The relationship between kc and kp

What Is the Relation between Kc and Kp? - Chemistry!!! Not Mystery

the relationship between kc and kp

Kc and Kp Exam Questions - MS. 1. (i) Kp = p(NO2)2 p(N2O4). There must be some symbolism for pressure, and no [ ] 1. (iI) (Kp = p(NO2)2 = 48) p(N2O4). Time-saving video by Brightstorm on Tips for Converting to Kp from Kc. Relationship between Kc and Kp. In a reaction,. aA + bB = cC + dD. we can write. Assuming the gaseous components to behave ideally,. PiVi = niRT. or.

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the relationship between kc and kp