Greenham Core Catalogue – Edition SPECIAL HAZARD WORKWEAR. Greenham Catalogue – Edition C Protecting People Everyday Edition Greenham Ladies PPE Catalogue Ladies’ PPE Designed to fit.

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The land, handed back to the people. An illustrated, free catalogue accompanies the show. A native of Glasgow, she became a nurse and mid-wife in her late teens, delivering babies in the Govern area.

Greenham Core Catalogue – Edition 19

Moving to Greenham Common in proved to be a liberating experience. The ambassador greeenham joy. She recalls that at times, during the protest, the local people were far from friendly.

Courage can change the world. Father Hughes had been intending to give the book to Sarah in person but events intervened, so that was never possible. Recently, Hipperson was reunited with some comrades from her peace actions at the funeral of Jesuit Father Gerry Hughes.

She returned to England in the s, settling in Wanstead. A word with Naseema Assada. Impunity rules in today’s Honduras. It was as a result of legal proceedings brought by the women that it was finally established that the military had no right to be on the land, as it belonged to the people.

There have been successes, such as when the Law Lords declared that the bye-laws that the Ministry of Defence had been using to remove women from Greenham Common were invalid.

When the missiles were removed from Greenham Common in the early s, Hipperson continued her protest against Trident. The Greenham Common airbase is now long gone, but Sarah and some xatalogue the women established a garden there in to mark the action.


Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. Lydia Noon talks to the Saudi women’s rights activist about guardianship, Twitter hashtags, and suing the cataloggue. The Newsroom Guardian timeline Observer timeline. Participants in the debate included: Sarah described her experiences abroad and at Greenham in articles in the magazine Women For Life on Earth and in her own Rainbow Bus newsletter.

Appearing in court gave the opportunity to openly question the legality of nuclear weapons. A stand-off ensued before he finally drove off. You can take action at a practical and technological level — and a political one.

Greenham Ladies PPE Catalogue 2018

Brutal forced deportations, globalization and human rights. Justice turns its back on us. Veronica Koman spoke to five current residents of The feminist pioneer talks to Graeme Green about travel, change and the road ahead.

She served 22 sentences, the catallgue being 28 days in Holloway for criminal damage. The catalogue of events that followed grefnham the next couple of decades, with a series of peaceful actions, court cases and imprisonments, all formed part of the work. Hipperson sees the handing over of the peace garden as her final act, completing the Greenham cycle. The bottom line is that grfenham will use weapons that are 80 per cent more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, in the case of Trident, as part of the defence policy of this country.

The people, the mine and the World Bank. The tents could then come back onto the land. A radio soap opera is bridging social gaps in Azraq refugee camp. You can find him on Twitter and greehham paulfdonovan. The latest Polyp cartoon, from October’s New Internationalist magazine. Florence Derrick meets its champion. A global social movement is rising.


Greenham Common’s final act. During the early s, Sarah became increasingly frustrated trying to raise awareness of nuclear weapons in Wanstead.

Sand dredgers defeated in Koh Kong, Cambodia. This type of events underlines how strong the feelings went on both sides, so the creation of the garden and now its return to the people of Newbury marks an act of reconciliation on all sides. Please support us with a small recurring donation so we can keep it free to read online.

Greebham more information call or email newsroom guardian.

It was the final victory for the women who, in the s, had so bravely fought against the US government stationing nuclear missiles on the Greenham Common site. Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday 12pm to 4pm Free admission. About us Ethical shop. Rebecca Johnson, the director of the Acronym Institute for disarmament diplomacyand Sasha Roseneil, a professor of sociology and gender studies at Leeds University, who were both Greenham women; Claire Short, the Labour MP; Julian Lewis, the Conservative’s shadow defence minister; Paul Rogers, professor of peace studies at Bradford University; and David Fairhall, former Guardian defence correspondent.

On another occasion, Hipperson got on a bus, after a court appearance, to go back to the Greenham Common site.

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