Super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school

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super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school

Super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school. February 24, February 13, by admin. Chiropractic appointment and Physical. Read Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! reviews from kids and teens on Our Mission · Our Impact · Meet Our Team · How We Rate · Board of We have a very strong cast of flawed but ultimately good protagonists: Chiro, the young . logical especially as my favourite subjects in school are math and science, so if. A description of tropes appearing in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Almost Kiss: Chiro and Jinmay have one in the first episode. In Meet the Wigglenog, the Wigglenog takes a mermaid form and almost kisses Sprx. When .. a room filled with Chiro's childhood possessions, including his grade school uniform.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school

He only stopped it from completely destroying Shuggazoom. In his defense, he didn't know that the thing could regenerate its body from its head. Gains the ability to pass through walls as the silver monkey.

Official Number Two in the Hyperforce and generally much more serious than Chiro. His rebirth as the silver monkey.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school

Gets a significant boost for himself and the Power Primate. He is Chiro's wise monkey mentor who teaches him about the Power Primate and guides him in his path as the The Chosen One. When he dies in the second season, Chiro is clearly affected by losing his mentor and father figure. Fortunately, Antauri is back by the start of the third season. He uses his Psychic Powers to short circuit Chiro's gaming systems to get to do work.

Also uses his ghost paws to cheat at pinball. Noble Male, Roguish Male: The noble to Sprx's roguish. Even the wise and mature Antauri has his quirky moments. What a marvelous invention! In the same episode Get your ghost paws outta that machine! At least I didn't tilt.

And earlier in the series, in the episode "Circus of Ooze", where we learn that he actually has a pretty big Sweet Tooth. The second-in-command of the Hyperforce. Shows shades of this when it comes to the whole Hyperforce, especially Chiro. He likes to speak in proverbs and metaphors when sharing his wisdom. Levitation, telekinesisghost paws, etc. Gets these as the silver monkey.

Antauri's facial expression rarely changes. He's stoic, cool-headed and reserved, but still a good and caring friend and father figure. He really likes cotton candy. As the wisest of the team, his teammates usually come to him for advice and look up to him. He is also quite strict, being the one who gets the others to stop playing video games to patrol the city.

While it's unknown what he was afraid of prior to his rebirth, in "Night of Fear" his worst fear is revealed to be losing control of his robotic body. However, the episode also had Mandarin saying that Antuari's worst fears have come to past, that of "his will no longer being his own. Giant monkey claws made of energy no less.

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Corey Feldman The red monkey, and the team's best pilot. He is a comedian and has a big ego, but is very brave, smart and willing to protect his comrades. He pilots Fist Rocket 3, which becomes the right hand of the Super Robot. His main weapon is his Magnetic Hands. Again, not used as often after the first couple of seasons. An energy based attack shot from the mouth. Used more commonly by Antauri. A burst of green energy that focuses into a beam or radiated out over the whole body. A green gorilla like force field around Chiro.

A blow can push the enemy. It's like Monkey Fu except it comes from hands, shown in Skeleton King. The Hyperforce train him in fighting. Chiro absorbs the inner primate and radiates with green energy. Used only in Antauri's Masters. They share a father-son bond, as well as a mentor-appentice bond.

Antauri serves as Chiro's mentor in the spiritual arts as well as being an effective leader. Chiro had endless trust in Antauri and did everything he could to revive him.

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In turn, Antauri believes that Chiro is the Chosen One. They share a mother-son bond at times as well as a bond of an older sister and younger brother, but she's also shown as a close friend to him. She mentors him in fighting Sparx: They tend to pull pranks and such on others and share common interests.

Sparx is something of an older brother and he sympathizes with Chiro when both had to confront their underwater-related fears. They share common interests, as with Sparx. One of those interests is mechanics. They both also fool around at times.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic school

They seem to have the least deep relationship. Often, Chiro will avoid Gibson's lectures and such. Skeleton King is behind every Evil Plan and the one in the opening theme.

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Season 2's finale, with Antauri's death and Chiro becoming monkey-ish. It's made even more bittersweet in the Swedish dub where the series ended after that and was pulled off in such a way that it seemed like a Series Finale.

The Robot Monkeys are common victims of this, sometimes getting their robotic components mangled while their organic parts remain relatively intact. The Alchemist's physical decay after the Dark Ones touched him. Fighting any evil, they are Shuggazoom's hope! They're the ones who made the Deal with the Devilwhich later turned into Faustian Rebellion thereby a Rebuilt Pedestal. Nova and Sprx were not amused. Antauri was the one he betrayed, and he's the only one who never reconciled.

The members of the Hyperforce call out their gadgets. Caption Shuggazoom, aka playboy millionaire Clayton Carrington.

The team calls out the show's title before going into battle. The Cathurians in "The Stranded Seven. First appearance, he's formidable and deviously cunning. Next couple of appearances There's been a notable drop in his intelligence level Though having been modified and mutated by Skeleton King might have been a result of that Though when his clone replaces him he returns to his original characterization a little bit more.

Otto, Chiro, and Gibson in particular. Best touched down on in this review of the first episode. Shuggazoom City is essentially the only city on Planet Shuggazoom with anything resembling a peaceful environment when compared to the rest of the planet that's filled with monsters, deadly environments and evil forces.

Turned Up to Eleven when it's said that multiple planets across the cosmos including Shuggazoom house ancient cosmic monsters that will essentially destroy anything they come across when awoken. The Hyperforce and a small regiment of allies seem to be the only forces that are attempting to fight against an overwhelming wave of evil sweeping the cosmos.

The series is essentially Lovecraft Liteand without the Hyperforce the show would basically be a Cosmic Horror Story. There's also the part where Galactic Smasha game based around destroying planets to earn individuals extra lives, seems to be totally accepted, or at least currently ongoing and unstopped, with only one player the second best one eliminated by the Hyper Force.

However, it's also shown that there are is at least one if not many successful galactic civilization s the heroes are either a small part of or know little about as seen in episodes like "Girl Trouble", "Big Lug", and even "Prototype".