Relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

The Legendary Soldier: 15 Cool Facts About Metal Gear's Big Boss

relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

Jul 12, I am not here to defend Solid Snake and vilify Big Boss, or call Big His emotions and connection to Big Boss are a lot more muddled, and. The best cosplay guide for dressing up like Naked Snake, the military veteran who later became Big Boss from the Metal Gear video game. For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PlayStation 4, and "the relation" between Big Boss and Solid Snake (despite with Phantom.

Similar, but with core differences. Liquid's claim of being Solid Snake's "shadow" rings very true, in fact all four Snakes are 'shadows' of one another in unique ways. These two missions can be viewed as the origin of both Snakes, Solid and Naked, respectively.

The details and circumstances of both missions differ quite widely, but the end result and main driving force is the same; both Snakes were betrayed by their mentors and forced to kill them in battle, an action that set the course of their lives, their ideologies and what they would fight for until their respective deaths, into motion.

With Big Boss, the story is clear. Thanks to Metal Gear Solid 3's cinematic cutscenes, we get a clear picture of the plot, characters, motives, and emotions. It is evident how much Naked Snake cared for The Boss, and how much it pained him to kill her. Now with Solid Snake on the other hand, his mission took place on an eight bit console with little to no story to tell.

His emotions and connection to Big Boss are a lot more muddled, and depend almost entirely on retroactive continuity. The fact that he rarely talks about Big Boss on a personal level even in the later games, doesn't help clarify their relationship. However, I believe that when you listen to his conversation with Naomi, after being tortured in MGS1, everything becomes completely clear. Big Boss is ashamed to, but Solid Snake has always been a much more private man than his father.

That's why Big Boss became a great military leader who commands entire armies with charisma, while Solid Snake, well, kept private. He only opens up on a regular basis to a few select people Otacon and Merylwhile Big Boss on the other hand doesn't hesitate to pour his heart out to anybody he meets on the street, and then they join his crusade.

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Naomi is the one exception where Snake willingly opened up, but at that point he was suffering incredible pain, both physical and emotional, and needed something to take his mind off it. Besides that one isolated incident, Snake has only ever opened up to Merlyn and Otacon.

relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

So despite the fact that Snake doesn't let it show very often how much killing Big Boss scarred him, I don't believe that means it scarred him any less.

In fact, considering how he's too ashamed to even bring it up most of the time, you could argue that it scarred him even more. We don't see many interactions between Snake and Big Boss, but it's evident that the two had a deep connection just like Naked Snake did with The Boss. Big Boss trained and mentored Snake, while Miller taught Snake survival techniques and Gray Fox showed him the ropes of how to operate when actually on a battlefield, Big Boss was responsible for teaching Snake CQC and the importance of having the will to survive, both of which are much more intimate.

When confronting Big Boss in Zanzibarland, Snake even admits that he's been having nightmares over their last encounter for years. This was before Snake even knew that Big Boss was his blood father; at that point Big Boss was just his commander who he viewed as a father figure. Similar to how Naked Snake viewed The Boss as a motherly figure but they weren't actually related. Now to find out that he was related to Big Boss by blood?

relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

That would strengthen their connection even further, at least on Solid Snake's end. The original MSX game had about as much depth as a kiddy pool with a hole in it, but at the very end of the game when Snake seemingly kills Big Boss, we do get this bit of dialogue that can be taken in any number of ways. I see it as an expression of Snake's grief. Otacon stumbles over his words when he accidentally refers to Big Boss as Snake's father, indicating that although Snake is capable of talking about Big Boss from a detached standpoint in this case they are discussing his creation of CQC Snake doesn't like being reminded of their personal connection.

In fact, it is this very same conversation where Snake admits that he stopped using CQC simply because it was Big Boss's technique. Obviously we know that he ended up succeeding regardless, but in the moment, fighting the Cyborg Ninja or fighting Liquid or fighting an army of Genomes, Snake very nearly lost his life numerous times. Things could have been so much simpler if he utilized the absurdly powerful CQC techniques that Big Boss developed, the knowledge and instinct was right there in his head, and yet still refused.

