Age of wushu offline relationship

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age of wushu offline relationship

Please ask him to check the setting -- Offline Relationship -- Quit Offline Relationship try not to choose this option. Please ask him to check in. Well, in the words of the creators; Age of Wushu is a new MMO that (Axen's note: Training skills while offline is only something people who pay for .. closed up and I have a decidedly quite love/hate relationship with FFXI. Player can select the avatars' offline personality and get to know genuine NPC as well as develop relationships with those (getting to know them and becoming.

Offline system

There are five components to it, and each color represents a Monster's different potential levels of Power. Red means it is the baddest of the bad, orange is still superlatively mighty, yellow is a force to be reckoned with, green is about par with your own skills, and blue is a pushover. We recommend you select green or blue targets. When you want to beat up a Monster, you can use the Tab key or the left mouse button to select one and home in on him.

At this point you can clearly see the monster's red circle. As soon as you approach the Monster you can rain blows on him.

In addition, the game has many unlocked Movements, and as long as the Monster within striking range you can beat him up without having to home in on him by clicking or pressing Tab. Which School would you pick? No matter what, you need to find out how to join a School in "Age of Wushu". There is one requirement for joining any Schools which is you have to reach points in Jianghu Reputation. How do you get Jianghu Reputation Points?

It is really simple: Then you just need to find the nearby School Guide or Carter and talk with it to choose the School to join. There are two special Schools in Jianghu that you should pay attention to the special rules if you want to join.

The Scholars are filled with literary and educated people. The Beggars will not accept anyone who is not willing to suffer with them. So to join Scholars, you need to learn one of the cultural professions such as Calligrapher, Painter, Chess Player, or Musician.

If you want to join Beggars, you must become a Beggar first. There is great freedom in "Age of Wushu" so you can choose to not join any Schools. But when you do join a School you will learn 3 sets of external skills and one set of internal skills. So we recommend people to join if possible. First Time Adding Friends When you are travelling in Jianghu as a novice, finding friends who can assists you is the best way to explore this vast new land.

However, sometimes you might have to separate to go to different locations. In real life, you can call your friends to update them. How do you keep contacts with your friends in "Age of Wushu"? By clicking on him, you can talk to him when he is online and send him gifts for special occasions. Let's learn how to add Friends in the Jianghu System. When you are at the same place as your friend within the game, you can click on him, right click on his avatar and select "Add as Friend" within the menu to add him.

When you are not at the same place as your friend, you can click on "My Jianghu" at the bottom left corner to enter the "Jianghu" System. Select "Relationship" to enter the "Relationship" Page then click "Find" button at the lower right corner, input his name to find him. When the System finds him, click on him and click on "Add as Friends" to add him as friend.

In addition, if you happen to see him in the Chat Channel, quickly right-click on his name and choose "Add as Friend" within the menu to add him. If you don't have friend, you are not part of Jianghu.

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Quickly add all your friends in! Travelling In Jianghu In the world of Age of Wushu, Jianghu people can travel all over the world through foothold and post house.

In the travel, players can watch the scenes on the way. Foothold You can record your current Revival Point within a scene to quickly return to places you've been. There are time limits on Teleport Point usage! In Stagecoach Station, you can go back and forth in every scene and enjoy the landscape with paying a little money.

Only when you take the carriage in Official Stagecoach Station you can go back and forth in different scenes. Village Stagecoach Station is the transport hub to connect the areas in the present scene. If you take the carriage in Village Stagecoach Station, you can go back and forth in the areas of present scenes quickly. You can get off when you take the vehicle! Map Using the Map The left mouse button direction shows the coordinates of the mouse point. Roll over the appropriate label and it will show detailed information.

Move the map with the four arrow keys; Click the image of a player to shift to the player's location; Click player icon to switch to player's place quickly; Click Go Back to show the area map. Press the Right Mouse Button to drag the current map. Label Operation Map Label Bar is seated in the bottom of the map.

Show functional NPC or things via checking. Check or Undo check to Select all or Undo select all sub labels. There are many options for players to freely select. We don't suggest you check too many options. It's not easy to see if the labels are too many. Map label is at the lower right. It can be customized by players.

