True vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

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true vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

Iron on or Non-backed Borderlands 2 True Vault Hunter Set embroidered patch bundle. Borderlands SeriesTales From The BorderlandsEmbroidered PatchBest . Somewhere out in Hunter's Grotto a bulletproof Bullymong that lurks. Sir Hammerlock would like for you to find and eradicate this beast. Oct 8, At some point, she goes to a wedding or something like that and gets to who is raised with the noble child, no idea that they are not truly siblings .. and his new wife's house only to find her sister in law flirting with a man. I am hunting down books I had read a while back but have since lost the titles of.

Or maybe the last station he passed was at the bottom of the peak, and he spent the rest of the game climbing back up. Hence his reason for wanting her to stay behind when they attacked Angel's bunker. Angel was the one who wanted Lilith to stay behind to keep her out of Jack's grasp. It's also unclear how long since Roland and Lilith were together, but it's implied to be since around the fall of New Haven, which was a few years ago.

So she would have noticed before now. Axton Axton treats his turret as his wife Axton's ex-wife Sarah, when all's said and done, was very loyal to Axton, and he was loyal back. She died before the events of the game, and considering what series this is, we can easily assume it wasn't natural causes. Axton somehow managed to rescue her brain intact or intact enough that it could serve as the turret's CPU and installed it in his turret, so he'd have his wife with him forever.

When he calls her honey, sweetie, and all those cute names? When he says "Have you met the missus? This also would make sense as a stealth Shout-Out: Where have I seen this before? Doesn't really make sense since Sarah was Axton's commanding officer when he was still in the army. She was the one who warned him he was going to be executed by firing squad and arranged for him to flee to Pandora.

Gaige The Mecromancer will be the focus of a Halloween themed DLC It'll flesh out her backstory and explain how she came to create an "undead" robot.

More specifically it'll have the same "logs" you can pick up for the main 4 vault hunters scattered around. The "undead" robot look- it was more convenient to just let him float since she didn't have enough time to build the legs, and in hindsight it made DT far more maneuverable anyway. Gaige doesn't canonically appear until the Scarlett DLC.

This would explain why she wasn't with the other hunters in the opening credits. In the same way you can have any four vault hunters running around the game including duplicatesthe Mechromancer can appear in the main quest before arriving on Pandora despite it not being canon. Plus Gaige and Scarlett are both standing together on the launch menu which appeared after the Scarlett DLC went live. You would think that her wanted poster would have been put into the game as well, even in the Torgue DLC You have to look it up on the internet to see it.

Gaige's attraction to Hammerlock is more because of his implants than anything else. Gaige has a 'thing' for machines, and people who are part machine get her interest more than regular people. Her subscribers skyrocketed to 20, when Marcie exploded because she was a puddle and therefore unable to pay them to stay unsubscribed.

Maya Maya isn't affected by Eridium Lilith was still on Pandora when the Eridium sprang up due to the vault's opening, and had 5 years of exposure to find out that she is affected by it.

Angel has been having the stuff forcibly pumped into her for most of her life, giving her more than enough time for it to affect her. Maya only just now arrived on Pandora, and simply hasn't been exposed enough yet.

Krieg Our new Vault Hunter is an escaped Slag experiment subject. I propose that our new Vault Hunter escaped from the Slag Experimentation labs, managed to maintain his sanity and intelligence, but is now mutated in the same way as the Brutes and the Rats, and he wants to rip Hyperion a new asshole. Also, take this line from one of his quotes " Pretty much confirmed, since the last DLC basically stated that Dr Samuel knows about him and his condition.

Considering her one other appearance, this basically confirms that Krieg was one of the Slag Experiments, and might have even been held at the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Krieg was an Experiment because The other bandits probably just decided it would be easier to get cash for four test subjects rather than waste the ammo to kill Kreig.

Krieg is Tiny Tina's father. We know he was a Hyperion test subject, just like Tiny Tina's father. He can gain the ability to turn into a Badass Psycho Mutant, which ties into the recording of Handsome Jack saying 'we're just gonna mutate the hell out of them' which is found in the same lab as the recording of her father being tested on. Further, the voice in his head can, when idle, be heard pondering about someone important to him, wondering where she is, if she's alive, if she got away, but it never says who 'she' is.