He would have sooner died then acknowledged his connection to Big Boss, and only when the technique stops being connoted exclusively to Big Boss, does Snake pick it back up, because at that point he can use it without having to think of his old mentor and the pain he was forced to suffer through.

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Clearly Snake is deeply ashamed over killing Big Boss, and equally bitter over the old man's betrayal. The clues are present throughout the games, they are just extremely subtle, Snake is a private man and isn't as overt about his feelings towards Big Boss as Big Boss is about his feelings towards The Boss, but that doesn't mean the feelings don't exist.

His conversation with Naomi proved this. Well there's a reason that scene is criticized so much by the fan community; it should have had at least a little bit more focus on the two as individuals and their relationship, rather than be a minute long infodump from Big Boss while Snake stays silent.

It is worth mentioning however that Snake was rather astonished when Big Boss hugged him, and didn't try to fight it. I apologize for the long-winded explanation, but understanding this fact is critical in order to understand the progression of Snake's story arc and his own ideology. Anyway, to get back to the point, both Solid Snake and Naked Snake were tasked with assassinating their mentor during their respective missions.

Not to get too overly metaphorical, but you can interpret both Snakes are 'still being in the womb' by this point, so to speak. Since the two of them were extremely fresh at this point in their lives, no big losses or any defining moments, no real ideologies yet, it was after killing their mentors that both Snakes were essentially 'born', and the course for the rest of their lives was set into place.

After assassinating their respective mentors, Solid Snake and Naked Snake were both disillusioned and entered early retirement for a number of years. This is where the core characteristic and moral differences between the two comes into play -- As Metal Gear 2 shows us, Solid Snake was pulled out of retirement by the government. He didn't choose to enter the battlefield again of his own will, he was recruited, and only entered the fray once more to rid himself of the nightmares he's been having.

Towards the end of the game, he tells Big Boss outright "I'm not like you, I love life! Solid Snake needed to be recruited again -- Big Boss was still fighting as a mercenary. Solid Snake loves life and only wanted closure, Big Boss loves war and wants to fight for the sake of fighting. Big Boss doesn't care if he lives or dies. Big Boss allowed the death of his mentor, to effect him much more than Solid Snake allowed the same thing to effect him.

relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

This is important, and goes along with the idea that Big Boss's greater hardships are not what caused him to become a villain, but rather his gradual descent into darkness brought greater hardships on himself. Operation Intrude N and Operation Snake Eater were about the strong relationship between the Snakes and their mentors, Zanzibarland and Peace Walker were about the Snakes being fully exposed to their mentor's ideologies and then rejecting them.

The difference however, is that Solid Snake rejecting Big Boss's ideology of constant, self-perpetuating war was morally just, whereas Naked Snake rejecting The Boss for putting down her gun is morally wrong. One of the most prevalent themes in the Metal Gear franchise is war and the negative effect it has on the human race; this theme is, appropriately, most prevalent in Peace Walker itself, and therefore Big Boss's constant choice of pro-war, be it continuing to act as a mercenary after his mentor's death or literally rejecting his mentor's ideology of peace, symbolizes that he is in the wrong, because in Metal Gear, war is automatically on the side of wrong.

You could blame this on the times, after all for a MSX game Metal Gear 2 was exceptionally dramatic and comparing it to a modern game is unfair Basically, the pain that Big Boss suffered at the end of Peace Walker, when he was inside the Mammal Pod, crying his eyes out and screaming for answers Solid Snake could have just as easily been reduced to tears and panic when he confronted Big Boss in Zanzibarland, after all, as we went over, he cared about Big Boss just as much as Big Boss cared about The Boss, but the difference is he had too much conviction in his morals for that.

