Princeton mn swap meet 2012

18th Annual Outlaw Grass Drags in Princeton, Minnesota - Snowmobile Magazine

princeton mn swap meet 2012

Saturday, May 19, at AM – PM PDT. More than a 3rd St N, Princeton, Minnesota Car show (all cars welcome) and swap meet. On August 26 the 18th Annual Outlaw Grass Drags and Swap Meet begins the will be on hand previewing their gear and accessories. Princeton, MN – Friday night was the WISSOTA Race of Champions qualifier .. Next Friday will be the second annual Car Show at the Princeton Speedway.

  • No. 3 Lakers drop 4-overtime thriller to Princeton in Class 4A quarterfinals
  • 2012 Grass Drag Schedule
  • Princeton Swap Meet & Car Show

Erb made his second defensive play on the Tigers' next series, after recovering a fumble on the Princeton With time ticking away, DL drove to the Tiger four-yard line and came up short on a Tigges yard field goal attempt to end the series.

The Lakers forced Princeton to run the clock out to enter overtime. Four overtimes, that is. The first overtime gave everyone what they were in store for, as both defenses made huge stops.

princeton mn swap meet 2012

But the Tiger defense was not to be outdone, as they stuffed Herzog on fourth and one, thus forcing overtime No. Each team scored touchdowns, with Herzog on a one-yard dive and Princeton with a dramatic fourth and goal from the five, on a pass from Ludwig to Bill McClay.

But the Lakers were forced into another fourth-down call from the two, but Tigges hooked his yard field goal left. We learned how to stay even keel all year and not get too high or not get too low. Chmielewski hauled in five catches for yards for Princeton. Laker results Class 4A semifinals at St. Cloud State University, Saturday, Nov. Jarret Nosal yard run; Christian Tigges kick. Cole Warren 2-yard run; Korben Weidenborner kick.

Travis Chmielewski yard pass from Zack Ludwig; Weidenborner kick. Ludwig 1-yard run; Weidenborner kick; Herzog 2-yard run; Tigges kick. Herzog 1-yard run; Tigges kick. Billy McClay 5-yard pass from Ludwig; Weidenborner kick. Tigges yard field goal. Austin Feero 2-yard run.

princeton mn swap meet 2012

Rushing att-yds -- DL: Passing att-comp-inc-int-yds-td -- DL: Ludwig ; McClay Answer below Weak Point in the Cooling System Radiator hoses and heater hoses are made out of better materials and last longer than ever.

However, it still just takes one weak point in the cooling system to cause leaks, overheating or other mayhem.

princeton mn swap meet 2012

That smallish hose with the big bend in it failed catastrophically with no warning. The engine overheated and needed new head gaskets by the time I had safely pulled over. Ever since that infamous night decades ago, I replace the thermostat bypass hoses on my old Chryslers an additional time between the complete hose changes.

Newer engines often have unique cooling system plumbing. Identifying potential weak points or knowing what hoses and other parts should be routinely replaced may not be obvious. Looking at the parts available under "Cooling System" in the RockAuto catalog can be a good way to identify parts that are unique to a particular engine. As radiators got buried deeper in the fronts of newer cars and manufacturers strove to use the same engines in more vehicles, it became more common to see unique plastic parts built into the cooling system plumbing.

A plastic piece might splice hoses together or be the outlet for the radiator cap. Some of these plastic parts might be unique to one or two car models. Toyota Coolant Hose Splice I have nothing against plastic engine parts.

It could be a complex plastic molding with multiple hose nipples and sensor ports. It might also be the outlet for the radiator cap. The thermostat housing may still be a simple part but could mount to a very complex Lower Body housing. For example, on some relatively recent Chrysler engines the thermostat housing is down low and the upper radiator hose connects to something called a Coolant Air Bleeder.

This complex part with multiple hose nipples includes a handy bleeder valve for removing air from the cooling system. Unfortunately, the original Chrysler Coolant Air Bleeder was prone to leaks between its plastic pieces. Chrysler Coolant Air Bleeder The hose clamps are something else to think more about. Thermostat housings, radiators and other cooling system parts often now have plastic nipples that can be cracked if the hose clamp is over tightened. T-Bolt Hose Clamp One final tip is to consider soaking some plastic cooling system parts in hot water before installation to ensure a better fit.

June RockAuto Newsletter for more on that tip from my plastics engineer dad. Larry's Plymouth Roadrunner I purchased this Roadrunner eight years ago. I LOVE it, and so does my son. It looked good when we got it, but it didn't run very well. It sat in a garage for several years.

I really wanted to "re-do" the engine but couldn't afford it. Checking prices periodically and being unable to get what I needed, I thought I would never get it done. Then I found RockAuto! You made it possible for my son and I to re-do the entire engine compartment. We took everything off the block, cleaned, sanded, primed and painted it.

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Spark plugs, wires, engine gaskets, PCV valve, alternator, power steering pump, fan, belts, hoses, water pump, cap, regulator, master brake cylinder, steering gear box, brake lines, filters and I'm sure lots of other things that I can't think of. I tell everyone I know about you. If so, RockAuto would like to feature you and your car or truck in our monthly newsletter, collector magnets or RockAuto social media.

princeton mn swap meet 2012

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18th Annual Outlaw Grass Drags in Princeton, Minnesota

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