The Dwellings of the Philosophers has 80 ratings and 3 reviews. Aldo said: Un libro non per tutti. Anzi, in realtà, è un libro proprio per pochi. Addentr. What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. Thread: “The Dwellings of the Philosophers” by Fulcanelli but in Dwellings of The Philosophers, Fulcanelli or perhaps the editor or translators.

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The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli

He was a great propagator of ideas. The philosophers who wanted to transmit the exposition of their fulcanello and the fruit of their labors to posterity took great care hhe to divulge the art by presenting it fulcandlli a common form s that the layman could not misuse it. Sicuramente l’alone di mistero che avvolge questa figura del secolo scorso ha contribuito a fomentare fylcanelli verso il filosofo.

And, philoso;hers we calibrate the steel bar one last time, starting the experiment again from the very beginning, we verify that we need to use a much greater force than the one used first in order to provoke fulfanelli return of the rupture symptoms. Nevertheless, we hope to extend our analysis far enough and to bring out sufficiently precise phillsophers to nourish our thesis. The author further adds: Here, a thought based on the dogma of unity summarizes all of philosophy: And since medieval laws forbade private possession of furnaces and chemical utensils without preliminary permission, many artisans, their work phillosophers finished, studied, manipulated, and secretly experimented in their cellars or their attics.

It produced a singularly philosophical literature. Under the action of the vibratory bombardment, the spirit, freed form the body, takes on, for our senses, physical qualities characteristic of its active phase: Precisely the opposite occurs. Kent rated it it was amazing Sep 29, For our author, who has probably never opened a hermetic book, transmutation is synonymous with charlatanism.

We shall attempt it, and shall first say, addressing those who are willing to follow us, that living nature is not to be studied outside of its activity.

Yes thank you, I will have to buy the book now, they pilosophers expensive. Nearer to us, a few celebrated minds, among others Sir Humphrey Davy, thought that hermetic research could lead to unexpected results.

After a short preamble on approximately ten conventional signs, destined by their form and their grouping to help retrieve all historical dates, the professor drew on the blackboard a very simplified drawing. It is a convenient way to wait and see, to not compromise oneself nor to leave the domain of the relative. Mathematicians for the most part, lose in simplicity and common sense that which they gain in human logic and numerical rigor.


In reality, this class, so seductive for its students, was based on the traditional phonetic cabala 9. Here is the copper alembic — homo galeatus l — stained with green smudges; there the descensories, the cucurbits and their antenos, the two brothers or twins of the cohobation; coiled receivers; heavy cast-iron and marble mortars; a large bellows with its wrinkled leather sides, near a pile of muffles, tiles, cupels, and evaporators Dwellnigs where proofs would be necessary, where facts prove indispensable, people are content to oppose to hermetic “pretenses” a petitio principii.

They deny after having affirmed it. And what wealth, what fecundity, what powerful faith, what trust in the future transpire dweolings this desire to build, create, search, and discover in the midst of a full-fledged invasion in this miserable country of France submitted to foreign domination and which knows all the horrors of an interminable war!

However, by its very importance, this kind of chemistry is the most abstract and the most mysterious that exists. Nevertheless, one could not maintain that it has been lost completely; a few initiates preserve its rules and know how to make advantage of the resources it offers in the transmission of secret truths or use it as a mnemonic key to teaching.

They choose phiilosophers prototypes from daily life among people who move around them and in the midst philsophers whom they themselves live.

Let us clearly state, since so many educated and sincere people seem unaware of the fact, that the real ancestor of our modern chemistry is ancient spagyrics and not the hermetic science itself. Practical operations, which had been collected, gathered after being unveiled and taught, allow dissidents to support the thesis of the alchemical void, to ruin philosophy while building the basis of our chemistry.

They dream of imprisoning nature into a formula, of putting life into an equation. But if it meets with resistance, the energy immediately reveals itself with the qualities and in the form of fire.

How do noctilucas, glowworms and fireflies transform part of their vital energy into light? The language of the birds is a phonetic idiom solely based on assonance. So, by successive deviations they unconsciously succeed in getting so far from simple truth that they justify the harsh words of the Gospel: It demands the knowledge of the secret of their elaborations.


To succeed in the experiment, it is essential to introduce fire, either in the form of a spark, or in the form of an ignited body or still a body liable to be brought to the point of incandescence platinum sponge. A century later, the same reasoning loses a great part of its value; one cannot dispute, for example, that the works of the epic of the round Table have a certain charm which arises from a more careful form. This stone is directly beneath you, above you, in you, all around you.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

The 15th century marks the glorious period of the science and surpasses even the preceding ones as much by dwellungs value as byte number of the masters who rendered it illustrious. I invoke you under the name you possess in the language of the birds, in that of hieroglyphics, in that of the Jews, in that of the Egyptians, in that of the cynocephales Michael Neal rated it really liked it Aug 01, Cyliani is the equivalent of Cyllenous of Cyllenea mountain of Mercury, which gave its name to the Cyllenien god.

But these attempts as og as the methods which appeal to it showed no difference with those practiced today I our laboratories.

Such eminent arguments for debate! If the sun were a globe of fire, as we are taught, it would be enough to approach it, even a little, to experience the effect of a growing heat. Metallurgists, goldsmiths, painters, ceramic artists, glassmakers, dyers, philosopphers, enamellers, potters, etc.

Another important thing to do is to locate some of the more important references he mentions and read them as well.

The Dwellings Of the Philosophers

Bom in the Orient, land of the mysterious and the marvelous, the alchemical science spread in the West through three great roads of penetration: Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is the systematic exclusion of this spirit, higher will, and hidden dynamism of things, which deprives modem chemistry of the philosophical character alchemy possesses.

This whole thread is great This applies to all elevated manifestations of human thought; revolutions, wars, upheavals are philosophwrs to them.

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