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eg hatch meet

So for Yonas Liu, the owner of this battleship grey EG Honda Civic, he's heard it all. It's gutless. A grocery getter. Shopping trolley. Wrong wheel. HeRitage Honda Civic Type R Car Meet & Show Photo 1/2 | Honda Civic EG Hatchback Engineering - The Geek The current Civic Si can weigh nearly 3, pounds, is the size of an older Accord, has lame strut front. At Tokyo Auto Salon one car that definitely had the social media world worked into a frenzy had to be the Pandem EG6 Honda Civic.

Some were very dodgy, doing things like hacking together OEM mounts to shoehorn the engines in. This second coming was roundly dismissed by many who preferred to see Japanese cars as econoboxes. After Tony Fuchs ran 10s in his DA Integra in the mid s, the deniers were scrambling dismiss the accomplishment. The sport compact culture was reaching a critical mass by the turn of the century.

Tokyo Auto Salon Spotlight - Pandem Honda Civic EG

The Japanese style of subtle modification to enhance the natural characteristics of the car took the American market by storm. This relatively simple look was especially helpful for the survival of the culture during the Great Recession. With a fresh population of enthusiasts, once the recession subsided the Honda community saw a great boost of innovation.

It was a second second golden age.

eg hatch meet

The Honda community was not just drag racing now, though. Today the EG Civics can be seen running seriously quick lap times around the world. That being said, drag is not dead by any means.

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It was one of the last great rivalries covered in print media. While this Civic is very much a street car, Yonas often uses it for extracurricular activities.

Meet The World’s Only Street Freak Civic

Over the past few years, his addiction was drag racing, with this naturally aspirated 2. Wherever possible, Yonas has looked for ways to not only increase its power output, but also reduce its weight. An example of this is the Spoon carbon hood, which has been painted to match the body colour.

Of course, working for a parts importer means Yonas has access to some neat components for his own car. Yonas also has a few sets of wheels in his garage.

eg hatch meet

Currently on the car are inch Racing wheels, with 9-inch widths up front and 8-inch rears. The spring rates are certainly on the hefty side: The rear trailing arm bushings have been replaced with spherical bearings, while Mugen and Spoon urethane bushings can be found elsewhere.

In the interests of saving weight, the interior has been gutted.

Biggest Honda Civic Car Meet!!!

Nothing but business inside here. This street car had to make some sacrifices in the quest for quicker times. The air conditioning has been binned, while a JDM block-off plate covers up the hole vacated by the head unit.

25 YEAR CLUB: 5th-Generation “EG” Honda Civic

The faded door cards have been retrimmed with Bride fabric. Yonas has modified the gauge cluster so that a Defi tachometer could slot in neatly. Once the sound deadening had been removed, Yonas gave the floor a coat in matching battleship grey.