Going along with Tiny Tina, Krieg also has an 'explosive' theme going with several of his skills, including increasing all explosive damage, dropping a grenade when he dies, throwing exploding buzz-axes, making enemies explode when killed, and replacing 'Fight for your Life' with a mode where he runs around hurling bombs at everybody.

Is she still alive? Did she get away? This isn't quite certain; whoever "she" is, he's speaking of her in the past tense and asking if she got away. He already knows exactly where Maya is; fighting right beside him his inner voice can sense everything he's doing despite his limited influence, so it's unlikely that he's unaware of this. It's also worth noting that there are recordings of a family, two parents and their child called 'Tina'in a Hyperion base.

The child escapes via a smuggled grenade, the mother is killed, but the father is never accounted for. Said recordings are found in a slag mutation research facility. Samuels, the reluctant "mother" of the surviving Slag mutants. Krieg is Gaige the Mecromancer's father.

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This is also false, a DLC named "Sir Hammerlock vs the Son of Crawmerax" officially states that Gaige's father is, in fact, alive and has managed to destroy a transport filled with mercenaries before they can even get to Gaige.

Similar reasoning to the above he created a distraction for Gaige's escape using explosives, so he must have had some knowledge of them. Maybe, after the entire mess died down, he decided to go to Pandora or fled, to avoid prosecution for helping Gaige escape.

This one doesn't really fit in with the timeline.

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It's implied Krieg was previously a Vault Hunter, which meant he would have had to be on Pandora for quite some time. Also, the slag experimentation on him should have happened over a long period of time to shatter his sanity into the state it is now. One of Krieg's insane rants is prophetic.

One of Krieg's rants while slaughtering his foes is as follows: Gone are the days of the tentacle and the age of the gods' mercy is far away A reference to the Eridians? It should probably be noted that the primary antagonists of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are Atlas and Hyperion respectively.

true vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

Krieg helped Tina escape Tina will always react calm and normal when you meet her as Krieg, despite looking and sounding like a psycho who she hates because of their relation to her parents' death.

This could either be because of the above mentioned theory that he was her father and she somehow feels it, or perhaps he simply was another test subject in the Lab and helped her escape. We know she managed to escape because of a grenade, but if you look at what Hyperion normally throws at you in the game, it sounds rather strange for a little girl to escape just with one grenade.

That is, unless it was used to blow a hole in Krieg's cell, with him released and butchering the engineers, robots, or even soldiers, which would have been enough distraction for her to escape.

So in Tina's mind Krieg was written down as "friendly psycho". Krieg's admirer There's little to know about our beloved meaty Psychopath who has unlimited rage and abdominal muscles, but his erratic quotes and the DLC against the Son of Crawmerax does unveil one of his secrets, possibly.

true vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

Knowingly, this woman Krieg normally states is not a child like Tina, but a scietist who could actually be in love with Krieg before the experimentation upon him commences. Applying that "Purple fluid" into Krieg, in his words, he saw the woman cry before becoming the monster who now know today. It's even mentioned that her name is "Sammy". Or, more likely, the person in question who dealt with Krieg's assassin was Dr Samuels from the Wildlife Preserve who was forced to experiment on people by Jack, who was holding her wife hostage and her helping out is a result of her extreme guilt for being involved in the experiments.

Krieg's abilities before his mutations were. Similar to a Madness Combat protagonist. Creg how about for now we call his sane personality that to avoid confusion was a Bounty Hunter, which implies good close quarter combat and marksman skills.

He was Brutal and effective. A Fear Monger on the battlefield, a man that people spoke of. A notorious Bounty Hunter that gets the job done, and does it thoroughly. And his last job was for Hyperion. Krieg's personalities throughout the game establish a good partnership In the "Meat Bicycle for Two" character short Krieg's dominant Psycho side in further text Krieg and his sane inner voice in further text Creg are show to be like someone with a faulty reception, and then they met Maya, who gave Both sides hope for some day being sane ish again.

And if Borderlands 2 was kind of like Borderlands the Presequel in the character interaction not being limited to just battle and idle chattiness, Krieg would have a lot to talk to Creg and to the coop partners and to everyone really, and especially Handsome Jack, as well as Buzz axe-ing Jackie boy or performing a "fatality", if you know what I mean.

Bottom line Krieg would have a lot to say, Crieg as well, but not so much.

