Dk dps guide 3 5a district track meet

WotLK FROST Death Knight PvE DPS Guide [a]

Unholy Death Knight PvP Guide [size=]Table of Contents: 1. + Abilities scale better due to Unholy Might granting 35% Strength; . requires Runes, the spent Runes will enter a cooldown state, that normally lasts for 10 seconds We can easily reach the Hit Cap in PvP so this racial is better for PvE. I will use the lowercase "dps" to short-hand for damage per second. Regardless of spec, the Death Knight has 3 main features that they bring to a seem a bit complicated as it requires you to track 6 different cooldowns as well debuff, or conditions are important to meet for the rest of your performance. Advanced guide: The advanced DK tanking guide is located in the second blood runes on Blood Boil or Soul Reaper if the target is under 35% health. This results in 2 build options, one with a more offensive focus and one . Doing good dps is about doing damage to the boss, not padding the meters.

Once again, Unholy spec dominates the Arena scene for the third expansion in a row. Ever since Wrath of the Lich King, Unholy proved itself to be the go-to spec of most Gladiator Death Knights due to its great balance of survivability, mobility and damage, compared to the other specs.

Here are its advantages and disadvantages compared to Frost: A few things about this guide: It will be more schematic than my previous guide, making it somewhat easier to read, but it will be just as comprehensive.

It is aimed at both new players and veterans. Most abilities are explained from an Unholy Death Knight's point of view. Merely reading this guide won't instantly turn you into a Gladiator. I will no longer include a dueling section. It's even more unbalanced than in the previous expansions so I won't really bother with it.

The guide is huge. You can read whatever parts of it you want, just go to the Table of Contents and click on the desired chapter. If you notice any mistakes in the guide including broken links, incorrect information, macros that don't work, and typos please let me know and I will fix it. I would like to briefly explain a few terms and abbreviations that are going to be used in this Guide, just to eliminate any confusions: How do you do that?

You need to actively engage with getting better with DS timing, more-so than any other aspect of tanking that I know of. If you want to improve on DS timing beyond "use it when you take big damage" you need to really dig in and start internalizing it to the point where you can see the big picture at all times, and be flexible so you can adjust on the fly for every situation.

Defining what a "big hit" looks like depends entirely on the damage around it. A big part of knowing when to use DS is to know the burst potential you are in, based on the content and based on your gearing. If you are stacking avoidance, then you are going to have to account for more burst than normal due to to risk of spikier intake, meaning you might let one burst go that you would have removed in another setup like stam or mastery. Stats When looking at stats from a survival point of view, you have to look at how they will help you in changing your damage shape.

For the most part, this means either how it affects DS timing and how much coverage it gives because those are the factors that go into how smooth your damage shape will be.

dk dps guide 3 5a district track meet

It is important to note, overall damage reduction is rarely the deciding factor in which one is best. The shape of the damage is almost always more important than the overall amount. Let's look at each stat and how they work as smoothing stats. Haste works by giving us more Death Strikes to work with. If you get a DS slightly faster, you can be a bit looser with your timing because you have more flexibility with high haste.

Many people think mastery is about the DS it's attached to, but in reality the benefit of mastery works in a very similar way to the benefit of haste - bridging the gap between death strikes. If you assume the boss has a swing timer of 1. The less time between your rune pairs, the less chance of you being left without one when you need it.

More mastery means a better chance at getting an extra attack covered. Multistrike is our best secondary stat in regards to damage output, though it is very weak defensively. It is good enough as both a rotation smoother and damage output that we will be pursuing multistrike fairly heavily early on the expansion, however for pure survival there are better options.

Versatility works as just a minor overall increase to both damage and survival. It is not as strong as other stats, but it still better than others. This is not strong defensively, nor is it extremely strong offensively. There are better stats to pursue.

Strength has become a very potent option in 6. It increases our Death Strike size as well as gives us a small amount of avoidance, in addition to being our top damage dealing stat per point by a considerable amount.

dk dps guide 3 5a district track meet

Passively spreading out ALL attacks, magic or physical, by a small amount is incredibly strong for blood. We also have a sizable stam modifier, so we get plenty of health per point of stam. Plaguebringer - very poor option for blood DK. Right now we have a large amount of downtime, and can easily take advantage of this, but in the future this may not be the case and the GCD lost may end up being worth more than the resources like it was in 5.

Unholy Blight - This spread diseaes without using a B rune, however since when multiple adds are involved you will be using Blood Boil anyway, there is really no reason to ever use this given other options.

In fact it only takes. This makes it a pretty significant damage loss whenever you use it. That aside, it's not the healing that makes or breaks Lichborne but rather how much you value Purgatory.

The ability to "die" every 3 minutes is very powerful, especially considering how our AM works. This safety net can save a lot of would be wipes, and not just those caused by mistakes.

