KLAROGO WHITE BOOK KLORAN 2Ctttglft0 of % K«2Clux SClan K – U N O KARACTER HONOR DUTY Imperial Palace KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN. There’s a reason members of the Ku Klux Klan wear robes and hoods The Kloran lays out a series of beliefs, titles and rituals that formed the. [William J. Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Kloran of The Ku Klux Klan is the secret internal book of the KKK. It contains.

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You know well the duty of a Klorann be thou not recreant to duty’s demands as we go hence from this klavern to enter the stressful struggle of the alien world.

The Klokard or his assistant before this has stationed himself just insir. On receiving the answer, the E. If the Exalted Cyclops is engaged you will give Tsok-c to the Klaliff. The tine having arrived for the opening of the Klonklave, the E. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

In unison we’ll labor Wherever we may roam To shield a klansman’s welfare, His country, name and home. He drew heavily on his previous experiences as a “fraternalist;” he was a member of many different lodges and had sold memberships in the Woodmen of the World before deciding to revive the Klan.

Full text of “Kloran”

All will recover the SOK-C together. If they are not worthy all ceremony must cease until they become worthy or are ejected from the klavern. The Kligraph will then arise and ‘read the names and give the petitions to the E.

No man will be in order unless he gets the recognition of the Exalted Cyclops by addressing him thusly. When kliran officer’s name is called, he will arise and answer: Therefore, I charge you to discharge every duty incumbent upon you with dispatch, effi- ciency and dignity. Is the motive k,k your ambition to be a klansman serious and unselfish? Be true to Honor, then to all the world you will be true.


Kloran: Knights of the Ku Klux Klan: Ku Klux Klan: : Books

It must be worn on your per- son where it may be readily seen. This done the E. Our Father and our God.

On Stdos the Kladd will say to his party: To retire from the klavern while same is in session, you will advance to the sacred altar, face the Exalted Cyclops and lower Tsos, or put on your helmet; then Gtsok-c; if he an- swers you with Tsog, you may retire. No one will be allowed to sit on the station with an officer unless by consent of the E. I hear from the watch the signal of the Kladd of the klan with a party! All klans- men, except the station officers, will arise, face the Kladd and give Tsog, then face the altar and remain standing with Tsoc Are you a native-born white, Gentile American citizen?

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Do you believe in and will you faith- fully strive for the eternal maintenance of kok supremacy? On hearing the signal of the Klaliff the Night-Hawk stops and stands steady; the Kladd klorab also stop his party immediately in front of the Klaliff ‘s sta- tion, facing them to the Klaliff, and answer the signal by the same. He will collect from each candidate the klectokon, if same has not been previously paid.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Klarogo will then collect the password from the arriving Klansmen as they enter the Klavern. Extreme care should always be ‘taken in the handling and use of ‘ the Kloran to insure its lasting.


Century-old rule book describes KKK beliefs, practices

Do you wish to retire? WE appreciate the intrinsic value of a real practical fraternal relationship among men of kindred thought, pur- pose and ideals and the infinite bene- fits accruable therefrom, and we shall faithfully devote ourselves to the prac- tice of an honorable Clanishness that the life and living of each may be a constant blessing to others. Then he will approach the door to the Inner Klavern and give three raps.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. When he hears the signal he will stop his party, answer the lloran with Allw, then face his party toward the sacred altar. After ‘the Klsdd and his party hrve passed the formation of the klansmen, all klansmen will without signal return to their klorran but will remain klorna untill the Kladd presents his party to the E.

If he has five candidates or a fewer number he will form them in a straight line facing the sacred altar on the side of th r altar toward the Klaliff ‘s station and about four k,k from the altar, and then perfect the three-quarter hollow square formation with klansmen. After he has finished he will return to the E.

Be faithful in its wearing.

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