Did any of the gospel writers meet jesus

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did any of the gospel writers meet jesus

The historical reliability of the Gospels refers to the reliability and historic character of the four New Testament gospels as historical documents. Some believe that all four canonical gospels meet the five criteria for .. Some scholars believe that Jesus' teaching in this gospel cannot be reconciled with that found in the. Ever since the second-century Church Fathers attributed the gospels to Matthew Mark, Luke and John, it has been popularly believed that, at the very least, two authors — Matthew and John — must have met Jesus. Many also believe that Mark wrote the gospel as memoirs from St. met Jesus. In fact, none of the evangelists did. of Christians began writing down some of the material they had received. Eventually, same miracles we saw Jesus perform in the Gospel, highlighting the connection between their ministry.

Their names are attached to the first four books of the New Testament. And most important of all, their writings are almost all we have describing the mortal life of Jesus Christ and the things He said.

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The first four books of the New Testament are called the Gospels. Can you imagine how exciting it would have been for people who were just learning about the Savior to have someone read to them the things He said and did? These books have always been precious. Matthew and John were two of the original Twelve Apostles. They were with the Savior often as He taught.

Here are a few things scholars know about the four men who wrote their testimonies of the Savior. Because of that profession, we can guess that he was well educated and knew how to read and write, probably in several languages, including Greek.

did any of the gospel writers meet jesus

He also knew arithmetic. He saw and heard many wonderful things while with the Savior, and it is likely he wrote down some of the sayings of the Savior as notes or in a journal.

Later, these notes would have helped him when he wrote what he remembered about the teachings of Jesus. In his book, Matthew often stresses that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and came to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies.

Matthew wrote specifically to the Jews, who were familiar with those prophecies. Matthew was a man who could have moved comfortably in political circles, and his book mentions things that someone in his position would know. This lie was then spread among the Jews. Matthew must have been informed about the bribery. The book of Matthew is the only place this interesting bit of information is told.

did any of the gospel writers meet jesus

Mark Mark was much younger than the other writers. His mother was a prominent follower of Jesus Christ. Mark was also a follower of Jesus Christ but would likely have been in his teens when the Lord was in Jerusalem.

He may have seen and listened to the Savior on occasion. He then accompanied the Apostle Peter to Rome and stayed by him while he was in prison. As a fisherman from Galilee, Peter may not have spoken Greek fluently, so Mark interpreted for him. In his book, Mark wrote down the observations and memories of Peter, one of the original Apostles. Luke Luke is an interesting writer because he did not know Jesus Christ personally. Luke had been a physician, but he left that profession to travel with Paul.

In the first few verses of his book, Luke says that he is going to write the things that eyewitnesses and other teachers of the gospel had to say about the Savior. Apparently he had the opportunity to talk to many who were present when the Savior taught or performed miracles. Important information written down some years later by people who had recited, reminded, talked and sung about parts of it for years and years and years.

We must also keep in mind that Matthew did not do his work in isolation. He would have had other Christians and perhaps apostles around him to remind hom of things said and done. One man would, I admit, struggle to remember it all if he was in isolation for 40 years without telling anyone anything.

But in community, it is different. If you still have the blessing of living grandparents, ask then what they were doing when WW2 was declared, or their recollections of the war. I will bet they could tell you down to the minute detail because they have rehashed them together, with friends and over a few quiet beers many times!! Further to my earlier email, your article on the net on the above subject cites Mark 7: Having now read the passage it in fact says the opposite.

did any of the gospel writers meet jesus

While Jesus gives an example where he says Jewish tradition denies the Biblical injunctions, the whole passage is about the Jews saying that the disciples do not follow the law [set out in various places in the Old Testament] to wash their hands before eating. It is thus not just tradition but set out in the Bible. Further the Old Testament bans various foods but if you read beyond verse 17 you see that Jesus [a religious leader] says that what goes into the mouth does not defile thus contadicting many verses in the Old Testament.

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You have misunderstood the Mark passage because nowhere in the OT does it say to wash hands before eating. This is the law that the Jews made up to make themselves appear super religious. It was a tradition and is not set out in the Bible as you claim. When Jesus then speaks in Mark 7: He says there that the behavior expected of true followers of God far exceeds that of the OT law, but is centered on heart matters, not outward matters.