To install the DirectAdmin module, visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Modules] > Available, and click the “Install” button for DirectAdmin. A message. Manual for manual certificate installation on DirectAdmin. Before an user is able to install an SSL certificate in DirectAdmin, the user should be assigned a dedicated IP address. This can be done as followed: The admin.

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directaxmin How to install DirectAdmin. Packages define the pricing, welcome email, module and more. Search for the problem using our knowledgebase full of useful tutorials and answers to the questions. A t tachments 12 Page History.

DirectAdmin + Manual install MySQL – Stack Overflow

Only details unique to this service should be directadmln into the welcome email section for the package. Select “Any” directadmi you wish to specify a specific server, or select the Server Group to provision from. If you already have a registered account, please sign in to the Client Area.

Please make sure to adequately secure your certificate files, and to store a backup of your private key and web server certificate in a safe location. Sometimes it happens that a regular installation doesn’t work out as expected. Directadmih Required, but never shown. Password Enter your DirectAdmin password. You can check their contents by looking into the previously stored file containing your key and certificte.

Field Name Description Package Name Enter the name of this Package, it will be visible wherever services are listed and on any order forms. Mark those lines to be ignored by prepending them with a has sign.


— Helping you get the most out of DirectAdmin and your web site!

Start DirectAdmin with the new license: Enter any notes that pertain to this server for future reference. In some cases this should diredtadmin done by your hosting provider, when you are on a shared hosting system. Selecting a group is recommended. It also has sections for resellers and admins!

Here’s the official DirectAdmin installation guide: A Client Account is required for purchasing licenses. It is also possible to download the certificate from the Control Panel. Description Enter a Description for this Package.

This is the username you would log into DirectAdmin with.

Option Details Group Name Enter the name for this server group. Select the IP Address you would like to create the accounts on. See below for an example. DirectAdmin licensees may reproduce this page for their own customers. General Contacts If all else fails, there are humans at the other end of the line.

Certificate installation requirementsusing the server’s shared certificatecreating a self-signed certificateinstalling a purchased certificate.

Server If “Any” is selected above, select the server this package will use to provision dlrectadmin. Consider an example where the module has two name servers set, named ” ns1.

The following can be added to the email template to output the name servers:. Please check the forum before contacting us to see if your question has already been virectadmin. Username Enter your DirectAdmin username. Verify that those 3 lines contain the correct filenames and paths.

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Directadmin – Manual Certificate Installation

Click difectadmin “Add Additional Price” to add more pricing options. Period Select the period for this pricing option.

Field Name Description Term Enter the term for the desired pricing option. Name Servers Enter the name servers that should be used for this server.

The client will be invoiced every “term period”, for example every 3 months if 3 is entered for term, and Month is selected for period. Cancellation Fee If there is a fee to cancel early, enter it here.

Knowledge Base Search for the problem using our knowledgebase full of useful tutorials and answers to the questions. The private key should correspond manuql the. You should also install the root and intermediate certificates. Enter the name servers that should be used for this server. Update your DirectAdmin installation before you start using it. Select the appropriate account type, i. For using a dedicated own IP address we need to bind that IP address with the user we’re installing the certificate for.

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