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Pages with reference errors · Pages with duplicate reference names · All articles with unsourced statements · Articles with. A Full Documentary on Scientology and the question, if it's a cult or the How To Make A Full Time Income Online: Stephanie Wittschier believed in the Illuminati and chemtrails, and even tried to convert to talk about all sorts of things and most of the time we shared the same opinion. I can see a lot of similarities to cults like Scientology.

The Freemasons were a Western fraternal network that preached morality through symbolic rituals and initiations into three different degrees of Masonry.

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So he joined the Freemasons to covertly study its structure, all the while recruiting more Illuminati. Weishaupt enlisted early Illuminati member Xavier von Zwack to establish a strong membership base in Munich. He called the new lodge Theodore of the Good Council, intending to flatter Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavariaand invited all his Illuminati recruits to join.

Inthe Illuminati recruited the man who would become its most influential member, Adolph Knigge. Still in his twenties, Knigge had achieved the highest level of the Freemason order but became frustrated by the lack of growth potential.

By this time, the Illuminati had established three of its own grades: Knigge was intrigued and quickly reached the Minerval level by studying the required liberal literature, which was banned in Bavaria, and recruiting more members. In an attempt to buy time, Weishaupt brainstormed what came next. Knigge called his bluff, then proposed some ideas of his own.

Knigge first suggested filling more senior positions within the Illuminati group, as most were still occupied by immature students.


On January 20,he revised the system of Illuminati orders: Meanwhile, through a series of ugly restructurings, Lodge Theodore found itself wholly independent from the Freemasons, meaning the Illuminati had freedom to pursue whatever weird initiation rituals they saw fit. Most of the early years seemed more like an administrative comedy of errors than actual work, kind of like The Office.

Scientology and the occult

By Januarythe group had seven lodges across Germany. Bytotal Illuminati membership numbered between and 2, such is the inexact arithmetic of secret societies.

As a result, competing brotherhoods used their own baller members to warn against its liberal agenda. The Affirmations became public knowledge in during the lawsuit against Hubbard's former archivist.

A history of why you shouldn’t be worried about the Illuminati

In that settlement, Armstrong was required to return "all originals and copies of the documents commonly known as the 'Affirmations' written by L. As religious studies scholar Hugh Urban comments, "here the church clearly indicates that the text was written by L. Ron Hubbard, and it seems difficult to understand why the church would file suit to retain ownership of the text were it not an authentic document. In that article, Hubbard discusses the use of hypnosis, automatic writing, automatic speaking and clairvoyance.

Later, Hubbard named a sea org vessel 'Diana'.

A history of why you shouldn’t be worried about the Illuminati

He recommends The Master Therion as "the only modern work that has anything to do with them". He describes the book's author, Aleister Crowley, as "my very good friend," though there is some question about his intent in this remark because Hubbard never met Crowley personally. Old Aleister Crowley had some interesting things to say about this.

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