Progression content can hurt, and anything you can do further remove any tank deaths is something worth doing.

That said, if you are very certain you will never get use out of purgatory, such as lower damage content with less healers or bad ones you can make the switch to lichborne as a "I need healing and no ones giving it to me" button, though it still comes with the damage loss.

There is no math to tell you which is better, since they are apples and oranges, however for mos progression content I would highly recommend Purgatory. Anti-Magic-Zone - As already stated, Purgatory is highly recommended for progression content, however some mechanics will make AMZ almost a necessity, depending on your raid comp.

If you feel comfortable with taking off purgatory for a fight and AMZ is needed don't hesitate. You should be able to function without Purgatory and if your raid needs the AMZ for a strat, you shouldn't hesitate to switch if a dps DK can't do so instead. Purgatory - One of the most powerful anti-death tools in the game. It basically allows you to "die" once every 3 minutes.

While you shouldn't be "dying" at all if possible, progression content can hit hard and sometimes the safety net is just a no brainer. Plus, having Purgatory up for big hit mechanics that are timable means you can go light on the CDs, since if your judgement is low on how much you need for the hit you don't die, which means you can potentially get more out of your CDs and play your CDs 'riskier' without much risk.

This doesn't mean play like an idiot when Purgatory is available, it means if you think you can survive the next plannable hit without a CD but aren't sure then you can safely take the risk. There is very little choice here.

If you need the slow, take chilblains. If you need the extra stun, take asphyxiate. Otherwise pick Death's Advance every time. Mobility is an important factor for tanking as well as damage output, and this is our only place to get it. There isn't a breakdown for each one here, because the choice doesn't warrant a discussion. Death Pact - This cooldown plays right into our reactive style. It's basically a big DS heal without the shield, and should be used in the same way in that you use it to smooth out the damage shape by removing a burst, similar to DS timing.

Death Siphon - Better used as a damage dealing ability than a heal. The issue with this talent is that it takes 2 GCDs to spend the same runes you would use a DS on, which is a problem when we are as GCD capped as we are now in 5. It's simply not worth taking Death Siphon from a survival point of view proof 11 or a damage point of view proof Conversion - There are a couple reasons why Conversion is rarely taken if ever.

For one, while it is active you do not gain RP from Scent of Blood. Because elemental shamans have not good defensive spells and abilities it is still hard to level up in PVE area also, below level Elemental Shaman Profession Recommendation c. September In this paragraph I will focus all attention on the most profitable professions and on usefulness professions for elemental shaman during leveling.

First of all you should collect money as much as possible for training, mounts, to buy items from Auction House e. Moreover, you can make a decision which profession is better for you. This profession is the most profitable and the most useful for any stat buffs. Nothing different to get skill level of comparing to the other professions, but epic gem recipes in Northrend discovering skill lvl are the hardest among all professions them. You should to focus on next recipes first: To socket your gear and to sell them on AH or through C.

You can sell epic gems for gold per item on AH mostly. Basics of jewelcrafting profiteering: For example, the Stone guard band and the Shadow might ring have great disenchanting levels for the price it costs to craft them, especially if the market for buying Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow in bulk is low on your server.

DK Tanking Guide (updated for )

Other lower level items such as the Sun rock ringCrystal citrine neck and Crystal chalcedony amulet are very inexpensive especially if you are also prospecting because you will have heaps of uncommon gems to use. Determing which of these items to craft will obviously be based on the material costs on your server. Prospecting is an awesome way to make gold. You buy saronite and cobalt ore and break it up into gems using prospecting uses 5 ore per operation.

You then scan the auction house AH and look for the best items to cut. One thing to note and watch out for is to make sure your server can support the constant influx of gems you provide.

Useful macros for death knights

If it can, just keep buying ore and breaking it up. Buy uncut gems to cut. Look on the AH for cheap uncut gems. Jewelcrafting as a service. Similarly to enchanting, if you have a large number of jewelcrafting recipes than you can offer your services in a capital city to generate easy revenue.

Just use your Trade interface. This profession can help a lot through leveling with cheap potion and elixir buffs. This profession is fixed, so your potion buffs have double working time, improved effects.

You can be surprised how profitable this profession can be lvl80, making Northrend potions. The Northrend recipes discovering are fast enough. I should to admit — there are impossible to make money with Alchemy without Herbalism, on Warmane WoW.

I started my gameplay with this profession and I was surprised when I began to earn 20, — 30, gold per week, with only less than 35 minutes of farming per day. Basics of alchemy profiteering: These provide relatively basic, but vital buffs over a very long period of time. Flasks' effects also persist through death this is why most players like thembut only one can be active at any given time. Flasks increase primary stats - strength, agility, intellect, spirit, or stamina. The best flasks are:

dk dps guide 3 5a district track meet