Jacques Mabit. Track: Shamanism and Its Potential for Modern Man. Ayahuasca use in the new-age context. Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to. Jacques Mabit, M.D., is Founder and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center for Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Research on Traditional Medicines in. Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for the treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its.

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He pursued additional studies in tropical medicine in Belgium and then traveled to Peru, where he conducted research on the consequences of environmental, cultural and social factors for the design of an appropriate health care strategy in the Altiplano High Plain.

At one point I accepted that I would have to die and everything was finished and I had been very stupid to come to the jungle to die but it was time and, in the end, Jacques is not important.

However, it represented a great liberation for him. Ayahuasca exercises jaqcues unspecified activation of the natural processes of mental reparation and therefore it can play an essential role in facilitating approaches in psychotherapy.

Another emphasis was put on investigat- ing the intriguing hybridization of Western psychotherapy and Amazonian traditional medicine that the Takiwasi Center employs to treat drug abuse. Click here to cancel reply.

It has been noticed that after such an experience the child loses major interest in this matter and no long- er asks to attend. Does everyone who is treated at Takiwasi drink ayahuasca? He then feels overwhelmed with anguish by something he cannot handle.

What are the principal plants used in Mqbit besides ayahuasca and what do they do? In clinical practice we observe good results in the resolution of depressive profiles and sometimes, when the subject is motivated enough, very rapidly. The traditional energetic management of ayahuasca for evil purposes magic, sor- cery, witchery… in the Amazonian Indian world is left aside: These inadequate conditions of recreational drug consumption, allow the subject to be in- fested by a malignant entity bad spirits as the curanderos say, or demons and devils according to religious nomenclature.

An elementary sincerity in the in- dividual search is a basic requirement. I have never myself been been to Takiwasi, although I was once stranded jaqcues the Tarapoto airport.

In this case it does not have a purgative effect, but is an intention of avoidance, be it conscious or not.

Jacques Mabit – Roaming the Mind

Jacques himself has authored or co-authored numerous articles, published in Peru and Europe, describing various aspects of his clinical activities and research. This leads to a catharsis that in general is physically translated into an expul- sion through vomiting where in a concomitant manner the person evacuates the emo- tion associated with his experience fear, anger, anguish, etc.


As a matter of fact, without having performed any systematic studies, we can observe that this is what seems to occur. Therefore, every depressive profile deserves a previous evaluation in order to con- sider the adequateness of the use of ayahuasca. Another man, French, The durable installation of this new energetic status of the patient requires a stabilization period, a waiting time during which there should not be any energetic interference; therefore the recommendations and prohibitions exist.

The outpatients or visitors are less controllable jafques are more exposed to transgressions or jacquees that can generate a certain level of interfer- ence.

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Not surprisingly, he styles himself a “citizen of the world. I hope so, Steve. The consumption of ayahuasca is benign if the contraindications are observed and the subject is previously evaluated; also an adequate preparation must be assured and trained, reliable people must conduct the session. In addition to being a complementary treatment center, Takiwasi organizes scientific conferences and cul- tural meetings as well as experiential workshops for foreigners interested in using ayahuasca for psychotherapeutic and spiritual ends.

In Mabif menstruation is considered as the absolute contraindication for Aya- husca ingestion, especially during the first days of the jacquez. However, jacsues view of the growing mestizaje, the appearance of neo-shamanism and shamanic tourism, and the growing circulation of goods and persons, there is a tendency to distort the use of ayahuasca.

This evidently assumes that the curandero has strengthened his own energetic body sufficiently to be able to absorb and assimilate the energetic perturbations of the pa- tient without losing equilibrium mavit.

The therapeutic pro- tocol always includes at least a psychological accompaniment and the preparation with purgative plants. Drug rehabilitation methods, whatever their orientation, typically have very low success rates.

The ingestion of ayahuasca seems inconvenient to us in cases of bulimia-anorexia where the pathologic expression is focused on the oral sphere and because of that it can be enforced by the subject of vomiting and the rules of nutrition that surround its use. Depending on their degree of jacquees, for a teenager the introduction to the kacques of ayahuasca can play the role of initiation into the symbolic dimension of life.

This kind of problem is encountered especially when a Western subject consumes ayahuasca with a mestizo or an indigenous person, whose cultural codes are com- pletely different. These therapists should have solid personal experience in the use of ayahuasca themselves, which is the best guarantee of their ability to face embarrassing situations during a session.


Ayahuasca may in some cases cause people to lose consciousness or have sei- zures. Mabit has dedicated the last two decades of his life to studying the use of altered states of consciousness in Amazonian mestizo and indigenous healing rituals and integrating these studies into his work as a physician and psychotherapist.

The consciousness-expanding experiences that are part of that treatment are induced by fasting, hyperventilation or nonaddictive and not legally proscribed plants long used in traditional healing practices.

Among other mechanisms, ayahuasca triggers the structures of the base of the brain paleo-cortex that rule the basic and not suggesti- ble functions of the body for its subsistence and which escape from both the rational mind neo-cortex and the psycho-affective dimensions meso-cortex.

The outcome was highly negative and influenced the effects of ayahuasca for all the participants by provoking unbearable visions and sensations that could have induced states of insani- ty. Induring another ayahuasca session, the ayahuasca spirit told him that it was time to begin.

For this we should distinguish between the countries that have previous cultural experience in this field and where empirical doctors curanderos are jacque able to guide sessions in their own context and the countries where this traditional context does not exist.

Lars Wibranski Pictures used for the cover illustration from: Mbait Ayahuasca Use and Health It mwbit important to point out that for patients consuming neuroleptic drugs it is pos- sible to take ayahuasca without them having to stop taking their medication.

Mabut the hepatitis C does not represent a contraindication of ayahuasca ingestion if performed under appropri- ate conditions and with a biomedical follow up that allows for the evaluation of the hepatic function development.

The rules and preparation aim to direct the process in this direction, rather than in the opposite one where the subject would incorporate bad energies and waste the good ones. These sopladas change the energetic quality of mqbit medicinal products and are sometimes physically perceived with a change of fla- vor at intake. Therefore in the case of hepatitis there is a hy- per-sensitivity to ayahuasca so the doses must be smaller and the ingestion of aya- huasca must be accompanied by an adequate diet and the ingestion of anti- inflammatory preparations, hepatic protectors and purifiers.

Yet even then, Tarapoto could be loud. The precautions are greater with certain bitter purgative plants, which can induce hypoglycemia.

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