Meet the presenters qvc

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meet the presenters qvc

Check out our Presenter Blogs on! Home Presenter Blogs. Presenter Blogs. More options. Presenter Blogs. QGossip · Simon Biagi · Charlie . Alison Young, QVC's star presenter, pictured at the shopping . of its most ardent shoppers, the opportunity to meet Alison Young draws a huge. Meet the Retail Consultants at Debenhams and QVC Canterbury, and Nicola Kilner, QVC's Guest Presenter and Co-CEO of Niod, about what.

meet the presenters qvc

At QVC, their job is to promote a variety of goods, putting them in the best possible light. In general, they specialize in one area or another, whether it's jewelry, fashion or computers. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla As a host, you need to stay on top of the latest trends in your area of expertise and introduce the company's products to the public.

Knowing your audience and its needs is paramount.

meet the presenters qvc

Be prepared to constantly learn on the job, hone your presentation skills and try the products yourself. QVC hosts need to be able to describe how things look, taste and feel. They must also be ready to answer any questions customers may have.

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In fact, people can email hosts and request more information on the products in which they're interested. This means you have to constantly keep in touch with your audience and focus on building lasting relationships. Education Requirements The popular TV shopping channel doesn't have specific education requirements for new hosts. Those who want to follow this career path can apply for a job on the company's website or join the network as interns if this role is available. Talented interns may be eligible for new-host training, which lasts six months.

meet the presenters qvc

Aspiring hosts must be energetic, creative and approachable. They also need good communication skills. Additionally, they need to know the trends in their area of expertise and have an excellent command of the English language. QVC prefers hosts who can turn sales pitches into stories and are genuinely interested in the products they're selling.

Guest presenter manager Tina gives me feedback.

QVC: The beauty world’s best-kept secret

But on the whole I was very impressed. The channel broadcasts live for 17 hours every day and there is a huge amount of preparation. An army of people work non-stop behind the scenes — planners, buyers, producers, directors — and they come together in perfect harmony to produce hour after hour of seamless sales television.

I visit producer James Faulk while he is working on a show.

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On his computer the sales figures are constantly updating. There is a surge in calls and the number of items in stock decreases. Mention the lowest introductory price! It is a winning formula. Next thing I know I am rushed into a dressing room to change into black and strip my face of all makeup.

QVC: The beauty world’s best-kept secret

I go on air with Debbie, who greets me with the warmth of an old friend and my time on air demonstrating beauty products with Debbie and Pam Calvani, expert on the Sue Devitt brand, goes without a hitch, although I am slightly thrown by which camera to look into and watching playback I remind myself of the nodding bulldog in the Churchill adverts.

I could never compete with the incessant saccharine sweetness and Disney-like cheer that the presenters have to maintain with their never-ending list of euphemisms and niceties. But next time I am mesmerised by cotton sheets or hair-removal gadgets at an incredible introductory price, I will appreciate just how much hard work has gone into compelling me to feel the need to consume. The photos must be professional, high quality images, showcasing you in a variety of poses and situations.

Place the best photos on a hard-copy hand-out - a "comp card" in modeling-speak - or on your website. Once you start sending out your portfolio, don't just sit and wait for the calls to come in. Network like crazy in the industry and promote yourself on social media.

If you prefer going freelance to signing with an agency, you'll still need a portfolio.

Pipa Gordon QVC, Husband, Divorce, Age, Wikipedia, Wedding, Photos

Aspiring QVC models will need to check out modeling job sites and look for opportunities with the channel that they qualify for. For example, one listing by a hair-coloring company asked for female models, from age 35 to 55, with at least 50 percent gray hair. Models have to agree to use only the company's hair-care and coloring products for the duration of the job. Unlike models, you can apply directly to QVC for a shot at the job.

The channel recommends anyone looking for QVC host jobs submit a letter of interest, resume and photos by email.