What is the relationship between equality and freedom

what is the relationship between equality and freedom

At the heart of this democratic experiment is a delicate balance between “ freedom” and “equality”—two core values that, paradoxically, exist in. redistribution. The pursuit of equality has been presented as conflicting with the freedom of the individual in two main ways. First, it is said to change the relation. Equality: Social, political and economic; relationship between equality and freedom; Affirmative action. Equality: The belief of equality is a major assumption of a.

And it is government that bears the obligation to enforce those laws. We know that a certain amount of socioeconomic inequality is inevitable. They have different skills, talents, resources, and opportunities.

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At times—and still—some seek to place a perverse genetic definition on these differences, but the real point is that inequality comes with the territory. Economic growth across abroad base of society begets more growth. In the Great Depression ofwe saw the fabric of stable society unravel; the New Deal was designed most of all to engender hope for the future, not despair. In the Great Recession ofmillions of people saw their small but accumulating wealth disappear overnight; for many there was no road—or not enough longevity—to recreate that wealth.

What good are free enterprise and an open marketplace if one cannot acquire the education or resources necessary to participate in that marketplace?

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Or, is this a perverse way of saying that you really only need what you are able to buy? Lincoln had a different view: But in defining the purposes of our government, the U. But it also confronts the fundamental challenge of government, which is to do what it has unique competence to do in a way that the private sector does not, precisely because the success of the private sector is also in the public good.

what is the relationship between equality and freedom

How many of those screaming that government needs to get out of the way of business were able to succeed in business precisely because government provided research contracts that turned into lucrative licenses, then protected the investments of venture capitalists who funded the enterprise, then offered bailouts either directly or through subsidized bankruptcy proceedings when the venture turned bad. The point is not that these are inappropriate roles of government; they are appropriate. To turn that philosophy into policy in a way that consciously and deliberately denies opportunities to those who are not blessed by birth and circumstance is both cynical and indifferent to the very purposes of good government.

Relationship between Liberty and Equality

They are the same conditions viewed from different angles. They are the two sides of the same coin.

what is the relationship between equality and freedom

Though there is a close relationship between liberty and equality, yet there are some political thinkers who do not find any relationship between liberty and equality. For example, Lord Acton and De Tocqueville who were the ardent advocates of liberty, found no relationship between the two conditions.

To them liberty and equality were antagonistic and antithetical to each other. Such political thinkers maintain that where there is liberty, there is no equality and vice versa. These political thinkers are of the opinion that people were conferred inequality by nature.

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We find inequality in nature also. In some parts there are rivers while in others there are mountains and in still other parts there are plains and fields. No two persons are similar in their ability and capacity. And so there cannot be equality in society. The views of Lord Acton and De Tocqueville are not accepted by modern political thinkers.

Laski has very aptly remarked in this connection: It is a drastic conclusion. These days, it is generally believed that liberty and equality should go together.

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If an individual is given unrestrained liberty to do whatever he likes, he will cause harm to others. There will be chaos in society if individuals are given unrestrained liberty. They did not attach any importance to economic equality and laid stress on Laissez Faire to be adopted by the government.

Adam Smith was the ardent advocate of this view. The Individualists maintained that there should be a free competition between the capitalists and labour leaders. They did not want the government to interfere in the economic matters. Formula of Demand and Supply should be adopted.

what is the relationship between equality and freedom

All the economic difficulties will be removed by this formula.