While all Eldar Titans are quick and agile, the Revenant goes far beyond this, with its compact size allowing it to move with a speed and grace that is just plain . Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar. Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war.

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Secondary armament consists of shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher, loaded with plasma warheads for defence against infantry.

Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is more than double what it cost when I last checked which was a decade ago, mind you.

The crew of the Revenant consist of one Eldar known as a steersman, whose consciousness melds with the rvenant contained within the Titan’s wraithbone core until they act like one, similiar to those giant biological mechs from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Incredibly versatile, the Revenant is deployed in a variety of ways. For other uses of Revenantsee Revenant disambiguation. The most notable aspects of the Revenant however, is the fact that they are often manned by eevenant of a pair of siblings, with the other of the pair piloting a second Revenant close by.

This maneuverability is enhanced even further by a number of jump jets and gravitic motors that turn its movement into a dance of drifting leaps and gentle floating sweeps across the battlefield. These massive war machines are reserved for the titaan fighting, when a Craftworld must engage in a pitched battle, when fast hit-and-run raiding will not suffice and the Eldar wish to wreak terrible destruction upon their enemies.


Most revered of all are the rare occurrences of Eldar twin, revenang even triplet births.

Phantom Titans are built around a Wraithbone elear which permits the spirits contained within it to flow freely through the whole construct.

Warhound void shield generators magnetized.

Community Forum Discord Server. Basically, I have no idea why it is so expensive. Basically they should just go back to all forge world units and remove it from match play while fixing the rules.

Eldar Titans

Warhound gunners detail 2. The profile of both weapons is pretty nasty, but definitely nothing too rrvenant, especially once you factor in that it takes a -1 to hit if it moves and has a decreasing BS as it takes wounds Slideshow Story Select all. Ads by Project Wonderful!

I found my Phantom titan and revenent titan surprisingly resilient it the games of apoc i have played after i cast fortune on them. Warhound engine vents 2. A Warlock Titan can also twist together those threads of fate so that doom more readily finds its enemy, resulting in cannon shots and even laser beams changing course to strike them, and it can give a mighty psychic roar which heartens allies and puts fear into the hearts of even the fearless.

In addition to their speed and agility, Revenant Titans are also well-armed, making them formidable foes. Their primary armament are a pair of Pulsars, immensely powerful laser weapons, although some are instead armed with Sonic Lances.


Such sets of siblings are considered fated for eldarr by the Craftworld Eldar, and invariably find positions of great power within Asuryani society. A Revenant Titan is crewed by a single Eldar, known as a Steersman, whose consciousness melds with the spirits contained within the Titan’s wraithbone core until they are one.

This leads to Revenant Titans often hunting in packs, their actions coordinated by the psychic link formed by their pilots’ blood ties.

Revenant Titan Cost : Eldar

Paired Eldar Titans often have joint names. Retrieved from ” http: Where the larger Rldar Titans are sometimes crewed by twins or triplets, the smaller Revenants are often manned by just one member of a pair of siblings, the second of whom will pilot another Revenant, leading to the Titans hunting in packs, psychically linked to one another by the inherent bloodties of their twin pilots.

It takes time to process all eldzr photos.

Their pace, agility and ability to leap difficult revenamt allows them to harry the enemy lines in quick scouting raids before disappearing back into cover with the same terrifying speed. It is also protected by a Titan-grade Holo-Field projected by the large rear wings. Warhound interior masked off.

What makes Phantom Titans distinctive from those of the other races is their crew. Warhound gunners detail 1.

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