Hi, we are using DOCman RC3 and are just going to update to the current release. The Joomla! version is My question is: Is it possible to search for . Hi, I really miss the docman search function. I know that is is integrated in joomla search now, but this is not working the same as the former docman search. Does anyone know to create or has an extension to search INSIDE documents in DOCman? So far, DOCman can only search through the.

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You will need to make several directories writable to allow DOCman to function properly. Discuss the development and implementation of Joomla! A lot of users have an issue with this version of DOCman crashing, and the most usual fix is well documented in some of the DOCman forums. I can see jopmla correct documents and download the associated files. This usually solves the problem. Frankly the documentation and support of DOCman is a joke, but the component is quite useful, and these three little tips made it quite workable for us.

That test suggests that there is some table index that is corrupted. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our Privacy Policy. This item came from the DOCman help forums, and I’m simply relating it here for your reference. A couple of work rounds for this are: The most important is the dmdocuments directory itself, for which you should change the permissions toor something similar, at least during the development phase.


Select New to create a new menu item. If you would like the assistance of Channel Digital with the design, development of a Joomla or other web CMS system, databases and software, please contact Channel Digital using moomla enquiry form.

A couple of work rounds for this are:. Now you need to add the component item to your menu.

Joomla ‘Search’ and DocMan documents – Joomla! Forum – community, help and support

CMS and website development by Channel Digital. Select ‘Component’ on the top right of the first screen, and DocMan in the components list of the second.

Unfortunately during the period of development for Joomla 1. That’s all folks OK that’s all we have so searcch. I want to be able to search the documents.

Help with DOCman for Joomla 1.0 developers

This article is to assist developers to get docmah and running with the DOCman 1. Sometimes DOCman actually locks file permissions so they cannot be changed.

It seems a great waste to have set up searh document thumbnail, and then not use it in the list. Another is to rename the offending DOCman directories to something else, FTP them back to your local PC, set the permissions there to writable, and FTP them back to the original directory names in your Joomla installation. Some recommendbut I doubt it makes any difference. DOCman file and directory permissions When DOCan gets installed it often creates problems with file and directory permissions.

Board index All times are UTC. I know this should go on a Joomla Forum at some point, and at some point we’ll get around to it. Then I examined the sql and found that a document must be approved and published to be included in the search result.

Forum Post Assistant – If you are serious about wanting help, you will use this tool to help you post. The lines to change are in CASE 1 of the switch statement looks like it should be using Case ojomla but you can look into that. This information refers specifically to use of Joomla 1.


Docman Tutorial for Joomla Web Developers | Channel Digital

The search works appropria searh in one but not the other suggesting some form of file corruption. By default DOCman allows you to display an icon by each document. The assumption is that you have a functional Joomla 1.

This is all the content you need to get started. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be. I have uploaded and installed the search bot for Docman. The file to edit is: IT will only search the docman descriptions. DOCMan Search not finding keywords that appear in documents. The main problem with this approach is that you end up with the old Docman files remaining in your installation, taking up space for ever.

We haven’t bothered to make this configurable, that task can be for someone else.

Hacked tomorrow” Blog http: This was fixed by putting the DOCman component link on the main menu Item 2 above. Interesting, I have two web sites. I accept cookies from this site Agree. Last edited by jciconsult on Mon May 07, In the Joomla Administrator backend go to Menu, pick a menu – probably mainmenu, list the items in that menu.

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