Straw hats meet aokiji kizaru

straw hats meet aokiji kizaru

"You'd think, this being an important meeting and all that, that more people would Mihawk was currently dozing while Aokiji was in full sleep. Luffy vs. Aokiji!" is the th episode of the One Piece anime. Luffy insists on Before he bikes across the sea, he notes that the Straw Hat Pirates will be. He is cool, but will probably be the backbone of the strawhats when the monster .. He had no chances to kill either Kizaru nor Aokiji, nor was Akainu nearly done at 10 attacks vs 10 hours of attacks sure Luffy was no match.

She will bring nothing but despair upon your crew. It's not worth it. Aokiji turned to go after her. Ricky jumped passed the Admiral and blocked his path. You do realize that this is a fight you can't hope to win. So you really are the red-headed pain-in-the-ass that Garp complains about. The one that he claims corrupted his grandson into becoming a pirate. I always thought he meant 'Red Haired' Shanks. And now your Captain wears Shanks' old straw hat. The Sea Stone should allow me to hurt him.

And Luffy loaned me one of his punches for the Dial. Of course, he thought it was just an Impact Dial. Aokiji caught Ricky by the ankle and stopped his foot an inch from his chin. I know that you have Sea Stone in your possession. I'm not about to let you get a hit in.

Aokiji's hand on Ricky's handle became pure ice and the ice quickly spread to Ricky's leg. Krek-krek-krek… The ice reached his waist then branched off. One bit went down and froze his other leg while the rest froze his chest. Aokiji pulled his hand away and Ricky was left completely encased in ice. He leg was still raised from his missed kick.

Aokiji frowned at his frozen opponent, "I could smash you and kill you now. But as I told you, I've read the reports. You're a former Spade Pirate and a former Whitebeard Pirate. You were rumored to have been killed at the hands of Blackbeard when he betrayed your crew.

Ace spending the last year out for revenge on a manhunt. That's the only reason that I've spared your life. Otherwise, not even Garp could have saved you. Even if you weren't still recovering from your fight with Foxy, you still wouldn't stand a chance against this man. A tall shadow fell over Robin and the archeologist immediately paled. Aokiji slammed his fist on the ground. A wave rose up off of Aokiji's hand and rushed at the Straw Hats Robin recognized the attack and dove out of the way.

The Straw Hats scattered to avoid the rushing wave of ice. Aokiji stood up and stared down at Robin. Before she could react, Aokiji lunged and wrapped his arms around her for an icy-hug.

Krek-krek-krek… The ice covered Robin's head and froze her solid. The whole process had only taken a couple of seconds. The Straw Hats stared wide-eyed as Aokiji pulled back and released the frozen Archeologist. Please, you can't be dead! I can't lose you! His leg was still raised and his mouth was opened in a pained scream.

Ricky toppled forward onto Nami. She was still wearing Ricky's long trench coat which shielded her from the cold. However, her body is extremely fragile in this state so you'll need to handle her with care.

If any part of her breaks, she'll die! Aokiji's fist passed through empty air. He looked down and saw that Luffy had knocked the frozen Robin out of the way and had caught her before she hit the ground. Usopp surprised even himself, when he vaulted over Luffy and swept Robin out of the way before Aokiji could crush her. The Admiral ended up stomping on Luffy instead.

Zoro stood up and held his sword out beside him with is good arm to block his path. Zoro and Sanji stared at Luffy in surprise. I'm gonna fight him one-on-one. This is Robin's life we're talking about here! I know that Aokiji said she was still alive but I just don't see how that could be possible! You are the Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, got it? The ice at top of the archeologist's head was beginning to melt off under the hot shower spray and as the ice melted away, the blue-black color returned to Robin's hair.

Usopp and Chopper went back to scooping up cups of hot water and dumping them on Robin's body.

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Chopper rushed from the bathroom, darted through the storage room and came out on the deck where he spotted Zoro, Sanji and Nami on the shore. Nami swung the pipe and sent a stream of red bubbles into the water. Between the two of them, Zoro and Nami carried the frozen Ricky into the sea water that Nami had just heated up. A moment later, Sanji had cannonballed into the water along with Zoro, Nami and the frozen Ricky. Zoro quickly submerged himself and dunked his arm in the water.

Nami, make sure to keep heating up that water. If you can rub him you'll speed up the melting process.

straw hats meet aokiji kizaru

Nami grabbed Ricky's shoulders and straddling his raised leg. She raised the Heat Pole to her mouth and expended half her breath as she blew into it. A red air bubble came out and washed over Ricky's face. Nami acted fast on her remaining breath and rubbed at his face which caused the ice to slowly peel away to reveal cold skin underneath. Nami and Ricky broke the surface less than a minute later. Usopp came out of the storage room a couple minutes later and was surprised to find Zoro and Sanji on the deck rubbing their previously frozen limbs.

I can't believe that you would be so cold-hearted that you would just leave him!

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Sanji shot up and slammed Usopp back against the wall. Whatever happens, we have to be ready to deal with it, understand? Spikes of ice were scattered all around them. But none of it was on Luffy with the exception of his previously frozen arm. Aokiji reached out his icy hand. Luffy ducked under Aokiji's outstretched arm then lashed out his leg. Luffy swung his leg straight up and sent Aokiji flying up into the air. Luffy quickly inflated himself with his Gum Gum Balloon technique then twisted his rubber body and compressed all the air inside him.

