Ig meet and greets

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ig meet and greets

Chances are, if you're obsessed with cats and have an Instagram account, Do you ever get nervous about big events like meet-and-greets?. Find Meetups about Instagram and meet people in your local community who share your interests. 38 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'Meet & Greet'.

You can also get access to girls in the universities where you have never studied.

How to meet girls on Instagram (manual mode – with screenshots)

Gyms are a hit or miss as unfortunately this is a the geotag type where guys are most active. Try female gyms, yoga studios, dancing studios etc.

ig meet and greets

What you will get with gyms however is the higher quality of women. Lets me show you how to find a girl using university geotags. As I am planning a trip to Budapest in few weeks I will use it as an example.

This gives you a full list of Universities of Budapest. Open any of these geotags and scroll through in search of a girl you like, or numerous girls.

Meet & Greet on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Some of the girls have boyfriends, some are just not checking their IG often enough. Start with opening 10 girls an hour and slowly increase if needed, this will help you avoid a temporary ban.

ig meet and greets

I believe these days I could easily message girls an hour without any trouble. This is an important trick I use to get over the Message Request folder barrier.

What the girl will see in her activity log is something like this: Pay attention to an importance of Instagram name and the thumbnail picture. This is what should spark the girls interest and make her visit your account. With your Instagram Name and a thumbnail picture you must be able to create an emotional response attraction or curiosity.

ig meet and greets

After that the next thing girl sees is your amount of followersyour description and the 6 last photos you posted. This is where she get the scope of your value and gets further interested, she might scroll through the top 20 photos, see the engagement and gauge the preselection.

She is ready now, she presses follow. As soon as she follows you back she receives the notification of the message you sent her. Tagging Another really popular technique that Instagram Influencers use to engage with their fans is inviting them to tag a friend who feels related to the post caption.

Direct engagement Another technique that Instagram Influencers use to drive engagement on their feed is by directly interacting with their followers. Provocation A controversial technique that not many Influencers dare to use, but results very efficient for those who do, is provocation.

Now, you have to be careful with this one — if you go too far, fans can get really pissed off, which may hurt your authority in the long run.

ig meet and greets

A really subtle and innocent provocation like the one from Inanna on the second photo is naturally a much better choice — without going too far. Instagram Influencers know that very well! Every once in a while, doing a giveaway in exchange for social interaction like commenting, tagging, or sharing, is a very efficient technique to get followers excited!

ig meet and greets

Doing giveaways is a great technique for keeping users active on your Instagram feed while earning some additional money from branded partnership.

Do I really need to explain them? A lot of Instagram Influencers use hashtags to define certain keywords that make a specific theme or conversation easier to categorize. If done right, they can make your content easier to discover and follow, which results in a stronger engagement with your followers.

To step up your hashtag game efficiently, I recommend you to read this article by Sprout Social. Exciting news Not everyone loves sharing details of their personal life on social media. Instagram Influencers, on another hand, use exactly social media as the perfect outlet to share exciting news about the major events that are happening in their life.