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one piece luffy meet ace

After all, One Piece had plans at one point to bring Portgas D. Ace for a moment before Luffy “cries loudly with joy that he can meet him again. Ace clearly made a name for himself, he even went to meet Shanks one of the Yonko to thank him for taking care of his little brother, Luffy! Ace was even offered . (Ace and Luffy fall in the modern world and meet their doubles) REWRITTEN. Dimension travel. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters:

There they meet people who might just be able to understand their situation a little more than they originally thought. Time Travel to Alabasta! The crew find themselves transported into the past, to Alabasta.

T - English - Chapters: Justice by Black' Victor Cachat reviews Dealing with villains is all part of being a superhero, the Justice League knows this. So how do they handle the new supervillain gang that can't decide whether they're good or evil?

one piece luffy meet ace

And said gang, the Straw Hat Pirates, are just desperate to get home to fulfil their dreams, whatever it takes. As a last resort, they turn to the brilliant Vegapunk to solve their problems. So, obviously, he decides to summon the strongest man in the world Luffy to fall through the wormhole.

Luffy has found himself in another strange adventure. Though this one might bring back some unkind memories. However, upon making a pit stop at a 'mystery island', they come across something they never expected to find: Now they must locate the rest of the future crew, as well as keep an ancient treasure out of the hands of bounty hunters. Rated T for language. Law Hey, that's my hat!

With both sides refusing to back off when it comes to their treasure, who will win in the end? Now they are stuck on an island with a nasty habit of having two parallel universes meet each other. Well, at least now he knows what would have happened if the brothers had set sail together. Things couldn't get worse.

Rayleigh, Ace Memoirs of a flamehead and a rubber brain by Wanted-NR1 reviews Death was supposed to either be cold or warm, but at least filled with darkness. Well, this was not what Ace had thought would happen when he died.


He had definitely NOT expected to be turned into a ten year old kid again but with all the memories of his twenty year short life This couldn't be right, right? I mean, a much Lost and confused, the Straw Hats have to find a way to return him to the future before everything takes a turn for the worst. When he reads a manga titled "One Piece" and realizes that Ace is going to die, he jumps back into his own world, intent on changing fate.

Little did Roger know just how unexpected the results of calling out to a stranger in the fog would be. Who knew there were islands that could warp time? This meeting would always be one of his treasures. Oneshot One Piece - Rated: K - English - Chapters: How would react when they meet themselves from the past?

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Follow a much stronger, smarter Luffy as he repeats his adventure, hoping to avoid the same fate as well as correct some mistakes. However, Ace was more serious looking than Luffy's lighthearted design, and was also taller and more muscular.

He also sported rather childish freckles inherited from his motherand tended to make a skeptical facial expression by raising his left eyebrow.

one piece luffy meet ace

Interestingly, his facial features were almost akin to his biological father Gol D. Roger in his youth without his mustache. Ace's tattoos were among his most remarkable, trademark features.

one piece luffy meet ace

He had a tattoo on his back of the Whitebeard symbol —purple bones formed in a cross behind a purple skull with a white mustache—that he described as his pride and joy.

The "S" crossed out is a tribute to Sabo as that's his jolly roger. Ace wore an open-front shirt until he received Whitebeard's tattoo - afterwards, he stopped wearing anything over his upper body except when on winter or desert islands due to the weather requirements. He wore black boots, black knee-length shorts with an eyelet-studded orange belt, and a blue pouch belted around his left leg.

He also wore a short second belt with a large red "A" on the silver buckle over his right hip, but left it unfastened and threaded the free end along the back of his shorts. A dagger in a green sheath hung at his left hip. On Ace's left arm, he wore a Log Pose and a red and white striped bracelet around his wrist, an orange elbow guard, and his "ASCE" tattoo.

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