Swim meet events in order

Order of Events – Parkland High School Swimming and Diving

swim meet events in order

NFHS Swimming and Diving. Order of Events. Event 1: Women's Yard Medley Relay. Event 2: Men's Yard Medley Relay. Event 3: Women's Yard. High school swim meets have eleven swimming events -- eight individual events and three relays. Order of Events for High School Swimming. -- yard. Each swim meet that your child will participate in will have the same order of events. to know what events they are swimming and when that event will be held.

swim meet events in order

The events for each stroke go from youngest to oldest. The girls in a given age group swim the even first, followed by the boys. We use abbreviations for everything! Girls and boys ages 9 and up can swim this event. Ages 8 and under do not swim the IM in competition in our league. However, the coach may choose to move an 8 and under swim up to the age group to swim this event.

In the IM, one swimmer swims one lap, one length of the pool, of each stroke in a specific order: Medley Relay All age groups swim the Medley Relay, including 8 and under.

swim meet events in order

It is a relay consisting of 4 swimmers. In the 8 and under, as well as age group, boys and girls may be mixed in this relay. For 8 and under and age groups only, each swimmer swims one lap of the pool, each swimmer a different stroke. Swimmers in the, and age groups each complete two laps of a particular stroke. The Medley Relay has a specific stroke order: Since the younger children only swim one lap each, those swimmers swimming the breaststroke and freestyle portion of the relay must be at the opposite end of the pool, not the starting block end.

Those swimmers will start in the water. Coach Evangelista will tell the 8 and under swimmers where to be, but parents need to make sure their children know which end of the pool they are swimming from and which stroke they are swimming. Freestyle After the Medley Relays come the freestyle events. These progress as the events above, from youngest to oldest, with the girls swimming before the boys in each age category. The children 8 and under swim a 25 meter freestyle.

Ages and swim a 50 meter freestyle, or 2 laps. Ages and swim a meter freestyle, or 4 laps. Backstroke Backstroke events follow the freestyle events. Ages 8 and under and swim a 25 meter backstroke. Per the league rules, in order to be eligible to swim in the championship meet, swimmers must swim 3 regular season GCSL meets.

If a meet has been cancelled due to weather and a swimmer was entered for that meet, the cancelled meet DOES count toward as one of their completed meets. No swimmer will be able to swim more than 5 3 individuals and 2 relay events during championships. The coaches will enter swimmers into events based on the times they achieved during regular season meets.

The top 16 swimmers, based on their preliminary event times, will return to swim in the finals sessions. Swimmers with the top 8 preliminary times swim in the finals heat Swimmers in the 9th through 16th spots swim in the consolation heat. In addition to the top 16 preliminary swimmers, the 17th and 18th place swimmers from the preliminaries will return for the final session as alternates, in case any of the finalist swimmers do not return for their event. Two Day Championships at One Location Swimming champions can be an all day event if the swimmer qualifies for finals or swims individual events and is part of a relay team.

On both days, preliminary swimming events are held in the morning, with finals and relays held in the evenings. The events are divided up as follows, unless the hosting pool decides to follow the two day format below: Top 16 for individual strokes, all Medley Relays, all Free Relays Swim Championship Additional Information Championship tee shirts and other swim apparel will be available to purchase at the meet. In addition, heat sheets are available to purchase for each session morning and evening of the meet.

If your swimmer makes it into Championships, parents are required to volunteer at the meet sessions. PTAC will be assigned an area of responsibility for the meet and a request for volunteers will be sent out to the parents of Championship participants. Volunteering for this meet is in addition to regular season volunteering.

When PTAC hosts the championships, additional parent volunteers will be necessary. The team will be assigned a designated area for the swimmers to gather during the meet. Parents should be prepared to bring their own chairs to championships for use in the PTAC tent area. Bleachers are erected near the pool for spectators during events. This may be all that is heard for the swimmer to start racing the event.

If there has been a false start, the swimmer will hear a continuous beeping or whistle sound or the starting pistol one additional time during the race.

Order of Events

The bullpen is a designated area where all swimmers must report before they can swim an event. This is where they are organized in advance of their races, in order to keep the meet running smoothly. Failure to report to the bullpen on time will result in the swimmer being scratched from the event.

Swimmers aged 13 and up do not have bullpen requirements. A swimmer may be disqualified if they are not executing the stroke according to USA Swimming rules, if they dive in early, perform an incorrect flip turn or any number of other events.

swim meet events in order

Finishing a race often relies on split-second judgment. A decision to start a new arm stroke or lengthen the current one, may need to be made. In breaststroke and butterfly, both hands should touch the wall together; in freestyle and backstroke you can make the touch with one hand. A listing of all swimmers by heat and lane assignments at a meet, seeding swimmers according to times submitted.

This is when a swimmer swims four different strokes in one race. The order is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and then freestyle.

Special turns are used because swimmers need to change from one stroke to another.


In relays, the swimmer is one of a team of 4 people each swimming an equal distance. There are 2 relays, the freestyle and the medley. When a swimmer, scheduled for an event, is removed by the coach prior to participating. Time used to enter a swimmer in a meet. Official responsible for the start of each heat and for calling swimmers to the blocks. Starting blocks are normally used to start an event where swimmers dive into the water.

Swim Meets Order of Events - Osbourn Swim Team

Backstroke is the only stroke where you have to start in the water. Qualifying times that have been set by Regional and National Committees for all events. THE STROKES Breaststroke This stroke must be done on the stomach with some part of the head surfacing during each stroke sequence, except on starts and turns when one underwater pull and kick are allowed, in that order.

swim meet events in order

The kick must be a squeezing action with no downward thrust of the legs, all on the same horizontal plane, recovering forward from the chest. The swimmer must touch the wall with both hands simultaneously at all turns and the finish. Backstroke Swimmers must remain on their backs until they touch the wall for a turn or finish. Any means of stroke or kick is allowed. The pennants hanging across the pool are situated to prepare the swimmer for the approaching wall.

Butterfly The leg kick s must be a downward thrust, which is simultaneous action. The arm pull must be simultaneous and the arms must recover forward over the top of the water only.