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Possibilities Possible classes in a DLC or the third game. There's definitely going to be a third game, making a trilogy. This WMG will be all possible theories for what the four classes will be in the third game and how will they play. The Stringman playing Bass: Based on a combination of Buddy from Six String SamuraiRocketbilly Redcadillac from Gungrave Overdoseand drawing on other inspirations, we have a retros style rocker with sunglasses, James Dean jacket, a truly ridiculous hairstyle on his default head, and a tendency to make bad musical puns and impersonate Elvis.

His default melee attack is a katana, and his class mod is his guitar. His action skill causes him to stun enemies with a power chord or create elemental effects in the area around him. There will be a Siren just like in the two previous games, but her powers will fill in the Berzerker niche, thus her powers will be called "Phasezerker" and she would an Amazonian Beauty Statuesque Stunner.

The Phasezerking will cover her in an aura of energy that will allow her to fire blasts of energy in lieu of her guns that ignore shields and leave her invunerable at the same time, allowing her get close and melee with punishing physical moves. Her skills trees involve concentrating on the melee and projectile aspect of her phazezerking each and on her physical attributes which concentrate on tanking. A mysterious being who looks like a walking mass of old technology and rotted flesh covered in a black billowing robehis special ability is the deployment of a some kind of stationary monster with lots of teeth and the gun turret on its head.

Not only will it shoot down enemies but also pick up the dead bodies using multiple long sticky tongues and eat the bodies, regurgitating a special "juice" item only the Necromancer can use while giving off an aura that inflicts severe debuffs to enemies that walk through it.

Once consumed, the "juice" gives the Necromancer various random status buffs such as increased speed, faster reload, health regeneration, etc.

The skills trees involve the performance of the turret, such as firing speed, how many corpses it can eat before getting "full" and its reach; the stat buffs received from the "juice" and the debuffs the monster's aura give off; and the debuffs the Necromancer himself inflicts from guns and melee attacks, including leeching off enemy health.

true vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

A former secret agent who's a combination of Triple X and Sean Connery 's version of James Bondhis special ability is a grappling hook type device that he can use to latch onto enemies to reel them in for closer kills or even steal their loot right off of them. The skill tree for the ability allows the grappling hook to inflict more damage, add elemental damage, and higher chance of stealing loot, and the second involve increasing the Rogue's proficiency in various gun types, and the third involve increasing his regular stats as well as increasing money drops and the probability of gaining rare items from fallen enemies and chests.

A completely random something slacker whose unimportance in greater events caused him to be chosen as the guinea pig to try out various experimental technologies, thinking him as some expendable resources but somehow lucky enough to be able to master them with great ease with little to no initial training.

One skill tree is an Elemental Adapter, which increases the chances of Elemental damage in elemental guns while adding chance of elemental damage in guns that don't have any adds fire damage to a gun, even if its a Jakobs.

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The second tree is a Healing Pak, which increases the effectiveness of shields, increases Health Drops from enemies, increases effectiveness of Healing Items in general, minor health regen, faster rivival of teammates, massive increase in attack stat when fallen to achieve Second Wind quicker, and allows healing teammates via shooting them.

The last skill tree is the Slacker's special ability, the Temporal Disruptor: Once activated, it speeds him up to the point where time has literally stopped from his perspective, allowing him to freely attack enemies, run away, heal allies, etc.

A scientist who was studying Sirens and hoped to one day replicate their powers in other people. Experimentation with slag injections on himself resulted in him mutating into a Humanoid Abominationwith glowing purple veins and eyes and the ability to control the elements.

His power, Slag On! His skill trees would revolve around increasing effectiveness with elemental weapons, increasing the power of Slag On! His motivation to coming to Pandora assuming the next one takes place there is he heard that three of the six Sirens had congregated there, and he jumped at the chance to continue his life's work. A young lady in a suit of ass-kicking armor, she acquired numerous bionic implants, turning her into walking, talking engine of destruction.

Her action skill, Overclock, lets her run super fast, jump super high with the aid of a jet pack, overcharge her shields and fire guns much, much faster.

