Harry Glantz, first trumpeter with many symphony orchestras, died of a chronic heart ailment Saturday in Bay Harbor, Fla. He was 86 years old. It is going around many Toscanini forums that had a sound Harry Glantz was THE trumpet sound to mimic for many years. Do they. Introducing: Glantz: ACB’s take on the classic Harry Glantz mouthpiece. For years and years one of the things I’ve always wanted to do here at ACB is to.

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Mar 1, 3. Yes, my password is: He was part of my whole success.

A lot of principal players really suffer with their second trumpets. Hello Barbie,if I am wrong,I stand corrected.

Hammond Design Musical Instrument Store. Glantz chose to appear in court to protest the ticket. Mar 1, 1. No, create an account now. I played on one, too, which he liked. See more of Stork Custom Mouthpieces on Facebook. I think trumpte in four years of study I only once or twice heard him play his regular Bach C trumpet in a lesson. Vacchiano, and other members of the trumpet section had used in the New York Philharmonic. It seemed to be his test bed for his mouthpiece experiments.


I only started trumpet lessons last November I was trained classical piano and don’t have the appreciation for harryy great trumpet players yet. Share This Page Tweet.

Harry Glantz

Stork Custom Mouthpieces added 3 new photos. Powell Trumpets Musical Instrument. Search Media New Media.

Thanks for your responses. The conn 4 feels like a Bach 7C rim size. I guess he trusted it and it formed a reliable basis from which he could make judgments about mouthpieces. He was the preeminent trumpet player of his day hands down. Is this thing worth a fortune?? Sections of this page. They were copys of the Harry Glantz mouthpiece design. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

They all know from the character of the music how to blow. My dad played for over 30 years. William Vacchiano on Equipment. Could I sell it and get a shiny new horn? I think they have been copied from the pre-war French Besson. My dad has just given me a mouthpiece for safe keeping that Mr. I doubt it’s worth much, but But I glanz the Conn 4 and not sure of the other Conn sizes. We already have machines to measure eyes, so why not the lips? Glantz was racing from one service to the next he was stopped by a cop for speeding.


Mar 1, 2. He really played, and with such a great sound. I got really in to Harry’s playing glabtz 10 years ago, and bought at least 40 of the old Toscanini records from turmpet 40s. Here is an ad for the Glantz mouthpiece.

Mar 1, 4. I was very lucky to have Prager hrumpet second. It becomes automatic on his part. Since it was so special to my dad I think I’ll hold on to it. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? In the s, these were the trumpets that Harry Glantz, Mr.

Harry Glantz, Mel Broiles, and more . . . | Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale

In effect you are creating a temporary high note mouthpiece. On one of the occasions that Mr. Fellows if I am wrong,let me know,always want to learn the correct info.

Glantz was born in and passed away in Only a great story that Vacchiano used to tell me.

The story goes that Mr.

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