Current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

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current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

The resumption of relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea will mean more exports from Eritrea to Djibouti, which currently accounts for about. ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki was due to arrive in Ethiopia on Saturday to cement a stunning rapprochement between the neighbours that has swept away two decades of hostility in a matter of weeks. The following is a timeline of the Horn of Africa. see an end to two decades of hostility between Eritrea and Ethiopia. of hostility and restoring diplomatic relations and normal ties between the countries. is said to have been present, accompanied by Yemane Gebreab.

Four key issues that will need to be resolved for the neighbours to normalise relations.

current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

An artist in Eritrea paints a patriotic mural of the war. The negotiations ended a nearly thirty-year war and established Eritrea as an independent state. These outcomes were a geopolitical success, but they did not resolve the bitter acrimony between the two countries.

Trade, migration bring life to Ethiopia-Eritrea border

And since that moment, the relationship between these neighbours has been frozen in hostility. It has included a border war, shadowy intelligence efforts, and accusations of tacit support for rival militant groups. Both sides have maintained a heavy and expensive military presence along their border, and a once vigorous economic relationship has totally dried up.

On 6 June, the Ethiopian government announced it would finally implement the Algiers Agreement, an internationally sponsored peace treaty and border demarcation signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea. Turning the promise of peace into the real thing ] The centrepiece of this move is the highly symbolic town of Badme, a disputed territory which Ethiopia illegally occupied insparking the border war. As part of the peace agreement, a Hague commission declared Badme part of Eritrea, but Ethiopia never accepted this decision and continued to occupy the town.

current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

But Ethiopia reneged on the deal and has doggedly maintained a nearly year military stalemate to avoid surrendering the town. The man who should be his bitter rival, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, is also in an uncharacteristically accommodating state of mind. Previously unthinkable concessions are being tossed around on both sides. On July 8, Abiy spent the day in Asmara, where he was warmly embraced by Isaias.

But we can assure you we will face the future together.

What peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia will mean for the Horn of Africa

We will work as one. Although it might seem shocking to outside observers, there is a very clear reason why both leaders are suddenly so eager to cooperate.

They are united by the presence of a still-potent mutual enemy: Though it governed behind the fig leaf of a larger ruling coalitionthe TPLF and the tiny ethnic minority it represents have wielded unlimited power in Ethiopia for the past two decades. The party has used its power to obliterate civil society, the press, religious freedoms, and all forms of political opposition.

Isaias also revealed his worries about the TPLF when he announced his intention to send a peace delegation to Addis Ababa in a June 20 speech: Isaias and the TPLF fought as close allies during the liberation struggle against the communist Derg, and — like approximately half of all Eritreans — he is ethnically Tigrayan himself.

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That state of affairs has helped fuel a migration crisis, as thousands of youth have fled the country for Europe. His speech was widely praised — including by the U. Eritrea clearly welcomes the prospect of a new ally in the very old war against the TPLF, which has yet to be won.

current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

They are the key impediments to political reform in Ethiopia, and since taking office, he has frantically sought to undo their hold on power. TPLF leaders have profited from self-dealing by directing these monopolies to award lucrative government contracts to firms that they own or are run by their military cronies.

Ethiopian and Eritrean relations

Abiy is working hard and fast to gain ground against the TPLF before its bickering leaders can organize a coherent response: For the past couple of years, the party has suffered from a leadership vacuum as powerful hard-liners, including Getachew Assefa, Debretsion Gebremichael, Samora Yunis, and Sebhat Nega, have vied for supremacy.

Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who ruled from to earlywas unable to engage meaningfully with Eritrea for a variety of reasons including stiff resistance from the old guard among political elites and lack of response from Eritrea. Luckily for Abiy, Afewerki has responded positively. Peace and economic stability in the Horn The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea has had a destabilising influence on the Horn.

current relationship between eritrea and ethiopia

For its part, Ethiopia has accused Eritrea of supporting the terrorists. Over the years, this proxy war between the two countries has had the potential to spark regional conflict. The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea also spilled over into neighbouring Djibouti.

Ultimately, the prospect of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea is likely to have a calming effect on the Horn. If stability is achieved, Ethiopia — a country with an estimated population of over million — could realise its potential as a regional economic and military power. This is political capital that it could use to transform the region into a united economic powerhouse.

And Prime Minister Ahmed has also reached an agreement with Kenya to partner on port development projects.