Steven and connie meet the fockers

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steven and connie meet the fockers

What results is an awkward family dinner worthy of Meet the Parents: with the Gems fused into a giant woman, Steven's father trying to seem. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Meet the Fockers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Connie Richmond. Steven Hanks greensman.

This episode also gives us a good look at the similarities between Connie and Pearl, which Pearl obviously sees and exploits in her training of Connie. And yes, another Connie episode because really, how could I not include this one? She even jokes in her first line of the episode: M, who refuses to believe that Connie can do anything she is claiming to be capable of. What is great about this episode is that it takes a character who has often been played off as a joke Dr.

M and actually acknowledges through the story that she is a good person who really cares about her daughter. Rather than continuing the trope of having overly-controlling parents, this episode actually attempts to justify their actions, while still acknowledging that they might be flawed. Looking at her now, you can really see the incremental changes that sharpened her into the strong, clever woman she is in this episode: In addition to character development, this episode also ties together multiple plot threads that have been dropped earlier in the series.

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Additionally, this episode returns to the major plot point of the gem mutants and sees them build to a terrifying new level. They are getting stronger and more prolific and will clearly become a major threat sooner than the Gems anticipate.

Steven and the Stevens Ep. Steven and the Gems are searching for a legendary hourglass of time in an underwater cavern but the cavern begins to collapse because Amethyst chose the wrong hourglass.

Steven rushes back for the one he picked, almost drowning in the process. Upon his return to Beach City, he heads off to rehearse with his dad for Beachapalooza but is dismayed to find his dad cant make it. Wishing he could have helped his dad avoid his conflict, the hourglass whisks him back in time, allowing him to change events. But 4 Stevens is 3 too many, as the first Steven quickly learns and he decides to travel back in time to stop himself from creating the others.

steven and connie meet the fockers

After a hilarious chase through time that leads back to the cavern in the beginning, Steven 1 destroys the time glass, killing off all the alternate versions of himself in front of the version from the past. The remaining Steven plays at the concert with the Gems, reflecting about how he learned to be true to himself by watching himself die. This episode is brilliant on multiple levels as it tackles not only satire of the time-travel trope but also the boy-band trope, the clip-episode trope, and the talent-show trope.

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On top of all that, it still finds time for Steven to reflect on his own personality he mentions at one point that he never knew he could be so annoying and discover an important lesson: The Doctor is having a seizure at all these paradoxes. Plus, both of these episodes explore the dangers of living too much in fantasy and destroying reality in the process. Unfortunately, everything is not as perfect as Steven first thought.

In a sinister twist on alternate realities, Steven finds himself stuck in a nightmarish version of the town, where he gets everything he wants but nothing is real. During this traumatic experience, Steven learns that he cant always get his way. Inside the fake town, people act the way Steven perceives them to. So Lars and Sadie tell him they love him, Connie repeatedly voices her admiration of him, and his father is very vague and confusing.

Once he realizes he is trapped, Steven panics, knowing he cant escape and only manages to get out through luck. His fear and imagination escalate until he cant take not knowing any longer and deliberately disobeys Garnet to try to prove he can overcome his fears. This episode did several things exceedingly well.

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In this episode we see a whole new side of her that deeply loves Steven and silently protects him from all the real and imagined dangers of the world. Garnet reveals in the end that she took a chance with her power because she saw a future she wanted. She became one of the things that could hurt Steven because she made a selfish choice and it makes her a very believable character. Using her magic, Pearl re-enacts a conversation she had with Rose some years prior where she vowed to stay on Earth with Rose Quartz.

Unsure about how to comfort her after she asks what Rose must think of her now, Steven just embraces her tightly, saying: And after all that, Pearl just gives Steven one last look. But whatever the nature of that relationship was, it appears that it was unrequited, or at least Pearl feels it is, since Rose gave up her life apparently without a thought as to how it might effect Pearl. It also paints a picture of Pearl that we have never seen before: After everything that happened, Pearl feels like she was abandoned by Rose, left alone on Earth to cling to her memories and live out the rest of her eternal life without the flame that guided her.

steven and connie meet the fockers

This episode makes it clear that she was not. Straight to Video Ep. I was crying during that last speech. The reason this one skipped the list is mostly because of the story. Plot is very sparse in this episode: Steven is trying to sleep but Lion keeps trying to show him something by lying on top of him.

