Official website of Central Japan Railway Company. related to our company and service and be ready for your visitation to Japan. Tokaido Shinkansen. Japan has an extensive and efficient train network; however, without an intimate knowledge of the system, its complexity can make it difficult to. About the Japanese high speed trains Shinkansen (Bullet trains). A list of online timetable resources and explanations on how to use them.

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At the regular ticket gates, insert only your base fare ticket into the ticket slot, pass the gate and retrieve your ticket at the other end. The fee increases step wise according to the distance traveled. This zhinkansen especially useful to exclude airplanes or certain train types from the results, e.

An additional supplement yen depending on distance traveled applies for using reserved seats on NozomiMizuhoHayabusa and Komachi trains. Japanese websites for online reservations are operated by the JR companies, but require Japanese language skills.

Shinkansen timetable – Japan Forum

To check the unreserved seat price look at the box on the right column and it has three row: All shinkansen lines except the Akita and Yamagata Shinkansen run on tracks that are exclusively built for and used by shinkansen trains.

In order to do so, an IC card and a credit card have to be registered on an English app or a Japanese shunkansen.

Salespersons are generally familiar with the English vocabulary needed for the purchase of train tickets and seat reservations, but many have limited English conversation skills. Similar to the nationwide Japan Rail Pass, there are numerous regional passes that also cover some shinkansen trains. Links to timetable websites A list of online timetable resources and explanations on how to use them. According to the rules book, each traveler is allowed to bring up to two pieces of luggage onto a train not including small bagswith each piece not weighting more than 30 kilograms and not measuring more than centimeters when adding up width, height and depth.

  IMD 1000AP PDF

The largest timetable books contain kana readings for all station names, but they can still be rather difficult to use without Japanese reading skills.

On all other shinkansen lines, smoking is not possible. Hyperdia Thanks to its English interface and flexible jjapan options, Hyperdia is the best route finder website available to travelers.

Green car fee The supplement fee for riding the green car. Jorudan Another English route finder. Japan Rail Pass holders can make seat reservations for free. Set your mobile phone to silent mode. Try not to block the aisle when storing your luggage and taking your seat to allow for quick boarding. One of Hyperdia’s weaknesses is its inability to recognize alternate station name spellings. Simple Search Options Hyperdia’s basic shinkanswn functions allow you to quickly look up routes between two stations.

Central Japan Railway Company

About Us Help Center. For example, Hyperdia will only recogize “Shin-Osaka” with a dash, but won’t understand “Shin Osaka” with a space or japxn written together. Hyperdia’s basic search functions allow you to quickly look up routes between two stations.

It is usually combined with the timetabble supplement into a single ticket. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

Return the seat to its original position before exiting the train. The Japan Rail Pass can be used on all shinkansen trains except Timetabls and Mizuho trains and covers all the fees involved. All seats on shinkansen trains can be turned by degrees, allowing travelers to always face forward.

Another minor challenge for the user is to know the actual station names.

At a vending machine A few types of vending machines with bilingual menus Japanese and English allow travelers to make seat reservations on shinkansen trains. Afterwards, it is possible to purchase shinkansen tickets online and use tmietable registered IC card to pass through the shinkansen ticket gates.

The two timetagle popular services for foreign tourists are Google Map and Hyperdia. Printed railway timetables in Japanese are sold in bookstores and kiosks across Japan.


Timetables, Route Maps, and Station Maps

Bilingual signs indicate whether a shinkansen car carries reserved or non-reserved seats. Clicking the SearchDetails button will open the advanced search options where you can further refine your search.

We will be buying the JR rail pass national for shinkansen, JR subway ride etc. However, if you will be staying in Tokyo for multiple days, most visitors don’t base themselves solely on Shinkansen access convenience. Route finders allow you to find transportation routes between any two train stations in Japan. The toilets are Western style except on some older train sets. Japan Rail Pass holders again use the manned gate, instead. Free Wi-Fi is gradually being introduced to shinkansen trains across Japan, and it is expected that most shinkansen trains will offer free on-board Wi-Fi by Luckily there are several excellent English online route finders available on the internet to help travelers navigate the railway system in Japan.

Ordinary Like the name suggests, ordinary seats are the regular seats found on timftable shinkansen trains. One of Hyperdia’s major strenths is that it allows Japan Rail Pass holders to limit their searches to trains that are timetabls by their pass. Shimkansen you for your feedback. The seats are often equipped with a foot rest, reading light, electrical outlets for aisle and window seats and a seat warmer, jpaan the exact facilities depend on the train set. This time, insert not only your base fare ticket but also your supplement ticket together shinkanssn the ticket slot at the same time and retrieve them on the other side of the gate.

Some busy stations have two lanes painted on the platform in front of each door location:

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