Vacios ideológicos; Ausencia del mecanismos contra la concentración del poder; Falta de espacio político para la disidencia; Desgaste. CONSTITUCION POLITICA DE LA REPUBLICA DE COLOMBIA – Presidente: Pedro Alcántara Herrán ( – ). – Vicepresidente. CONSTITUCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE COLOMBIA DE (Agosto 5) En nombre de Dios, fuente suprema de toda autoridad.

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Calidades para ser juez. Three attempts to recognize the right of women to vote had failed.

Historia Constitución Política Colombia

Limitaciones del Poder Legislativo. Tribunales Superiores de Distrito. On one occasion, not even the third part was accepted. To begin the period of transition, on July 15, the Constituent National Assembly made an exception to the rule of popular election of presidents and elected the 186 president of the Republican Union, Carlos Eugenio Restrepoand also chose the first and second designates.

From then on, the country was officially called the Republic of Colombia. On November 21,during the government of Belisario Betancurthe Congress established popular voting for mayors and governors, with the aim of reducing or eliminating central control of the parties over nominations and of improving regional democracy.

Otras atribuciones del Senado. The radical liberal segment was never reconciled to the loss of power and on three occasions, between andthey tried to gain it by force. This important reform, inspired by the members of the Republican Union a third political party with bipartisan principles of free elections and religious tolerancebanned the participation of the military in politics and established the poiltica popular election of the president, departmental assemblies and municipal council.

Constitución neogranadina de – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

In Decembera few months after comstitucion elected president, General Rafael Reyes shut down Congress because of its unwillingness to approve the reforms he desired. Inmiscuirse por medio de resoluciones o de leyes en asuntos que son de la privativa competencia de otros poderes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It established that later reforms to the constitution could be made by the Congress, as long as the reform was approved by two-thirds majority of the members of the Senate and the in camera voting of two consecutive ordinary legislative sessions.


The chamber, the departmental assemblies, and the municipal councils were chosen by popular vote. Facultades delegadas que tienen.

Los antiguos Territorios nacionales quedan incorporados en las secciones a que primitivamente pertenecieron. El Presidente y los Ministros, y en cada negocio particular el Presidente con el Ministro del respectivo ramo, constituyen el Gobierno. La fuente de este texto no se ha especificado.

Although the National Front ended inthe constitutional reforms preparing for the transition began in during the government of Carlos Colokbia Restrepothe next to last President of the National Front.

This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Libertad, seguridad e inmunidad.

Page one of the original copy of the Constitution. The population began to identify themselves more with the party concept than with the nation concept.

File:Constitución política de Colombia de 1886.jpg

This new law set the number of seats for each party to be proportional to the number of votes obtained by each party, with a minimum of one-third of the seats for the opposition party. Before this reform, the president was chosen by the electoral college that represented the electoral districts. Limitaciones del derecho electoral. Wikisource has original text related to this article: The Assembly abolished the vice-presidency, two of the designaturasand the State Council.


Constitución de Colombia de 1886

The president of the Republic was elected by the Congress. Women exerted this right for the first time during the plebiscite of December 1,to approve the constitutional change that would allow both traditional political parties, Liberal and Conservative, to govern together as the National Front.

The second attempt was the proposal presented by liberal Alberto Lleras Camargo in ; it was postponed under the excuse that this regulation could not be approved before Although they were not considered citizens for the purposes of suffrage, women were granted the right to occupy most public positions and began to attend university.

Los Capitanes de buque, que tienen, no estando en puerto, la misma facultad colokbia reprimir delitos cometidos a bordo.

Sus facultades en tiempo de guerra. Retrieved from ” https: It was determined that the elections for President of the Republic, Congress, departmental assemblies, and municipal councils would take place in the first half of It reduced the presidential period from 6 to 4 years, prohibited the immediate polltica of presidents, eliminated the figure of the vice-president and replaced it by one appointee that would be chosen by the Congress.

Limitaciones del derecho de iniciativa. It also specified that the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice would serve for life, recognized the right of representation for minorities, and the possibility of reforming the Constitution by means of a National Assembly.

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