He knew Big Boss was wrong and that's all there was to it, he would reject Big Boss and find his own path. Naked Snake however could not be so strong, hence the greater pain he suffered through. Portable Ops kind of throws a monkey wrench into things, basically there's a reason that Kojima ignores it and created Peace Walker simply for the purpose of replacing it.

I admit that I really like the characters in Portable Ops and the fanboy side of my mind likes to consider it canon, even though the rational and analytical side of me knows that it would make no sense.

  • The parallels between Big Boss and Solid Snake

Portable Ops still holds the same parallels as Peace Walker does; Naked Snake encounters his mentor for the second time, however instead of an AI that is actually The Boss, he encounters Gene who can be viewed as a proxy for The Boss. Here are 2 separate links. These were really hard to find the right kind, so take note. Functionality wise, they are very convenient and you can pack all sorts of crap in there. If anyone finds some please leave a comment.

Making this thing takes the most assembly. I found one online for pretty cheap, the problem with it was that all the hardware was kinda gross when I got it and I had to do some major cleaning after cutting it all loose. The harness that I bought is no longer online, though. Make sure you get your harness gear first so that you can measure it and get the right thickness. The webbing I used on my harness is 1. This is my first draft of the plans to make the Vietnam era Stabo harness.

Each color represents a different length of strapping needed. For assembly I am going to refer to the sections by their colors on the above diagram.

Start out by taking 2 equal lengths of strapping about 2 feet long each and sew the flat end of a D ring on each one. To do this thread it through the back of the flat part and fold the strap up onto itself.

Sew the 2 touching parts of the strap with a box shape and then sew an x across the box.

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Later on when you put the Stabo Harness together make sure you have the folded part on the inside so its not visible. For the top of the yellow section thread the open non D ringed side of the strap through the bottom part of a slide adjuster and pull it through so you have some extra, this can be used for adjusting the fit later.

For the red section just make a small loop of strapping connecting the top of that yellow slide adjuster we just set up there should be one side of it still exposed as shown on the right side of my diagram and a second slide adjuster which will be entirely fixed and not adjustable. Take the longest 2 sections of strapping you have, and cut them to the same length. About a foot and a half from the top of each one cross them and sew this together this part will be in the center of your back when complete.

For the short ends above the cross you just made loop through the free bar on adjuster that is connected to the red sections, sew it up. Now, this will require a bit of estimation on your part, place the mostly assembled red yellow and green pieces over your head so that the yellow sections hang on the front of your body and the 2 D rings sit about 3 inches above your groin. Hold it in place and take the 2 remaining long ends of the green section that should be dangling behind you and pull them under your crotch pull them up to the bottom of the D ring and mark them.

It helps to have a second person to help you do all this.

relationship between big boss and solid snake costume

From the mark, go about 2 inches and cut off the excess on both green sections. Sew on the clasps the same way we did with the D rings earlier. Now you should be able to pull these through your legs and hook them onto the D rings.

The harness is pretty much done, but the back is kind of bunching up weird. What I did is put on the pistol belt and added an extra section of strapping in the front and back, over the existing strapping that the pistol belt could be passed through, keeping it in place.

This is an actual stabo harness and yours should look fairly similar to this when laid out flat with the pistol belt in place. Here is a photo of the Stabo harness I made for my Naked Snake cosplay to compare. Knives Now, I kind of took a shortcut when it came to knives. As far as the shoulder knife, Josh a commenter down below found this rad knife that looks really close to what snake wears on his shoulder. The correct gun is a MA1 pictured above but they look nearly identical and the one I got was cheaper.

Knee Brace Just get your basic black knee brace. Get as simple a knee brace as you can. Bandanna Not exactly rocket science. I just cut up an old T-Shirt. For Naked Snake his bandanna is kind of greenish blue but the classic blue Solid Snake style bandanna works fine. Snake would just be using fabric tied around his head, and so should you. Eyepatch I carried around an eyepatch made from suede intended for elbow patchesbut worked really nicely.