It’s dangerous to premise a definition, let alone a new theoretical approach, by outlining what it is not. And yet author François Laruelle could. The Concept of Non-Photography. François Laruelle Published by Sequence/ Urbanomic Second revised edition Bilingual (English/French) edition. The Concept of Non-Photography has 31 ratings and 4 reviews. Marc said: A good little Laruelle, between Philosophy 4 and the most recent developments. Su .

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The Concept of Non-Photography

Laruelle has been publishing since the early s and now has around twenty book-length titles to his name. Preparing to Welcome the Chthulucene Agustina Zegers. DIS is a dissection of fashion and commerce which seeks to dissolve conventions, distort realities, disturb ideologies, dismember the establishment, and disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse that’s been distinctly distributed in order to display the disenfranchised as disposable.

Laruelle identifies Western philosophy as the source of the confusion between the World and its image. When life is being super unfair, just do what we all do: On the contrary, Instagram needs to be recognized as the medium for a long-awaited downgrading, not only of photography but also of the philosophies of negation, perception, and being.

Barbara Leung rated it liked it Oct 05, I would have no pubes if I were truly in love Jenny Zhang. They never mature, remaining ageless in their exact original condition and incapable of gaining metaphysical or metaphorical significance in the passage of time.


For Laruelle, the autonomous and pure force of vision that coils out of the photographic stance may initially depend on a perception of the World, but soon after and with the help of the science behind photography, it becomes more independently concrete than a mere visualization by the photographer or the camera. Harry Zohn New York: Ulrich Seidl Interviewed by Jonathan Thomas.

A Conversation about Ergonomic Futures. A good little Laruelle, between Philosophy 4 and the most recent developments.

Wythe Marschall rated it liked it Jul 11, Stuart Argabright Interviewed by Chris Hontos. Hashtags and other searchable text entered by users also impose their own fractality on Instagram photographs.

The Concept of Non-Photography by François Laruelle

Subject matter is photography. There is no final word. Ozarkiote rated it liked it Apr 12, Alex rated it really liked it Sep 04, In fact, he deliberately locks out all such distinctions as between digital and film-based photography from his conversation, as per his a priori dismissal of technical definitions from non-photography concerns.

For him, the externalization of the world into a representational copy is a misguided project that was inaugurated by Western philosophy and later enhanced by both the technical capabilities of standard photography and those of its interpreters.

Melissa rated it liked it Mar 26, Who is working whom?

Instagram as Non-Photography

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The synthesis between these two thoughts may finally bring us to recognize the false distinctions between photography and its digital offspring; if all three mechanisms of philosophy, photography, and digitality lead to the symmetrical estrangement of being from its picture, then one can argue that by obsoleting the human hand and eyes as the mitigating instruments of this separation in both arts and sciences, analogue photography was always already digital.


In the eye of its users, a great number of hte photographs and organizational systems like photo albums, guestbooks, etc.

P rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Robin Mackay New York: And yet it is also a fascinating secret. Conversely, what does non-photography mean for photo shoots like this one with their heightened attention to pre-production and post-production editing? As the heir to Facebook, which itself is a more limited version of its predecessors, namely MySpace and Friendster, Instagram further reduces the promise of boundless communication inherent to the rhetoric of older social media that permeated the BBS 5 and Internet forums prior to the emergence of web 2.

In a time when our news and advertisements are tailored to our pre-recorded political opinions, it can be especially difficult to empathize with differing political views.

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