EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ: EZCH), a leader in Ethernet EZchip will present details of the NPS architecture at the Linley Tech. Mellanox Indigo is actually Ezchip NPS 5 February, The NPS was developed by Ezchip long before the company was sold to Mellanox for $ The MoSys MSRZ30 is a member of the Bandwith Engine 3 family optimized for the EZchip NPS network processor. It had Mb of 1T-SRAM memory.

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Published book, click here.

Mellanox Indigo is actually Ezchip NPS-400

EZchip Semiconductor has announced a class of network processor capable of performing traditional data plane processing as well as higher ezchipp networking tasks. EZchip’s announced NPS will extend the role of the network processor to encompass layer two to layer seven of the network. Network processors typically offer layer-two and layer-three processing only.

The device family, called the ezcjip processor for smart networks NPSis being aimed at Carrier Ethernet edge router platforms, the traditional telecom application for network processors. Because SDN separates the control plane from the data plane, it implies that the data plane becomes relatively simple.


In practice the opposite is true: EZchip has announced two NPS devices: The NPS also ezcnip an on-chip traffic manager which controls the scheduling of traffic after it has been processed and classified.

MSRZ30 for EZchip NPS-400

EZchip says up to eight NPS chips could be put on a line card, to achieve a 1. Adopting the NPS processor will eliminate the need to add to platforms service line cards that use general-purpose processors.

More NPS-based cards can then be used in the vacated line-card slots to boost the platform’s overall packet-processing performance. The company started the NPS design two years npps and expects first samples at the end of NPS-based products are expected to be deployed in Will the NPS with double the throughput not deter sales of the NP-5, even if the design is used solely for traditional NPU layer-two and layer-three tasks?

for EZchip NPS « MoSys

EZchip says new customers will ezhip adopt the NPS especially given its support for high-level programming. But existing customers using the NP-4 will prefer to stay with the NPU family due to the investment already made in software. EZchip breaks the NPU mold, click here.


A Terabit network processor by ? Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Open networking Switch chips White boxes Gigabit. EZchip’s Ezcbip will be a Gbps duplex chip capable of layer 2 to layer 7 network processing The device is being aimed at edge routers and the data centre First samples by year npd EZchip Semiconductor has announced a class of network processor capable of performing traditional data plane processing as well as higher layer networking tasks.

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