It is here that he finds a video his mother made while pregnant with him, expressing to him that they cannot both exist so she is giving up her physical form to create him.

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Oh and also that every time he loves himself, that is her loving him. Gets me giggling every time. Lion is still somewhat of an enigma and I hope he will continue to be one for at least a little while longer.

This one is a clear winner. This two-part episode raised the stakes for the entire show and sent speculations flying about its future and its resolution. A Gem ship arrives in the sky above Beach City and the Gems convince Steven to evacuate with the other townspeople and his father. Leaving them behind to try to defeat the impenetrable ship.


While driving away, Greg finally breaks and tells Steven the truth about why the Gems are so afraid of these new Gem visitors.

Or at least part of it. He learns that they are in fact aliens who invaded Earth thousands of years ago and began doing something bad to the planet. His mother and the Crystal Gems led a rebellion against Gem Homeworld and succeeded in driving the others off the planet at the cost of many lives. Rather than simply being told the story, we slowly realize it has been building in the narrative this whole time, until this final piece is slotted in and most things start to make sense or take on a new meaning.

Even though he never makes up his mind about whether they are good or not, he realizes he has to protect them, no matter what they have done.

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Making a tough choice, he leaves his dad behind and returns to the Gems in time to save them with his shield. All of them are captured by Peridot and a Gem called Jasper who are being informed by a captive Lapis Lazuli. Steven escapes his cell because his human body is unaffected by the energy weapons and meets two new imprisoned Gems called Ruby and Sapphire, who are absolutely panic-stricken at being separated.

Steven and Ruby encounter Lapis while searching, who tells Steven they are being taken to Homeworld for an uncertain future. The ship careens back to Earth, Peridot escaping in the confusion.

The Crystal Gems, Steven, Jasper, and Lapis all emerge from the wreckage on the beach, bruised but not beaten. Jasper implores Lapis to fuse with him her? The implied gender was unclear to me. Lapis agrees to fuse, and all seems hopeless as they become a gargantuan and frankly, terrifying fusion called Malachite.

steven and connie meet the fockers

They sink beneath the waves, leaving the Gems behind. As the wreckage burns behind them, Steven receives a call from a frantic Connie, asking him if he is okay. As you can probably tell based on the length of this recap, there was a lot to unpack in this 2-part episode. That night, the Maheswarans are impatiently waiting for Steven and his parents. Steven shows up 20 minutes late with Greg and Alexandritea huge six armed fusion of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Greg introduces himself and then Alexandrite as his wife.

Steven comes up with lies about how they met and what they do, much to the disapproval of Connie. After Alexandrite's much less than impeccable behavior at dinner, Connie asks to speak with Steven. Connie chastises Steven for bringing the giant Gem. After Steven realizes Connie still wears her glasses despite her eyes being healed by him he begins to suspect that Connie is ashamed of him, and they both return to the table. When they get back outside, Alexandrite begins to destabilize over eating shrimp.

The discord causes her to split back into Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Garnet, upset at Amethyst and Pearl for putting their needs before Steven's, chides them and smacks them on the head. Maheswaran admonishes Connie for lying to her, which causes Connie to run crying to the bus stop, with Steven going after her. Connie and Steven decide to run away so they can be friends without having to worry about Connie's parents' disapproval. As they are leaving on a bus, the enraged Gems fused back as Alexandrite catch up to them and force them to return.

steven and connie meet the fockers

The Gems angrily chastise Steven in front of the Maheswarans and put their feet down with him. Garnet harshly punishes Steven with no dinner for 1, years, but Pearl insists that they would never starve him, and instead takes away his TV privileges for 1, years, much to Steven's dismay. Greg then says they did it because they love him.

The Maheswarans, impressed with the Gems' parental abilities, allow Connie to hang out with Steven.