Meet the thundermans cast 2015

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meet the thundermans cast 2015

Phoebe is excited to meet Quinn, Link's best friend from Dr. Colosso to look for more shady characters to hang out with in. By the end of the season, The Thundermans undergo major changes as they're blessed with a new child, Chloe Special Guest Cast The episodes Meet the Evilmans to One Hit Thunder aired from Monday to Thursday for two weeks. A Season 3 for the show was renewed by Nickelodeon on February 26, It premiered on July 11, to million viewers. Cherry Meanwhile, Max's Band needs a way to reach their upcoming gig on Friday. Recurring Cast.

Contents [ show ] Summary A retired super villain and Hank's old nemesis Evilman moves to Hiddenville. Trouble brews when Phoebe and Link star dating behind their fathers' backs. Plot Main Plot Phoebe and Max are hanging out together at Splatburger when Max dares Phoebe to use her powers to bring a ketchup bottle to their table.

Unfortunately, a guy sees Phoebe using her powers. Max asks Phoebe to go and make him unsee that. Phoebe walks over to convince the boy that it was just a magic trick.

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But then the boy stretches his finger and says he has superpowers too. He introduces himself as Link. He stretches his arm to get Phoebe a chair. Max walks joins them. The Thunder Twins go into Max's Lair to research who is this other kid with superpowers in Hiddenville. Max looks into the Hero League 's database only to find that Link is the son of Mike Evilmantheir dad's greatest enemy.

Colosso tells Max and Phoebe that Hank hates Evilman because he is the one supervillain he could never beat. Max says he loves Evilman's evil laugh and cool Ice Base.

When Hank hears Max playing Evilman's evil laugh on his computer, he rushes into the lair. Max lies about it.

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Max wants Phoebe to date Link so that he can get chance to meet Link's dad. But Phoebe cancels her date with Link because there is no way she would be allowed to date the son of Evilman. Max telekinetically removes Phoebe's phone from her pants and texts Link to come over for a date. In the living room, the Thunder Monitor announces that the son of Evilman is approaching.

Max asks Phoebe to get it, lying that it's the "Overachievers of America. Of course they are. Phoebe opens the door, finds Link, closes the door and freaks out.

meet the thundermans cast 2015

She asks Max why he invited Link. But Max just wants Evilman's Ice Base. Max opens for Link and convinces Phoebe to let Link in. Link tells them that his dad is Evilman but he is nothing like him. Phoebe believes him but worries that their parents won't let them date. Link accidentally presses the penguin, revealing the Thundermans superhero portrait.

meet the thundermans cast 2015

He recognizes that they're the Thundermans. He emphasizes how much the parents hate each other. But Phoebe says that the parents never have to find out. On their way out, Phoebe and Link are confronted by Barb. Barb then calls Hank down to check out Link's car to make sure it's safe. Phoebe refuses to tell her parent's Link's real last name, claiming that he's Link Link. Link acts scared in front of Hank, which impresses Hak. After putting on some pants, Hank inspects Link's car during which Link mentions that his dad has an emergency GPS button which alerts him where he is.

Max uses this information to draw Evilman's attention. He presses the button and tries to stall by asking Hank to take Link back to the house for more tests. Max impatiently and nervous waits for Mr. He practices how he's going to introduce himself to his favorite supervillain. But when Evilman arrives, Max panics and just says "I wanna fan your father!

Phoebe figures out that Max did it. Evilman introduces himself as "Mike Evilmann. Evilman tells them that he runs a mattress store. Hank and Evilman start singing together the commercial song. They share a good moment but then Evilman laughs. Hank recognizes the laugh. He rises to face him. Evilman gets Link to leave as Hank wants to take credit for kicking him out. Hank then forbids Phoebe from ever seeing Link again. Phoebe makes a sandwich and takes it to Max in his lair.

meet the thundermans cast 2015

She then knocks it down just when Max is about to eat it. She angrily blames him for ruining her chances with Link, simply because he had to invite Evilman into the house. After they calm down, Phoebe asks Max to help her sneak out with Link one more time. She also tells Cherry that she will not use her powers to help Cherry all the time.

Meanwhile, Max's Band needs a way to reach their upcoming gig on Friday. Wolfgang had promised the band a car but they realize that his car is in Germany. Max overhears Phoebe and Cherry's conversation about a car and decides to use Cherry for her car.

He goes over to Cherry and starts to be her friend. He helps Cherry by turning the clock back to give her enough time to get to class. Then they start walking Max and Cherry start hanging out a lot and get really close until Phoebe is worried about losing her best friend to Max. They even share a secret handshake. In an attempt to get her best friend back, she says that she will help Cherry practice archery.

However, Max already decided to help her cheat and pass the test.

meet the thundermans cast 2015

During the test, both Phoebe and Max hide behind the bushes to help Cherry cheat. When Cherry is about to shoot, Max distracts Phoebe with the classic "Oh look a puppy! However, Cherry gets only a C. Phoebe says that she can get Cherry an A instead.

On the Straight and Arrow

She uses her telekinesis to make Cherry involuntarily shoot the target; but Max starts controlling Cherry's movement, resulting in a very messy uncoordinated movement. As the twins fight to control Cherry's movements, the arrow gets loose and hits Principal Bradford 's toe. Bradford gives Cherry a detention. Once Cherry realizes that Max and Phoebe did this, she gets really mad at both of them.

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Feeling guilty about getting Cherry in detention, Phoebe begs Bradford to forgive Cherry but the principal gives Cherry more days of detention for "talking to a Thunderman. But her plan fails when she accidentally causes Bradford to spill hot tea on himself. Bradford catches Phoebe crawling on the floor. He gives her two days of detention but reduces them to one because he hates having Thundermans around and complains that Phoebe never goes home. Max, hoping to help Cherry out, gets himself into detention too.

He starts telling Cherry about his plans to escape.