Players can set label name, icon, and coordinations at their discretion. Task Navigation Task Navigation is shown at the right side of the map. Players can check the accepted tasks there.

All NPCs are divided into different types according to their own functions. You can type the key word in the Search Bar, and then it will search the NPC whose name contains the key word.

Companion System Preview

Reset button can reset NPC list display. Form a Team You can create a team by right clicking your own character avatar and choose to set up a team.

age of wushu offline relationship

After a team is created, pressing [O] will activate the [Team] interface where team information is shown. You can also set up your team by clicking the [Form Team] option directly in the [Team] interface.

Inviting players to team After a team is set up, names of nearby players can be found in the [Nearby Players] interface, which can be accessed by pressing the contraction button in the [Team] interface. You can click [Refresh] to update the information of nearby players, click the name of the nearby player and choose [Invite To Join] to invite other players to your team. Alternatively, you can send team invitations by right clicking other players to activate the interactive interface.

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Choose [Invite To Team] enables you to send either a team invitation or team application. This can also be done by right clicking the names of other players in the chat information bar and choose [Team Request].

Team leader authority The leader of a team is able to operate the relevant authorized functions in [Team] from the [Form team] interface, which include: Team leader is also able to locate further information and carry out orders in [Allocation Method]. Looking For Partner The [Looking For Parter] function allows you to view announcements published by other players who are looking for partners so that you can choose the relevant information for further interactions.

In [Looking For Parter], you can also publish announcements in the area blow to announce the relevant information for the partners you need and operate the corresponding settings. Marking function After a team is formed, all members are able to mark their targets to help distinguish different information. This can be done by opening the interactive options of the selected targets and choosing [Set Sign], which activates the [Team] interface and [Partner] for partner options.

Mark your targets from above the interface, and the sign will be shown above the selected targets. Chivalry tag In formed teams, tags [New]; [Chivalrous]; [Evil]; [Heretical]; [Arrogant] are used to present different attributes of teams.

The tag is decided by a member of the team who possesses the highest amount of a particular attribute. For example, when you join a team which is tagged as [chivalrous], you gain chivalry after team PvE actions like making trouble and Forbidden Area.

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Forming Raids Transfer into a raid After a team is successfully formed, you can turn your team into a raid by selecting [Transfer Into A Raid] from the [Team Information] in [Team] interface. Raid functions After a team is successfully promoted into a raid, enter [Team] - [Raid] to locate the relevant informationof the raid. You might think that last part was a joke, but it is indeed a feature.

age of wushu offline relationship

The feature goes even deeper by setting up relationships with NPCs just by doing stuff around them. Simple things like playing music around an NPC might make them hate you if they are musicians and they see you as competition.

A good-aligned NPC will frown upon you buying off of an evil-aligned player in his field of view. For this, the affinity system is essentially the Jianghu system but for NPCs instead of players. Crime and Punishment Killing a player in Age of Wushu without cause rival school, defense adds infamy to your meter and marks you as an enemy of that player. Players can place bounties on the heads of their killers, but only when those kills were unjustified.

age of wushu offline relationship

There are players with 0 infamy that can become constables, hunting down players that have outstanding bounties on their heads. Killing enough constables will lower your infamy. All pretty standard stuff when you think about it. But unlike your average MMO where your character dies and loses some stuff and wakes up somewhere else, Age of Wushu has taken another step in punishing criminals: When killed with an outstanding bounty, players go straight to jail without parole.

Players with orange or red infamy levels can wait out their sentences or pay a hefty bribe to be let go early, or play a game of dice for a lower price to either be let out or lose a bit of infamy per roll. The highest level criminal is executed. Once executed, the character is set to a very hefty 24 hour debuff.

To give you a better understanding, I like to use this story by an AoW player who killed thirty people to show how rough the crime and punishment system is: I killed 30 people and after that i died to 4 other players and went to jail. Now i need to serve 72 game time hours of jail.

I play 4 hours a day, that means that i will be released out of prison in 18 real life days, IF i managed to be online all those 4 hours a day, after that i will be executed and i will have halved stats for 24 hour game time.

age of wushu offline relationship

Castration This one speaks for itself.