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Brands and manufacturers are awarded good or bad marks accordingly. Green is for companies who guarantee that they are not using any of the toxic components targeted by Greenpeace. Will not be published Website: Potential dangers include a damaged immune system, breast cancer, decreased fertility for both women and men, as well as other growth and development anomalies.

For instance, readers discover that some substances are used to add smell, colour or taste to products like toothpaste and lip balm. You can also find this report in English here. Redwhich sadly regroups the overwhelming majority of perfume and cosmetic brands, codes companies who do not want to guarantee that they are not using these targeted toxic substances and who most of the time are not interested in implementing substitutive policies.

For more information and to download the Guide Cosmetox in French please go here. Orange is for brands that admit to using these targeted toxic substances but who have announced that they are in the gradual process of finding substitute ingredients for these components.

An html version is available here there are slight differences with the downloadable guide. Once again, the environmental and humanitarian advocates at Greenpeace have raised public awareness, this time with Cosmetox, their guide to the use of industrial chemicals and beauty products.


[PDF] rapport complet : « Guide Cosmetox » | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Guidd is no need to resubmit your comment. Making more informed choices will certainly enable us to improve our health and protect the environment – these substances are major polluters, too.

These companies could either move to the green or red zones when information is updated. The lists of perfume houses are not exhaustive.

Greenpeace 22, rue des Guie Paris France T. Will not be published. There is also a separate report on the chemical composition of 36 eaux de toilette and eaux de parfums here.

In an era where appearances and superficial beauty are everything, it seems that consumers are capable of forgetting that they regularly use toxic substances — in everyday products. The illusory nature of modern life and the consumer society coametox becoming increasingly apparent. International affairs keep on making the same point.

This is going to be quick because there are not many of them:. Thank you so much for posting this!

Toothpaste, makeup remover, shampoo, shower gel, babycare products, makeup and perfume all come under scrutiny. Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. Cosmetox is certainly disquieting.

Many thanks to Aurelia and Jean for sending me the report! Who are the exceptional green-coded perfume brands? Despite its fun approach, this guide has the serious aim of enabling readers to become aware of the potential danger if nothing is done to prevent cosmetics multinationals from using synthetic and chemical substances as they see fit. Mail will not be published.

The 5th Sense in the News: Guide Cosmetox by Greenpeace

There are also a report on phtalates and artificial musks in perfumes and one on the scent of chemicals in English on the same page. Ideas, tips, information, on sustainable developement, ecotourism, ecology in Paris and in the cosmefox.


Being confronted with reality in this way may be unpleasant, but at the end of the day only we can respond, by consuming better and less. A chapter on perfumes is included with cosmeto color alert classification of the perfume houses and manufacturers depending on their level of commitment to sound ecological and health-conscious practices.

This is going to be quick because there are not ocsmetox of them: I think it would be great if niche perfume houses not listed in their guide contacted Greenpeace, especially if they think they belong in the green list. Greenpeace issued an in-depth study in on the level cosmehox toxicity of beauty products commonly used by consummers.

And thanks for the great variety of information that you include here on your site. The red-coded brands usually prefer to point out that they are following official legislations which, as Greenpeace stresses, were formed in guude permissive context and are therefore lacunary Posted in Green attitudeGreen favorites. Biodiversity Book eco-citizen eco-friendly paris ecological ecology ecology paris ecotourism environment protection ethical fashion ethical shopping paris exhibition exhibition paris exhibitions paris Fair trade fashion paris food france gavarni Gavarni hotel going out in paris going out in the 16th district go out in paris green green attitude green design green fashion green paris hotel gavarni MAM paris nature organic organic cosmetic Organic cotton Organic food Organic ocsmetox organic restaurant paris out in paris paris restaurant shopping paris shopping passy solar energy sustainable development Visit Paris.

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