Luffy bent down and released the air from his mouth and sent himself corkscrewing up into the air. Luffy lashed out with a vicious barraged of punches as he flew up to meet the airborne Admiral.

Luffy's fists connected with Aokiji's icy body and shattered it to pieces. But he kept going and used the attack he'd beaten Crocodile with to smash the chunks of ice into tiny flakes of ice.

Luffy's assault had completely destroyed Aokiji's body. The biggest bits of him that could be seen were snowflake-sized bits of ice.

straw hats meet aokiji kizaru

Krek-krek-krek… But the shattered ice gathered up above Luffy in a large form. Much faster than before, the tiny flakes of ice came together and reformed Aokiji's lanky body. The Admiral grabbed onto Luffy as they continued to fly upward into the air.

The attack that had beaten Crocodile was no match for a Marine Admiral. Usopp had gone back into the bathroom to help Chopper thaw out Robin. His forearms and hands were still covered in ice but it had been melted off of his upper arms, shoulders and parts of his chest. The rubber pirate's fist was still extended from his failed final attack. But that was your plan, wasn't it? If I were to attack your crew now, I'd be the bad guy here, isn't that right, Captain. Keep a close eye on Nico Robin.

Eventually, she'll grow to be more than you can handle. The nature of the violent fate that she was born into will be a greater danger than you can possible imagine. More of a burden than you could ever hope to bear. That's what it means to have that woman as part of your crew. Aokiji shot his foot forward and smashed it through ice. Ice that was beside Luffy, not on him. The Admiral had decided to spare Luffy's life.

Get me some towels! They'd managed to melt all of the ice off of Robin. But she was still unconscious and needed to be dried off and warmed up. Nami snapped Ricky's raised leg down and admired her handiwork.

Using considerably colder water than what was in the shower, she'd managed to melt the ice off of Ricky's face, shoulders, upper arms, waist and upper legs. That was more than half of it. Consider us even for you taking care of Crocodile. At least for two seconds until Zoro and Sanji arrived. She reached up and grabbed his hands then rubbed at the ice until it flaked off. He hands slid up from her shoulders and cupped her chin and surprised Nami when he pulled her to him and kissed her.

He was probably delirious. But damn it if she didn't want this. She'd lugged his frozen ass back to the others and had spent all this time melting the ice off him.

She deserved some kind of compensation.

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It wasn't taking advantage of him is he had initiated the kiss. Nami kissed him until she was nearly out of breath. But that was when Ricky's hands slid up from her chin to the back of her head. Nami tried to pull away and break the kiss but Ricky's grip kept her locked in place. She was running out of air! Was he trying to kill her? Nami's eyes flew opened and she stared into the cold, deadly eye of Red Eye. He had her mouth covered so she couldn't call for help. But there was no one to call out to anyway.

Usopp and Chopper were occupied with Robin. Zoro and Sanji were off recovering Luffy. There was no sign of Ricky anywhere.

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Nami was all alone against Red Eye. Krek-krek… The ice around Ricky's knees shattered and broke off as he bent them and started to drag Nami down under water. Nami desperately took a breath in through her nose before she went under. He was trying to drown her. She'd been suckered in and now she was alone and at his mercy. Nami struggled and beat on Ricky's shoulders but her blows lost a great deal of their impact underwater. They probably wouldn't have done anything anyway.

She was already running out of air. She'd be dead by the time Zoro and Sanji returned. Her only saving grace was the fact that the Eye was still covered. If Red Eye had his powers, she'd be dead already. Desperate, Nami shot her leg up between Ricky's legs. Red Eye hadn't needed the Eye to see that attack coming and clamped his legs closed around Nami's knee.

Nami was growing light headed.

straw hats meet aokiji kizaru

Red Eye's hold was like a vice. There was no breaking it. He'd protected his most obvious weak spot and now Nami was almost out of air, almost out of strength and almost out of time. Nami writhed and flailed against him.

She clawed at Ricky's sides as she dug her fingers through the remaining ice into his shirt and the bandages wrapped around him. Ricky had been injured during the Davy Back Fights! Coincidentally, his stomach was one of the last spots that was still frozen. Nami shattered the ice as she drove her elbow into his injured stomach. Red Eye reeled back but still held on. As Zoro and Sanji approach, Aokiji leaves Luffy's frozen body and departs, saying he owes the pirate for defeating Crocodile.

Although he briefly mentions a message from Smoker but only that it was "something stupid"Luffy can't hear him anyway. Before he bikes across the sea, he notes that the Straw Hat Pirates will be heading to Water 7 next, getting them close to World Government headquarters. Some time later, Chopper comes up from the sick bay and tells the crew tearfully that Robin and Luffy's hearts have resumed beating. Sanji goes to prepare a meal for them, while Chopper tells the others to let them recover for a bit.

Usopp collapses, confiding in Zoro that he's unsure how long he can take the growing power of the enemies they are facing. They remain at the deserted island for four days while they recover before setting sail again. A week after their encounter with Aokiji, Sanji lets the crew sample a dish of potato paille while Luffy jokes about having been frozen. Robin finally appears, having taken a bit longer to recover than Luffy, and asks for some coffee.

Luffy soon finds Yokozunathat frog that the shipwreck survivors from the previous island told them about that was able to swim with a crawl stroke instead of a normal frog swimming motion. He insists on following it, manually changing course and paddling the Going Merry to Nami's chagrin, hoping to catch and eat the frog.