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Material on this website is protected by copyright laws of the United States and international treaties. No protected images or material on this website may be copied or printed without express authorization. Text from Pages 1 – of the volume: After the dormitory check in, came jreel getting acquainted sessions and that maddening process called registration. The five weekdays were filled krele orientations, welcomes, and introductions of organizations and Greeks.

Special events included dances, “Casino Night” and a picnic, tours of the campus, downtown and harbor, and a pizza party. On Saturday night, many of e freshman were able to witness their first college football game. Sunday was a day of relaxation and anxiety awaiting the start of the next four years.

Todd Schultz and partner prepare for the three-legged race along with another couple. The Student Center tried to maintain a “homey” atmosphere along with recreation facilities. Cafeterias varied from the hamburger and coke type to full course meals. During the day the Sky Lounge acted as a kreeel room and study area. Many nights during the week it was transferred into a movie theatre or dance area. Dormitories were familar sights to many students.

Dormitories were a place for students to study – f97 during mid-term and final weeks, place to learn the meaning of sharing, to make new acquaintances, and to get that often much needed -sleep.

Centers at Union School work really does take priority – when it comes to cleaning a dorm room. A dormitory student takes a hint from his sign “Work Man, Work. While Students live and eat in the Center, construction continues on the addition. Jan Erickson and Andy Evans use the Snackbar to catch up on the news.

A freshman student soon learns that the game’s room is a means of relaxation. Carole Kongcvick and Kay McNeil talk to a friend after dinner. After classes Linda Trcssler enjoys the company of daughter Melanie before beginning supper and homework. Often they were leaders on campus as well as off campus, trying to use the knowledge and experience they had gained throughout life. Both married and single students were examples of this “leader”.

Many of the students held part time jobs to support families or to pay the monthly rent. In many instances both the husband and wife attended the University. Single men and women students living off campus enjoyed the freedom to entertain friends, study in solitude, acquire homemaking talents and relax, removed from the long arm of the University. Kitty takes time from her studies to entertain her son Stevie. The demonstrations were quiet, but thought provoking, proving that student apathy was giving way to student involvement.

Students from Ross and Hawkes Halls contributed to campus activity with a sit-in asking for bus service between the South campus dorms and the Student Center. While campaigners for George Wallace for president met inside the Sveden House, students from the University demonstrated for peace outside the restaurant. Due to a bomb threat in Old Main classes were cancelled during the afternoon.


Students left the buildings in a state of confusion, but rejoiced in the unexpected release from classes. For security reasons night classes were also called off even though the building had been searched and no bomb had been found. Student express confusion, joy. Dances were the most popular activity and often gimmicks were devised to attract more students.

Reduced prices were offered to girls wearing mini skirts at a dance sponsored by the FEX fraternity. During the dance judges determined which girl was wearing the shortest skirt.

Delta Sigma sorority sponsored the style show and Mrs. Patricia Podvin, an alumni of the sorority, was commentator. Music was provided by the “Realms of Tyme” and the menu consisted of bratwurst and beverages. Kothio Kukull models a pants ensemble, while Laura Akers left jreel the new look for Another coffee house, the Forum, operated independently, but used the Newman Center on campus to communicate ideas with discussions, music, and skits.

The Kree, provides the opportunity or Gloria Wahl and Chuck erami to express their opinions in play form. The McKendrcc Spring perform to a capacity crowd every night in the Union.

Call SAM for High voltage IGBT, power IGBT, circuit, IGBT transistor.

Dressed in yellow, green and white. The Kids Next Door presented a program of song, dance and jokes. The show began slowly, but once Denny Brooks and his guitar captivated the audience, the rest of the program went smoothly.

Homecoming activities included entertainment by the Pair Extraordinaire, Carl Craig, vocalist, and Marcus Hemphill, bass accompaniment. Comedian George Stevens joined the Pair Extraordinaire for the evening’s program.

Mary Glenn Oarst applies eye make up to Ned Gengonbach before the performance. The basic theme of the play was two-fold: How people can be noble, brave and somehow krrel pure in the face of death, and that the hope for the species is to be found in relation between flesh and blood, men and women expressed the second theme.

The play was directed by Albert M.

Katz and sets were designed by John Munsell. The search was seen mainly in the role of Jo, a young girl who in her search became pregnant and was abandoned. In the larger context, the people with whom Jo came in contact were also in their way krreel affection. But they were stronger than Jo and when life changed they also changed.

They had learned to cope with life’s demands, whereas Jo coped with life by simply existing, and kreeo was her tragedy. The Alumni band precede the first place Kreel float middle in the Homecoming parade. Sigma Tau Gamma wins: Arc the judges becoming more liberal? Don Olion, FEX skit. Competition was strong among participating organizations.


Winner of the float competition was the Alumni Association. Second place went to Sigma Tau Gamma. Winners of the skits were: For the first time displays were judged. Gloria Meyer, Kay Marg Schneider.

Jackie Donnelly, and Sue Dehn realize they are on in two minutes. Patti Bartness, the Homecoming queen, presents roses to Oorian Drenhouse. Queen Dorian and king Rick kneel before the throne Coronation night.

S candidates for Homecoming queen were: Platteville won the football game by a score of Jerry Nichols, and the Homecoming queen Patti Bartness, join in hall time activities. Sheri Sheldon puts the final touches on the Alpha Xi Delta award winning display. Mcrtzig, M, Kfeel, C. Sarzyna, N, Krecl, R. John Luerezi and Frank Verbos close in on Platteville quarterback. Fights Losing Battle The Yellowjacket gridders managed to produce several outstanding individuals during this past season but no victories.

Their four year record now stands at a dismal As has been typical in the past seasons, Mertz Mortorelli had only a handful of veterans to work with and had to depend on the quick development of freshmen.

In the majority of the games, the Yellowjackets kept close to their opponents only to be defeated by the inability to make the big play. Outstanding players included senior Bob Peck who was named to the All Conference Team at the end position for the third consecutive year and who also led the team in scoring and receiving; freshman halfback- Dennis Mertzig, junior linebacker Doug Sutherland, and sophomore defensive tackle John Lucrezi who received Honorable Mention to the All Conference Team; and Rick Jurscak who led the team in unassisted tackles with Jurscak and sophomore Steve Wasserman, who was switched from defensive end to running back, were named as co-captains for the team.

Freshman quarterback Paul Hammerbeck passes against oncoming Plattcvillc rush. Mike Russell trams on an exercycle.

David Farrell Krell

Gerald Zamboni was added to the staff to coach the new team. Although the team finished last in the conference, they were victorious in meets with Eau Claire and Stout.

Of the young WSU-S runners only two had competed in cross country before this season. Two promising runners for Superior were David St. John and Hein2e Ewert. Sombreros make cheering a bit difficult for Isabel Mack and Nancy Cole. Chosen in the spring to cheer at all home football and basketball games were: Sheila Sutton, and Jane Ondracek, captain.

Lydia 8inger, assistant professor in Physical Education was advisor. Ashwabay for Ski for Cancer Student soloists included R Kaner, senior, soprano; Alice Riggle, junior, contralto; and Dale Bucholdt, freshman, tenor. The guest soloist krele tenor Kent Lundholm from St.

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