Place to meet women seattle

place to meet women seattle

It is likely less easy in Seattle to meet women in public or in bars than it is in Where are some good places to meet Hindu/Indian women in the Boston area?. Joey's in Bellevue. It's literally crawling with women seeking to add an MRS degree to their resume with the help of a Microsoftie coming in for happy hour after. If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Seattle and a dating guide then kick off your shoes, lay back, and get the info you are craving. We will begin with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single Seattle girls, then talk about some day game options and.

There's one on 2nd Avenue downtown that carries Native and ethnic art, and some Asian furniture, eclectic place, that's a great hangout.

12 Ways to Meet Singles in Seattle, WA (Dating Guide)

There's Traveller's, on Capitol Hill, that's a singles scene, as well as an herbal shop with some eclectic Asian stuff. They have monthly events, like slide shows of Asia, lectures, and so on, for people to join, mix and mingle.

On Pine, I think. Some of these are places where women expect or hope guys will be friendly and will approach them for a casual chat. You have to look around and find the cool coffeeshops. Those are where people go to get friendly with other people.

place to meet women seattle

About the "liberal churches", I'd second that. Some of those aren't very "churchy", they're more ecumenical. There's a Unitarian Universalist Church in town that was harboring refugees from the war in Guatemala now overas one of their projects. There are non-church churches around where you don't have to pretend to be religious for those of you who'd prefer to gag than go into a church in order to spend a pleasant time discussing social justice or the downside to American foreign policy and what to do about it.

Yoga classes, Tai Chi and Chi gong classes.

12 Places and Bars You Must Try To Meet Cougars In Seattle in 2019

There's one that meets in Ravenna Park on weekends. Be sure to be here early because seating is limited. Dance with Mature Women at Lava Lounge One reason why a lot of single women drop by here is the inexpensive drinks served here.

You should realize, though, that the music played here can be too loud so you might have to take out a lady you meet on the patio. With its Hawaiian theme, Lava Lounge has a lot of tropical and reggae music played throughout the night.

place to meet women seattle

It helps, too, that this is conveniently located along Western Avenue just a few blocks away from the public market. And its small interiors make it the perfect hunting ground for cougars in Seattle.

place to meet women seattle

Hang out at the Alibi Room Located at 85 Pike Street in downtown Seattle, this bar is one of the best kept-secrets in the entire city. Alibi Room does serve great tasting cocktails at very reasonable prices, which makes it such a great hang out place for cougars in Seattle.

place to meet women seattle

It is very dark, however, which would augur well for your chances of hitting it with a mature lady. This wine bar located at Post Alley is a popular destination for cougars in Seattle who appreciate the finer things in life. The Tasting Room has a wide variety of wines that you can taste, plus quick and awesome service. The ambiance, too, sets you up for a romantic night.

There are tables designed for two individuals, as well as large tables for bigger groups.


If you can, try to reserve a seat before going there as the bar gets crowded especially during the weekends. Once you step inside the bar you will notice how dimly lit it is. Fret not as this should put you in the mood to step up your cougar hunting game and approach a mature woman who catches your attention.

The moment you strike up a conversation, make sure to show her how much of a wine connoisseur you are by taking her to the central spiral tower of wine of the bar. Show a lot of charm and you could end up taking her home.

Finding a lovely Seattle woman can be made all the easier when enjoying the spicy and succulent dishes.

12 Places and Bars You Must Try To Meet Cougars In Seattle in

And for those young guys on budget, no need to fear. Barrio is reasonably priced and will allow you to enjoy the evening without worrying about your bank account balance. Located at Bellevue Way NE, this venue is one of best to draw in a sexy single while on the dance floor.

place to meet women seattle