Her skill trees would revolve around tanking, increasing effectiveness of weaponry, and making her more agile. Skills could include teleporting ammo from her reserve into her guns without reloading, a dash poweror making her suit randomly fire a missile at who ever shoots at her. The result would have permanently cured both of them, if not for Bruce purposefully re-exposing himself to the siphoned Gamma energy, as a means to combat Samson who had also done so, and was subsequently flirting with Betty.

This ended in Hulk defeating Samson, yet later on Samson would pursue the Hulk. While Betty and Talbot are on their honeymoon, her father is captured and sent to a Soviet prison. Talbot takes part in a successful rescue mission, but is captured in the process, held prisoner by the Gremlin at Bitterfrost a top secret Soviet installation in Siberiaand believed dead. The villain MODOK kidnaps her and subjects her to gamma radiation, at a higher level than Banner had been subjected to, transforming her into an insane and lethal woman-bird hybrid creature called the Harpy.

She ambushes him, and after a lengthy fight knocks him out with a ray blast. Banner agrees to repair the machines that cause the city to float in exchange for permission to use the advanced equipment to cure Betty. In order to unblock Talbot's mind, Doctor Leonard Samson has the Hulk who was Banner under control by a special helmet unblock what was keeping him in a mindless state. The process is a success. However, The Talbots' marriage later becomes strained.

This incident proves to be the last straw in Talbot's already deteriorating relationship with Betty, and their marriage later ends in divorce.

Blaming the failure of his marriage on Banner, whom he also tried to have court-martialed, Talbot steals the War Wagon prototype and dies in Japan while trying to destroy the Hulk.

true vault hunter mode vs ultimate flirt

Betty admits to Rick Jones afterwards that she had never stopped loving Banner all the while she was married to Talbot. Realizing Betty was right, Ross nearly commits suicide and then disappears.

But Betty is upset because she wants Banner to be rid of the Hulk, not to control him, and leaves him once again. Upon learning that the Hulk had been sighted on Earth once again, Betty leaves Ramon and returns to Gamma Base, where the Hulk is subjected to a process that splits Banner and the Hulk into separate entities.

Believing himself finally cured, Banner proposes to Betty, and she accepts. Betty's father appears at the wedding, armed with a gun and demanding that the marriage not take place before shooting Rick Jones, who tries to stop him. Betty confronts her father, accusing him of domineering her throughout her life, as well as calling him out on his hostility towards Banner over the years, and cows him into surrendering the gun.

Finally, Banner and Betty are pronounced husband and wife. The two are secretly merged once more. Betty soon discovers this. General Ross later dies before his daughter's eyes, sacrificing his life to destroy an unnamed mutant that nearly killed both Betty and Banner seeking a strong host to whom to be parasitically linked.

Betty leaves her husband and returns to Ramon, but then changes her mind and abandons Ramon as well. She is then captured by the Leader, who sets her free after learning that she is pregnant with Banner's child, but after being tormented with terrible nightmares by the demons Nightmare and D'SpayreBetty loses her unborn baby. Believing Banner and the Hulk dead, Betty leaves for New York City, where she eventually begins training to become a nun.

Betty spends some months in a convent to recover from the ordeal, but eventually reunites with Banner. They spend years living together as fugitives until the Hulk's enemy Abomination uses his own blood to poison Betty, which would appear to be the work of the Hulk himself due to the high levels of gamma radiation present in both of their bodies.

She is known as a ruthless CEO and her career depends on that product. The hero is the heroine's sister's friend. They meet at the sister's engagement. When the hero was here he used to be a rouge. The heroine always had a crush on him. So when she was in college she created such a situation that they had to spend the night in a hut and she had previously planned that she'll lose her virginity to him. Later like always the hero plans not to call her but when she doesn't call he does. He calls for a week she never picks up.

He thinks she ditched him because he is poor and she doesn't pick up because she knows he'll break her heart This thought drives him to the top. I can't remember the name but it's kind of bugging me right now. I read this book years ago it was about a French heroine she's living in France and she happens to meet the hero by chance they spend a night together and she finds out that she is pregnant.

The hero has already left at this point I think he was in the military? He was British though. Her father finds out and sends her to a convent where she gives birth to a daughter that she names Emma. A few years pass and she somehow ends up in England and becomes the governess? The hero had thought that she abandoned their child this whole time so he hates the heroine for her actions but they end up making up by the end of the book I think she might be blind???

I clearly remember that she was a French aristocrat though but she becomes broke after the French revolution.