Harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction archive

Meeting the Dursleys Chapter 1: The Headline, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction archive

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Then they stared at Harry, then back to the teacher, then at Harry, in a never-ending loop. Harry found he couldn't blame them. Everything from the bespectacled emerald eyes to the messy black hair—the resemblance between them was uncanny!

K - English - Chapters: He learns that Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle have told them everything that has happened to him the past seventeen years, and does not know what to expect when he shows up on their porch Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Family - Chapters: In consequence, Severus Snape gets involved. Soon later, he finds himself on the way to meet his orphaned niece and nephew. Normally, he wouldn't set a single toe into some building where he had to talk to some underpaid or maybe overpaid, he wasn't quite sure about that one employee in order for it to be returned to him.

But today he has to and a certain set of twins might turn it into a real ordeal T - English - Humor - Chapters: The man seems different but has he really changed?

Read and find out! T - English - Family - Chapters: Nothing could go wrong right? A sequel to my first story, "They're back! Integration Trial by Arrowkid21 reviews Muggle Families including the Dursleys and Polkiss' are chosen to live with wizards for a month. Rated T because I'm parnoid. After a whole year of hiding in the Wizarding World the Dursleys have returned to their beloved home in Privet Drive. But things are going down the wrong path.

harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction archive

What will become of the to the Dursleys? Touches a bit on what happens after the Dursley's go into hiding. One-shot Harry Potter - Rated: Disaster is around the corner. Especially since we are so young," Harry said hugging Ginny from behind. And Hermione's dress too. Ginny, Molly and Hermione were all sitting at the table a few hours later surrounded by catalogues and papers. Ginny's fingers flittered across the pages as her eyes strayed from one dress to the next.

Ginny nodded, "I know, we really are the only family he has. I mean, he is getting married at just twenty years of age to the most beautiful girl and with the brightest girl as the maid of honour.

Don't you think that would be good for them to see? They both felt very guilty.

After all it was up to Harry. The boys came back an hour later. The girls had sent them shopping for the boys wedding supplies. Everyone in the room stopped as Ginny's face became bright red with rage. Suddenly all the boys burst into a fit of laughter. Harry came through the door loaded with at least five bags filled to the rim. He put them on the table and kissed Ginny on the cheek grinning slyly.

Hermione seemed deflated by this. He seemed so content not to ever marry her, this hurt. Holding tightly onto Harry's hand Ginny pulled him away from the table up to their room. After closing the door, Harry pulled her tight to him.

Kissing her heavily on the lips which she deepened, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Why Did The Dursleys Spoil Dudley?

After a while Ginny pulled away. This caused Harry to moan slightly.

Prying her finger away from his lips he hugged her from her waist. Laughter escaped his mouth; he stopped quickly at the look on her face. Taking her hand, he led her to their bed. Sitting on the edge, Harry put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close.

Resting her head on his chest she closed her eyes, breathing slowly. Pulling herself up to look at him, she simply shrugged. I guess it has something to do with the fact that this is my parents' house.

He would feel slightly uncomfortable is he had relatives in the house while he was with Ginny. Her eyes sparkled and beamed at this simple sentence.

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Laughing, he kissed her nose. After a few moments she nodded her head slowly. I just thought we would wait until we were married, but now that I think about it I wouldn't exactly enjoy being a married couple if my parents we next door.

harry and ginny meet the dursleys fanfiction archive

Suddenly her stomach let out a low growl. Blushing, she rolled off him and carefully found her feet. Pulling Ginny back by her arm, he whispered in her ear, "I have it covered.