One Second After has ratings and reviews. Timmy said: 5 things I hated about One Second After – 1. Every important adult male character. Apr 26, The Paperback of the One Second After (John Matherson Series #1) by William R . Forstchen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Jan 12, One Second After. William R. Forstchen, Author, Newt Gingrich, Foreword by. Forge $ (p) ISBN

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Matherson is forced to lead several battalions of college kids into battle against the cannibalistic Posse.

President upon impact of the crashing plane. How to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst-case scenariosI wrote:.

One Second After

Also, he has apparently made sacrifices for his family in the past, but you’d never know seconx by reading this novel. They are not disasters, but certainly should have been caught: In the case of this book, the nuclear attack is one that is focused high enough to do no damage to people or land.

But we try, one little step at a time, and we keep our ears and eyes open. Tell your loved ones fodstchen neighbors — help them to get ready. As others have pointed out, the author doesn’t know the difference between of and have. The story takes place in a mountain town in NC.


15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips – Survival Mom

He is a widower living in a small town in North Carolina with two daughters and two dogs. I need to get my son into martial arts and speed up his firearm training! Yes, everyone knows where they are. Another important point to note was that the police chief wanted to place an iron fist on the population and was moving to become a dictator.

There won’t be any nuclear fallout. No matter what the scenario, I think people with responsibility for the protection of women, and more significantly young women, will have a lot on their hands.

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips

Qui intelligit, non est ratio necessaria. John is a respected outsider, and his military experience, standing as a collegiate professor, and level-headedness are appreciated by the town’s residents. Then the EMP goes off. Trivia About One Second After In the book, even devices that failed were simply abandoned.

One Second After – Wikipedia

There is an immediate growing concern about food; the leaders of the wfter soon begin wondering how these several thousand people are going to be fed for any appreciable length of time. I for one would be interested to see the truth – that the kind of “me against them” thinking proselytized in the book affects moral judgment negatively and has far reaching implications beyond the clan. I knew it was a dismal and depressing book, so I procrastinated.


No, more melodramatic observations instead? Mar 13, Corinne rated it did not like it Recommended to Corinne by: This book pressed afteer my crazy buttons. Check out antique stores and estate sales for all sorts of low-techpre-computer age tools and appliances.

Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of a nuclear EMP event: The possibility of a future EMP event has resonated with millions of people in America and around the globe, because the results would be devastating.

Do everyone a favor and a train them up right in the paths of righteousness b teach them to be compassionate and loving we men all need the civilizing scond of good women around us c teach them to kill d feed well, and watch them grow and beautify the crumbling world…. It was a ‘read in one sitting’ novel, well crafted technical thriller around a significantly under-rated national risk. And yes, secons not armed.

Especially if you had to walk through miles of desert or other difficult terrain. Why on earth are welfare recipients so often foratchen as ones who will go rampaging and stealing? Each member of my family now owns a high quality bicycle with spare tires. Mayberry meets The Walking Dead.

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