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meet our staff mortgage

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In his free time, Jamie likes to work on his car and garden. She has experience teaching and designing instruction for elementary school through late career professionals. Gayle first came to Camden as a Camden Public Schools teacher. Additionally, she provides various levels of clinical assistance on site during home visits, as well as a liaison for patients who are Spanish-speaking.

In serving patients who are medically and socially complex, she has become a dependable and trusted resource for these city residents.

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This model engages patients with multiple co-morbidities that lead to high utilization of the local healthcare system. Kelly implemented the first managed care contract that lead to the Coalition's current Medicaid Accountable Care work.

meet our staff mortgage

Additionally, she grew the Camden citywide Care Management Meetings that bring together stakeholders from three competing hospitals around common community barriers and shared patients. The structure she built over five years still meets monthly and serves as an anchor of collaboration within the Camden community. Prior to coming to the Coalition, Kelly worked at Prevention Point Philadelphia, a harm reduction organization.

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There she coordinated the Street-side Health Project, a mobile medical clinic run solely on volunteer labor in partnership with local medical, nursing and pharmacy schools.

Her passion drove her to establish the first low-threshold buprenorphine clinic in the area, giving access to individuals experiencing homelessness and opiod addiction.

meet our staff mortgage

These programs are still thriving in Philadelphia. Currently, Kelly is focused on supporting the design, development, and expansion of a variety of population health initiatives taking place at the Coalition.

She is also working with community partners to advance the first regional Housing First program, a low-threshold model that provides housing and supportive services to the most medically fragile patients within Camden.

meet our staff mortgage

She received her B. Born, raised and currently living in Camden, Amadly feels a deep connection with the community and wants to influence positive health to the people through the help of the Camden Coalition. In this role, he will provide the program and operations team with financial analytics.

Anthony earned his Bachelors in Finance from Monmouth University. In this capacity, Natasha is responsible for the strategy and operations of the Camden Coalition Medicaid Accountable Care Organization and for managing contract relationships with Medicaid managed care organizations for the delivery of programming the serves individuals with complex health and social needs.

Before joining the Coalition, Abby worked as an EMR Training Specialist for STI Computer Services, aiding and assisting various physician practices in transitioning their medical records from paper to an electronic format. Additionally, Abby has extensive knowledge of office workflows, clinical medicine, inpatient and outpatient documentation, and systems analysis.

He recently worked as a statistical research specialist for TennCare, Tennessee's Medicaid office.

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He also served for two years as a community health volunteer in Cameroon with the Peace Corps. Jay received his bachelor's degree in International Relations from the College of Wooster and his master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Jay is interested in Medicaid policy, running when he can, and watching basketball. Prior to coming to Camden, she worked in the Austin, TX safety-net system as a Registered Nurse, Program Manager, and Strategic Planning Consultant before transitioning to international refugee health projects.

He has worked in group homes for clients with developmental disabilities in a residential and day program setting. In his free time, he writes, arranges, produces, and record music. She is passionate about serving as a liaison and advocate for the Spanish speaking community in Camden. Currently, Maritza attends Camden County College earning a degree in nursing. Ebony works closely in the community, bridging the gap between patients and their healthcare providers.

She was born and raised in the City of Camden and has a love for giving back to the community and mentoring. She is currently pursuing her B.

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In this role, she continues her past experience providing consulting, co-design and coaching in complex care transformation. In this role, she serves as the first point of contact for hospitalized patients who are eligible for Camden Coalition's Care Management Intervention, engaging and enrolling them into the intervention at the bedside. Following her year of service, she worked as a program assistant in the Cross-Site Learning program before beginning her current role in early She holds a B.

meet our staff mortgage

In this role, she researches and evaluates projects within and across departments, as well as with external partners. Prior to joining the Coalition, Danielle earned a B. He earned his MBA with a concentration in Leadership from Eastern Mennonite University in April of and comes from a background in faith-based non-profit work, where he most recently worked as the Director of Operations for Circle of Hope. Previously Mark led the Coalition's advocacy, communications, and governance efforts.

Before joining the Coalition, Mark served as deputy executive director of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board and spent six years practicing employment and civil rights law. Mark earned his bachelors and law degrees from Yale University.

In this role, she coordinates communication both externally, to key stakeholders and community partners, and internally. She is passionate about community organizing and enjoys spending time with family and friends. As her favorite core value is servant leadership, her objective is to offer continued organization to better help our staff empower our patients and members. Future goals include continued education in social work with plans to provide services that give back to the city of Camden, her free time is spent reading, taking trips and scrapbooking for memories.

In this role, he spearheads the formulation and execution of the Coalition's fundraising strategy. Matthew holds an M. I chose to represent Mortgage Alliance Front Gate Mortgages because I do not believe in being biased or product pushing.

meet our staff mortgage

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