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meet the cybersquad

WICS · @WomenInCyber. Account for the Women in Cyber Security network / http :// /talk nerdy to me/ No we don't want to participate. The CyberSquad tries to figure out the height of the groundhog by measuring their shadows. Cyberchase. Meet the CyberSquad | PBS KIDS. CyberSquad IT Logo Design Project, We are an IT consultancy company that primarily service the.

The kids are brought into Cyberspace in an effort to protect the world from the Hacker and his clumsy assistants Buzz and Delete until a cure is found. They join forces with Digit, thus becoming the Cybersquad, and meet many supporting Cyber-citizens along the way. Marbles, kept her functioning properly. Marbles created Hacker as an assistant, but Hacker turned against Motherboard.

Digit was Hacker's assistant, and witnessed him stealing the Encryptor Chip. Marbles drains Hacker's battery and banished him to the Northern Frontier, Digit was able to escape from Hacker's grasp.

Eventually Hacker was able to find a way to recharge himself, build Buzz and Delete, and formulate a plan to launch a virus that would attack Motherboard.

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When the kids Jackie, Matt, and Inez met by random and interacted with a library map, this opened a door for Hacker to infect Motherboard with the virus. Cyberspace consists of plane-like bodies called Cybersites which are based on themes such as Ancient Egyptthe American Old WestGreek mythologyand amusement park. The Cybersquad travels to many of these locations in order to protect Cyberspace from Hacker.

Each inhabited Cybersite has their own type of Cybercitizen. They are meant to represent the diversity of websites on the Internet, and reflect the many ecosystems and neighborhoods of today's world.

meet the cybersquad

Main[ edit ] Matthew 'Matt' Danklin voiced by Jacqueline Pillon is an year-old British-Born Irish-American boy who likes skateboards and collecting things his backpack is always full of useful items. He is impulsive, impatient, tells jokes, and knows a lot about Greek mythology.

He has shaggy orange hair, he usually wears a long-sleeved lime-green T-shirt, a red backpack, neon blue jeans, and red hi-tops.

He has a pig named Sherman on his family's farm and loves other animals such as frogs and lizards. Matt's red backpack contains his many ken-kens and yo-yos which he is very good at using. He frequently calls Inez by the nickname, "Nezzie", much to her annoyance. It is also shown he can be quite protective of her at times.

Inez called him Matthew twice in season two, episodes 5 and 14 just to tease him. She has black hair worn in a bun, and she wears a yellow sweater with a sky blue denim skirt, red jewelry, and dull lavender hi-tops. Jackie's biggest pet peeve is slimy and icky stuff like bugs and many other "gross" things.

Like Inez, she was very fond of Slider. In a running gag in seasons 1—4, Jackie freaked out when in crises, pacing while trying to figure out a solution, saying "Make room, I gotta pace! Jackie hates Hacker[ citation needed ] and thinks he is gross. She has shoulder-length brown hair and mostly wears a pink long-sleeved T-shirt with a yellow star on the front, teal shorts, a purple hooded vest, a pair of square glasses, and high blue boots.

meet the cybersquad

Despite being the youngest human member of the gang, she is the smartest one. Inez's biggest pet peeve is when Matt calls her "Nezzie", though she is fine with Slider calling her that.

When asked why by Matt, she replies, "he's, different", implying that she likes Slider. Inez wears a Sherlock hat in season two, episode Sometimes, she also does a headstand in her time of thinking.

Digit LeBoid nicknamed Didge, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried is a "cybird" portmanteau of " cyborg " and birdwho works for Motherboard and is the kids' best friend. He and the kids protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from Hacker. Digit was created by Hacker and worked for him for a long time despite not wanting toalong with Buzz and Delete. He escaped after learning of Hacker's evil doings. He became one of Motherboard's helpers, serving as Dr. He would later join the Cybersquad.

Digit can fly by spinning his tail feathers in a helicopter-fashion, or simply by flapping his wings. Despite his ability to fly, he has a fear of heights and prefers to walk.

He carries many objects in his chest, including Widget. He can turn his beak into just about anything, and bends it on occasion.

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He also can disguise his voice very well. In almost every episode, he is trying to take over Cyberspace, but is thwarted each time by the Cybersquad. He resembles the late Elvis Presley, a fact he appears to be aware of, but is green-faced and wears a black wig and has a pointy chin of which he is vain.

He also wears a bicoloured cape. He was created by Dr. Marbles to assist Motherboard, but he rebelled and was exiled to a cybersite called the Northern Frontier.

Nevertheless, he does have potential to become good again, as shown in one of the episodes where he became a peaceful artist temporarily. What are some common terms for 3-D shapes? Here is a collection of 3-D shapes in Figure Notice that 3-D shapes have faces sidesedges, and vertices corners. The exception is a sphere ball which has no edges or vertices. We live in a world of shapes, all with unique and interesting properties.

Properties are certain qualities of an object that can be used to characterize that object.

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Geometry is the study of the properties of shapes in mathematics. Here are some properties of shapes that you may already have some experience with: Dimension - Dimension is a property of a shape, and tells us if the shape has depth.

A school playground is 3-D, but a drawing you make on a flat piece of paper is 2-D. Length - The edges of a shape have a certain length. The length of the edges of a shape is what gives it a certain size, and can be measured.

The faces of both 2-D and 3-D shapes have edges of certain length. You experience this property when you measure the edge of something with a ruler. Area - The amount of space the surface of one face takes up is called the area. If you put a shape on a piece of graph paper, the number of squares the face covers is the area. The area of a shape can be measured in square centimeters cm2 and is a property of both 2-D and 3-D shapes. You have experience with this property when you notice that your friend got a bigger slice of pizza than you did.

Surface Area - If you add together all of the areas from the faces of a 3-D shape, then the total is the surface area.

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It is the total amount of space needed to cover the outer surface of the shape. This is a property of 3-D shapes, and you might have noticed it when you've tried to figure out how much wrapping paper to use to wrap a present. Volume - The amount of space that a 3-D shape takes up is called volume.

Volume can either be filled with a solid like the chocolate in a chocolate bara liquid like the amount of milk in a glassor a gas like the amount of air in an empty box. Volume is a property of 3-D, but not 2-D, objects and can be measured in cubic centimeters cm3 or in milliliters mL. In fact, one cubic centimeter of water is also 1 milliliter of water! You experience volume when you help make cookies and measure out the ingredients with measuring cups.

In this project, you will join the characters of the Cyberchase CyberSquad to make 2-D templates, called nets, that fold up into 3-D shapes.