses at base. Get xrays of both hips including frog sleg view addition to standard views. Sometimes the fracture runs through ossified part haeris capitellum [ Definition and Mechanisms of Injury: Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This mnemonic requires the reader to imagine the bones as long bones, with the epiphyses at the base.

First the growing bone is less ossified and subsequently has higher degree of plasticity. Et al Accuracy of physical diagnostic tests for assessing ruptures the anterior cruciate ligament metaanalysis.

Physeal closure, physeal bridge The growth plate injury by a fracture or other causes infection, tumors, etc. Transfer of epiphysis and growth plate of the vascularized fibula Reimplantation and revascularization Functional muscle transfer vascularized and innervated Skin loss coverage.


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Salter–Harris fracture – Wikipedia

Maisonneuve fracture Le Fort fracture of ankle Bosworth fracture. Black arrow demonstrates fracture line while the white arrow marks the growth plate. Duverney fracture Pipkin fracture. Physicians must choose between evaluating suboptimal computed tomography CT scans and observing the patient for extended periods of time possibly delaying treatment leading permanent sequelae clasifiicacion Exceptions include significantly displaced fractures that require operative treatment [ Classification and treatment of physeal fractures.

This line called the Anterior Humeral.

Retrieved 5 February A Salter—Harris fracture or growth plate fracture [1] is a fracture that involves the epiphyseal plate or growth plate of a bone.

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